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Victoria Huber
Invest in the Ocean - Victoria Huber (5 months ago)
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Brandon Hubbard
Happy Birthday, Dr. Earle! - Brandon Hubbard (5 months ago)
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Center for the Blue Economy
Happy Birthday Dr. Sylvia Earle & Happy 20th Anniversary Blue Frontier Thank you Davi - Center for the Blue Economy (5 months ago)
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Rachael H Funnell
Happy birthday to for yesterday, forever one of the coolest people I\'ve ever had the pleasure of inter - Rachael H Funnell (5 months ago)
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Sylvia A. Earle
My deepest thanks for the kind birthday wishes! As a new year begins for me, I want to salute you, all of you who m - Sylvia A. Earle (5 months ago)
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Tom Bentley
The best present would be that out of this terrible, tragic time that we\'re all experiencing, there will be a renew - Tom Bentley (5 months ago)
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History of Diving Museum
Happy birthday to Sylvia Earle, born August 30th, 1935. Sometimes called \"Her Deepness,\" Sylvia is a world-class ex - History of Diving Museum (5 months ago)
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Harte Research Institute
Happy birthday to our Ambassador to the Gulf of Mexico, Dr. Sylvia Earle! We are so thankful for her invaluable con - Harte Research Institute (5 months ago)
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Idaho STEM Action Center
Happy birthday, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and happy - Idaho STEM Action Center (5 months ago)
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Rebecca Martin
Happy Birthday to the most fabulous ocean ambassador, Sylvia Earle!!! Wishi - Rebecca Martin (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Dr. Sylvia Earle! As a world-renowned explorer, and marine biologist, it is only fi - eCYBERMISSION (5 months ago)
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Big Poppy
Many Happy Returns on the day woman of depth... - Big Poppy (5 months ago)
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Carmen Heeger
Happy Birthday, Dr. Earle! - Carmen Heeger (6 months ago)
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jennifer a lusk
Happy Birthday Sylvia Earle - jennifer a lusk (5 months ago)
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Daily Ocean Facts
Happy belated birthday to a true ocean legend. Dr. Sylvia Earle was the first female chief scientist - Daily Ocean Facts (5 months ago)
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Frost Science
Have you met JIM? An atmospheric diving suit like this helped Dr. Sylvia Earle make history by setting a world reco - Frost Science (5 months ago)
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Denny Ventura
Hoy cumple años una de las mujeres que más admiro. Happy birthday to \"Her Deepness\", Sylvia Earle. - Denny Ventura (5 months ago)
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Julie Packard
Happy, happy birthday, Sylvia Earle. You\'ve inspired so many to protect our beautiful, blue planet! Thank you for l - Julie Packard (5 months ago)
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erin marie
Happy birthday to Dr. Sylvia Earle! Highly recommend watching her documentary today! Also, check out t - erin marie (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Oceanographer Sylvia Earle! A birthday as momentous as your 86th deserves an amazing celebration. Ha - AllFamous.org (5 months ago)
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2ᴅᴀʏ\'s ꜱᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ
August 30 - Happy Birthday, Sylvia Earle EDS, Every Day Is Special - 2ᴅᴀʏ\'s ꜱᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ (5 months ago)
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Oceanogràfic València
Happy birthday, ! La bióloga marina y oceanógrafa sigue luchando y trabajando por un océano lleno de - Oceanogràfic València (5 months ago)
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STEMinist Stories
Happy Birthday to oceanographer Sylvia Earle, born in 1935 She has raised awareness about the dangers of - STEMinist Stories (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you Dr. Sylvia Earle with many many happy returns of the day. You are t - Asha (5 months ago)
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Didem Gurdur Broo, PhD
is 85 and she has devoted her life to making the world a better place through hope, love, science and - Didem Gurdur Broo, PhD (5 months ago)
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David Perry
Happy Birthday to Dr. Sylvia Earle! \"Godmother of the Ocean\"! Go Mission Blue! - David Perry (5 months ago)
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Healthy Reefs
The HRI Team wishes you a very happy birthday Remembering our times at Swan Islands, - Healthy Reefs (5 months ago)
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Oceanic Preservation Society / OPS
Happy Birthday to Her Deepness via - Oceanic Preservation Society / OPS (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to an absolute legend, Dr. Sylvia Earle. Here is an interesting read about in Time - Trademodo (5 months ago)
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Jennifer Bushman
Happy Birthday to an ocean icon! , your passion and resilience continues to be a beacon for us all. - Jennifer Bushman (5 months ago)
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The Safina Center
Happy birthday, Sylvia Earle! Her Deepness imparts important wisdom on the value of conservation during the COVID-1 - The Safina Center (5 months ago)
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Uncharted Wilderness Studios
August 30, 1935. Happy Birthday to \"Her Deepness\" Sylvia Earle, born on this day in Gibbstown, New Jersey. . After - Uncharted Wilderness Studios (5 months ago)
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Kate Furby, PhD
Happy birthday to Thrilled we got to spend the time talking submarines, hope and hugging underwater - Kate Furby, PhD (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Sylvia Earle! Mission Blue helps create Hope Spots to help protect our oceans. They support and - Piccolina (5 months ago)
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Blue Frontier Campaign
Happy Birthday to the Great Sylvia Earle! She has our Seal of Approval! - Blue Frontier Campaign (5 months ago)
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David Helvarg
Happy Birthday to the great Sylvia Earle. She has my Seal of Approval! - David Helvarg (5 months ago)
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Lindsay Laughner
Happy Birthday Dr. Sylvia Earle! You continue to be an inspiration to me, as well as so many others in our current - Lindsay Laughner (5 months ago)
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Vivi Martínez
My happy place Sylvia Earle: What the ocean can teach us about hope in hard times via - Vivi Martínez (5 months ago)
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Olivia Blondheim
Happy Birthday to Her Deepness, Dr. Sylvia Earle! When I asked Dr. Earle how she had persevered through so many cha - Olivia Blondheim (5 months ago)
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laine causey
Happy Birthday, Dr. Sylvia Earle. - laine causey (5 months ago)
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Larry Ladd
Happy birthday to oceanographer and explorer Sylvia Earle, born today in 1935. She was the first female chief scie - Larry Ladd (5 months ago)
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A Mighty Girl
Happy 85th birthday to legendary oceanographer and explorer Sylvia Earle! This trailblazing American scientist and - A Mighty Girl (5 months ago)
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Jane Lubchenco
Happy Birthday, Sylvia! What record-setting oceanographer Sylvia Earle can teach us about resilience - Jane Lubchenco (5 months ago)
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Eve Blackfin
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dr Sylvia Earle is such an inspiration! To many more years to come, raise a glass to her deepness! - Eve Blackfin (5 months ago)
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Plastic Oceans Europe
Happy birthday to a truly inspiring and amazing human being! Have a great day, Dr. Sylvia Earle photo: - Plastic Oceans Europe (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Sylvia Earle, an American oceanographer! Sylvia has dedicated her life to educating the public on - U.S. AEOP (5 months ago)
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Marine Protection Project
Happy Birthday to the incredible Dr. Sylvia Earle who continues to inspire us, and millions around the world, to fa - Marine Protection Project (5 months ago)
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Mona Becker
Dr. Sylvia Earle turns 85 today! A pioneer of Known as the Sturgeon General , she was the first - Mona Becker (5 months ago)
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Dona Bertarelli
Happy 85th birthday my wonderful friend, Her Deepness You inspire people all over the world to care - Dona Bertarelli (5 months ago)
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hace 85 años nació Sylvia Earle, una de nuestras Happy blue birthday! dear - Oceánicas (5 months ago)

