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Happy Birthday! You must read The woman who went to bed for a year by Sue Townsend - brilliant book! - royboy (4 days ago)
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Mick Writes
Happy Birthday to Adrian and his much missed creator Sue Townsend - Mick Writes (2 weeks ago)
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Matthew Stevens
Happy birthday to Marvin Gaye, Sue Townsend, Jesse Plemons, and you! - Matthew Stevens (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to none other than who is celebrating turning 55 today! We\'d love to hear if you\'re - BookTrust (2 weeks ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Linda Hunt, Reggie Smith, Don Sutton, Anne Waldman, Richard Collinge, David Heyes, Sue Townsend ( - North Trenton (2 weeks ago)
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Hani Gogently
Happy birthday, Adrian Mole!! And yes, I miss Sue Townsend dreadfully. - Hani Gogently (2 weeks ago)
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Nicola Skinner
Happy Birthday to Adrian Mole, Sue Townsend s everlasting gift to the world. - Nicola Skinner (2 weeks ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Linda Hunt, Reggie Smith, Don Sutton, Anne Waldman, Richard Collinge, David Heyes, Sue Townsend ( - Teewhy Nyema (2 weeks ago)
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Beth Jellicoe
Almost forgot... Happy birthday Sue Townsend and Adrian Mole. A great writer with so much grace, wit and heart. I - Beth Jellicoe (2 weeks ago)
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Fredo Corleone
And Sue Townsend, happy birthday to you too. Thank you for Adrian Mole. May you rest in eternal peace. - Fredo Corleone (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Sue Townsend (2 Apr 1946 10 Apr 2014) novelist, playwright, and journalist, best known for creatin - WaterstonesHarrogate (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday from all at Curve to Leicester s favourite teenager, Adrian Mole! The star of our 2015 Made at Cur - Curve (2 weeks ago)
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James Beedie
Happy birthday Adrian Mole. I wish Sue Townsend was still with us, Brexit would be great material. - James Beedie (2 weeks ago)
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Waterstones Leeds
Happy Birthday Sue Townsend (2 Apr 1946 10 Apr 2014) writer and humorist whose work encompasses novels, plays and - Waterstones Leeds (2 weeks ago)
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Ric Rae Writes
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Ric Rae Writes (12 months ago)
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Life\'s Little Bugs
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Life\'s Little Bugs (1 year ago)
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Laurie-ann Noble
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Laurie-ann Noble (5 hours ago)
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Brexit News
The lovable loser in Sue Townsend s darkly funny series of novels... - Brexit News (2 days ago)
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Alex Cocksworth
Love these Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Alex Cocksworth (1 week ago)
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Happy 50th birthday: Adrian Mole says - BookPal (1 week ago)
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Mabou Library
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Mabou Library (1 week ago)
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Mike Jastrzebski
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Mike Jastrzebski (1 week ago)
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Three of my favourite things in one article! Adrian Mole, John Updike, and Alan Partridge. - katie (2 weeks ago)
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Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - CompletelyNovel.com (2 weeks ago)
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Emma Stubbs
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole Happy fiftieth Adrian Mole! Tempus fugit indeed. - Emma Stubbs (2 weeks ago)
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Licia Corbolante
Buon 50ยบ compleanno Adrian Mole! Avete letto i suoi diari? - Licia Corbolante (2 weeks ago)
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Daisy Christodoulou
Lovely article here about Adrian Mole, 50 today, and the roman fleuve... - Daisy Christodoulou (2 weeks ago)
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Iowa Book
Happy birthday, Adrian Mole, and the genius of Sue Townsend. - Iowa Book (2 weeks ago)
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anice hassim
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole | Books | The Guardian - anice hassim (2 weeks ago)
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Prasul Malde
- Prasul Malde (2 weeks ago)
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National Centre ACL
Remember Adrian Mole? He\'s 50yo! He was only 13.75 yrs, we laughed at life\'s tragedies & knew \'hope springs eternal - National Centre ACL (2 weeks ago)
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Mary Collier
Sunday night reads: A lovely walk down a literary memory lane. Hard to believe Adrian Mole tunes 50 today: - Mary Collier (2 weeks ago)
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Daniel Bowen
Adrain Mole turns 50. - Daniel Bowen (2 weeks ago)
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Vassilena Pavlova
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Vassilena Pavlova (2 weeks ago)
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Alan Little
Happy 50th birthday to Adrian Albert Mole. You and the wonderful Sue Townsend are sorely missed. - Alan Little (2 weeks ago)
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OMG Adrian Mole is now 50! - Murph (2 weeks ago)
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And there\'s a day of celebration for the Pepys of modern Leicestershire today! - CAMEo (2 weeks ago)
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Brunger and Cleary
.. and of course happy birthday to the late Sue Townsend too, who shares a birthday with Adrian - Brunger and Cleary (2 weeks ago)
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Peter Mattessi
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole Ping - Peter Mattessi (2 weeks ago)
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Karl Patterson
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole! Poet, chef, pig farmer and an all round good guy! - Karl Patterson (2 weeks ago)
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Mon Slater
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Mon Slater (2 weeks ago)
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Prostate Cancer UK
Happy birthday 50 today! Here\'s the first extract from \"The Prostrate Years\" kindly loaned to us by th - Prostate Cancer UK (2 weeks ago)
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Luke Davis
Reading Starter for Ten recently was a big reminder of Sue Townsend\'s influence. Happy Birthday, Adrian. - Luke Davis (2 weeks ago)
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Modesty Phrase
- Modesty Phrase (2 weeks ago)
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Barbie K
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole - Barbie K (2 weeks ago)
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Shara Rambarran
Adrian Mole is 50 today? Ah sharr -arrp!!! - Shara Rambarran (2 weeks ago)
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Colin Myer
\"Adrian Mole, c\'est moi\" - Colin Myer (2 weeks ago)
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Cannock Chase Radio
Local fictional hero Adrian was created by writer Sue Townsend. The city is marking Adrian Mole\'s 50th... - Cannock Chase Radio (2 weeks ago)
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David Lewis
Happy birthday to Sue Townsend and Adrian Mole. Both sadly missed. - David Lewis (2 weeks ago)
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Surprised to see \"Adrian Mole\" trending - even more surprised to see 50th birthday congratulations. How time flies. - KimInBru.EU (2 weeks ago)

78 years old (Born on April 02, 1946)

Humorist who created the character Adrian Mole and in 1992 wrote The Queen and I, which became a popular London West End play.

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Happy birthday to Sue Townsend and Adrian Mole. Both sadly missed.
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole
Happy 50th birthday Adrian Mole
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