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Welcome to Steve Garvey's Birthday Celebration Page
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Happy birthday Steve Garvey - AnthonyAvila (9 months ago)
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Maria Jimenez
Steve Garvey was my favorite player growing up!! I m sadden that he still isn t in the HOF!! Anyways Happy Birthday !!! - Maria Jimenez (9 months ago)
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Robert D
Happy Birthday Mr. Steve Garvey was an absolute pleasure growing up watch you play Dodger Baseball - Robert D (9 months ago)
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Chris Bodig ⚾
Happy 70th birthday to one of the biggest stars of the 1970\'s and early 1980\'s, Steve Garvey. The longtime first ba - Chris Bodig ⚾ (9 months ago)
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Kim Gay
Happy Birthday Steve Garvey - Kim Gay (9 months ago)
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Steven BRODY Stevens
Happy 70th Birthday to Steve Garvey! The Garv played in 1,207 consecutive games. A National League r - Steven BRODY Stevens (9 months ago)
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Hal Eisner
Happy Birthday, Steve Garvey! Thanks for being a part of our - Hal Eisner (9 months ago)
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Jerry Wyatt
Had his Sports Illustrated poster front and center of my childhood room...class act all the way...happy birthday Steve Garvey - Jerry Wyatt (9 months ago)
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St. Abner
A very happy birthday to \"Mr Clean\" Steve Garvey, born today in 1948 in Tampa, FL First Base 10 - St. Abner (9 months ago)
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Pedro C
Happy birthday Mr. Steve Garvey - Dodgers. - Pedro C (9 months ago)
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jason ungar
Steve Garvey ( happy birthday!) - jason ungar (9 months ago)
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Sporting News MLB
Happy birthday to former MVP and 10-time All-Star Steve Garvey. A constant postseason standout, Garvey won 2 LCS M - Sporting News MLB (9 months ago)
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⚾ J. Daniel ⚾
Happy \'80s Birthday to Steve Garvey. From 1974 through 1980, Garvey was a 7-time All-Star, won 4 Gold Gloves, fini - ⚾ J. Daniel ⚾ (9 months ago)
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Los Angeles Dodgers
Happy birthday, Steve Garvey! - Los Angeles Dodgers (9 months ago)
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Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.)
Happy birthday to B.A.T. Board Member Steve Garvey! Thank you for your support of the baseball family. Enjoy your d - Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Steve Garvey (MLB) born December 22, 1948 Jordan Sparks born December 22, 1989 Diane Sawyer born Dec - Andre (9 months ago)
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A Happy Birthday to former 1B Steve Garvey He played for the Padres from 1983-1987. - Padres360⚾️ (9 months ago)
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Steve Garvey...(Happy 70th Birthday) - Meredith (9 months ago)
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Steve Cortes
Good morning! Happy weekend and a happy birthday to baseball great Steve Garvey, a 10 time all-star who played b - Steve Cortes (9 months ago)
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Happy 70th Birthday to Steve Garvey! Quite possibly the best looking trio of cards ever made! - 78AllStar (9 months ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Barbara Billingsley(1909-2010)(109)Diane Sawyer (73)Meghan Trainor(25)Ted Cruz(48)Lady Bird Johnson( - Kracker Jones (9 months ago)
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JC Allen
Happy 70th Birthday Steve Garvey~~~Steve Garvey Talks Hall of Fame, Pete Rose & More with Dan Patrick | Ful... - JC Allen (9 months ago)
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A big happy birthday to Hall of Fame pitcher Steve Carlton, retired MLB first baseman Steve Garvey, and darts playe - DustValleySports (9 months ago)
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caillou borden
Steve Garvey happy birthday happy birthday - caillou borden (9 months ago)
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Ben Pflederer
Happy Birthday Lee. Love, Steve Garvey. - Ben Pflederer (10 months ago)
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North Trenton
And Happy Birthday to Steve Garvey, Don Kardong, Rick Nielsen, Chris Old, Lynne Thigpen (d. 2003), Graham Beckel, M - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Gio/wthballs blog
Happy 69th Birthday to a guy I feel should be in the HOF, Steve Garvey!!! Sabermetrics be damned... - Gio/wthballs blog (1 year ago)
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Kaitlyn Streltzoff
Happy Birthday Steve Garvey - Kaitlyn Streltzoff (1 year ago)
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Tom Thress
Happy 69th birthday to former first baseman and 1974 Steve Garvey - Tom Thress (1 year ago)
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J. Daniel
Happy \'80s Birthday to Steve Garvey, who turns 69 today. From 1974 through 1980, Garvey was a 7-time All-Star, won - J. Daniel (1 year ago)
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Spokane Indians
Happy Birthday to Spokane Indians legend Steve Garvey (\'70). The 1974 NL MVP and 10-time All-Star turns 69 years ol - Spokane Indians (1 year ago)
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Christopher Kelly
Happy Birthday to 2 greats: Steve Carlton (73) and Steve Garvey (69). - Christopher Kelly (1 year ago)
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Chase\'s Calendar
Happy Birthday! Diane Sawyer, Hector Elizondo, Jerry Pinkney, Ralph Fiennes, Steve Garvey, Steve Carlton, Ted Cruz - Chase\'s Calendar (1 year ago)
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A Happy Birthday to former 1B Steve Garvey - Padres360 (1 year ago)
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Scott F
Happy 69th bday to Steve Garvey. Played every day, was a fine hitter and won 4 Gold Gloves. Made 10 ASG, won an MVP - Scott F (1 year ago)
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Old School 80s
Happy Birthday to Cheap Trick\'s Rick Nielsen(69), 2 Live Crew\'s Luther Campbell(57), Hector Elizondo(81), Rock - Old School 80s (1 year ago)
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Dust Valley Sports
Happy birthday to retired MLB 1B/3B Steve Garvey, racecar driver Hideshi Matsuda, and former NHL forward Kirk Maltb - Dust Valley Sports (1 year ago)
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jeffrey rowley
Happy birthday Jordin Sparks 28 Ted Cruz 47 Gene Rayburn Luther Campbell 57 Steve Garvey 69 Steve Carlton 73 - jeffrey rowley (1 year ago)
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Happy one-hundred and second birthday to Barbara Billingsley and a big spanking for Steve Garvey on his 69th! - Deshler (1 year ago)

70 years old (Born on December 22, 1948)

LA Dodgers

Steve Garvey's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Steve Garvey!
  Happy Birthday, Steve Garvey! Thanks for being a part of our
       Happy Birthday Steve Garvey
Happy Birthday to 2 greats: Steve Carlton (73) and Steve Garvey (69).
Happy Birthday Steve Garvey
Happy 70th Birthday to Steve Garvey!  Quite possibly the best looking trio of cards ever made!
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