88 years old (Born on August 30, 1935)

Award-winning oceanographer and lecturer who became a National Geographic explorer-in-residence in 1998. She is also considered an expert on the impact of oil spills and has been called upon to lead several research teams during various spills.

Sylvia Earle's Best Moments

To my dear longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Sylvia Earle, I wish you Happy Birthday from the bottom of the sea!
Happy Birthday Her Deepness Dr. Sylvia Earle! 
Feliz cumpleaños!
Happy birthday to the embodiment of Her Deepness
Happy birthday to our dear friend, Her Deepness, Sylvia Earle!
Happy birthday to our  Dr. Sylvia Earle. A true ocean hero.
Happy birthday marine biologist who has logged <7,000 hrs underwater!
  Happy birthday Sylvia Earle
Retro-message: Happy 80th Birthday to an all-time hero,
From the bottom of our blue hearts, Dr. [Exclusive]
 birthday Dr Sylvia Earle,famous marine biologist and diver who launched the first estuarine Hope Spot#
Happy Birthday to Sylvia Earle (1935). An amazing scientist and an amazing woman.
Happy 82nd birthday to marine ecology legend !!
MissionBlue: Happy birthday, Dr. Sylvia Earle! Thank you for being our inspiration
Happy Birthday Dr Sylvia Earle (1935)! One of the ocean\s greatest Ambassadors.
Happy birthday to Sylvia Earle, an American marine biologist and explorer
Happy Birthday to our 2019 Off the Reef Fall Benefit honoree, Dr. Sylvia Earle of
Happy Birthday to the Great Sylvia Earle!  She has our Seal of Approval!
Happy Birthday to the great Sylvia Earle.  She has my Seal of Approval!
August 30 - Happy Birthday, Sylvia Earle EDS, Every Day Is Special
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