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Defund the Thought Police
Happy Birthday to national treasure Thomas Sowell. - Defund the Thought Police (2 days ago)
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Daily Caller
Happy 90th Birthday to Thomas Sowell - Daily Caller (2 days ago)
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Grant Bosse
I resent people who make me feel woefully inadequate as a writer. But Happy 90th Birthday anyway to Thomas Sowell. - Grant Bosse (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday and God bless Thomas Sowell. Any way you read it, a perfect last name for a great man. - @agatehunter (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday, Thomas Sowell! - Myra (2 days ago)
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Thomas Sowell is 90? Wow! Happy Birthday to a man I admire and respect. - Mary (2 days ago)
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Vladimir Joukov
Happy birthday, Dr. Thomas Sowell! I am happy to hear that I\'ve got something in common with the leading conservati - Vladimir Joukov (2 days ago)
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Legal Insurrection
Happy 90th Birthday, Thomas Sowell - Legal Insurrection (2 days ago)
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Victoria C Rossi
Such a rare individual! God bless legend, Thomas Sowell! Happy Birthday, wishing you - Victoria C Rossi (2 days ago)
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Nick\'s Nacks
\"The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their soci - Nick\'s Nacks (2 days ago)
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Saundra ❌
Happy Birthday to Dr. Thomas Sowell, a living American treasure. Every time I read his words, I become a little wis - Saundra ❌ (2 days ago)
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Andrew Smith
Happy 90th birthday to someone who influenced me a lot as a young person interested in writing and economics, Thoma - Andrew Smith (2 days ago)
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Anne Cuthbert
- Anne Cuthbert (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday Thomas Sowell! - Lessthanthree (2 days ago)
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Joseph Runge
Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell! God Bless. - Joseph Runge (2 days ago)
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Happy 90th Birthday, Thomas Sowell - Sheasma (2 days ago)
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That man is a mental giant. Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell. - GWDavis (2 days ago)
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The Irishman
Via NEO: Happy 90th Birthday Thomas Sowell our nation turns its lonely eyes to you . - The Irishman (3 days ago)
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Andy O’Keefe
Happy Birthday , Thomas Sowell. Great mind and great man! - Andy O’Keefe (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, to one of the greatest men to ever grace this earth, Thomas Sowell. - DEFEND OUR REPUBLIC (3 days ago)
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Felice Linda
Many of us, out here, in America, so admire & respect Thomas Sowell. He is a good & wise man. Happy Birthday, Dr. Sowell. - Felice Linda (3 days ago)
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So respect and admire Thomas Sowell. Happy Birthday! - WTP1787 (3 days ago)
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Antonio Martinez
Happy Birthday, Thomas Sowell. - Antonio Martinez (3 days ago)
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Deplorable SandyO (Trump Supporter and Pro-Life)
Happy Birthday to Thomas Sowell! I love the way you think! - Deplorable SandyO (Trump Supporter and Pro-Life) (3 days ago)
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Carson the Degenerate Gambling Dog
Happy 90th Birthday to the great and brilliant Thomas Sowell - Carson the Degenerate Gambling Dog (3 days ago)
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Michael A. George
Happy birthday Thomas Sowell - Michael A. George (3 days ago)
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Jess Gladstone
This man is one of my heroes. Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell <3 - Jess Gladstone (3 days ago)
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Holden DePardo
Couldn t agree more! Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell! He s a great man who effectively challenges conventional wisdo - Holden DePardo (3 days ago)
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Happy 90th birthday (June 30) to Thomas Sowell, one of the greatest living economists The American Enterprise Insti - BamaNewsNow.com (3 days ago)
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悪者紅 warumonokurenai
No se puede ser tan capo. Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell!!! - 悪者紅 warumonokurenai (3 days ago)
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Random Radio Podcast Show
HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS SOWELL !!!! Random Things You Need to Know watch, like, share, comment, subscribe - Random Radio Podcast Show (3 days ago)
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Noah Brown
Happy birthday Thomas Sowell! One of the greatest classical economist ever. Look him up. - Noah Brown (3 days ago)
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Tim Scott
Happy 90th birthday to a living legend. I am an admirer and student of Thomas Sowell s great wisdom and his advoca - Tim Scott (3 days ago)
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We would be remiss if we didn t wish our friend Mr. Thomas Sowell a Happy 90th Birthday! He enlightens the world li - Ricochet (3 days ago)
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Jean Crispin
Happy birthday Thomas Sowell. May you have MANY more! - Jean Crispin (3 days ago)
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Cece DuBois #QVArmy ⭐⭐⭐
Happy 90th Birthday,Thomas Sowell!! - Cece DuBois #QVArmy ⭐⭐⭐ (3 days ago)
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Good Woman
Happy birthday, Thomas Sowell! - Good Woman (3 days ago)
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Mister Behavior
Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell! This man changed my life with his book \"The Quest for Cosmic Justice\". I really beli - Mister Behavior (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell! You have inspired me to dig deep into policy issues and economic issues facing our co - Gabriel (3 days ago)
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Swen Roschlau
Politicians and bureaucrats lack skin in the game. To quote Thomas Sowell (Happy 90th Birthday!): \"It i - Swen Roschlau (3 days ago)
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Lekwa Uwa
Happy 90th Birthday to Thomas Sowell - a true American and indeed, World treasure and one of the greatest minds of - Lekwa Uwa (3 days ago)
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Patrick Horan ☘️
Happy 90th birthday to Thomas Sowell! - Patrick Horan ☘️ (3 days ago)
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Thomas Sowell w/another insight. BTW, he turns 90 today. Happy birthday sir. - Mo (3 days ago)
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Kay C. James
Happy 90th birthday to Thomas Sowell, a talented economist, philosopher, and scholar who has given the gift of econ - Kay C. James (3 days ago)
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Bryce N.Y. Chinault
Happy 90th birthday to Dr. Thomas Sowell! - Bryce N.Y. Chinault (3 days ago)
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Sam Jordan
Yes, thank God for Thomas Sowell! And a happy birthday to Dr. Sowell as well. He is 59 (again!) today, LOL! - Sam Jordan (3 days ago)
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Antoinetta Speaks
We need a Thomas Sowell Statue in the Public Square. Unfortunately, with the swirling Marxist zeitge - Antoinetta Speaks (3 days ago)
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Stephen C
Happy 90th birthday to former ucla prof, my boy THOMAS SOWELL - Stephen C (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday to Thomas Sowell. What an incredible man he is and someone to look up to. - alana (3 days ago)

90 years old (Born on June 30, 1930)

Conservative African-American author and columnist known for his books and articles on economics and American culture. His numerous literary honors include the Francis Boyer Award, the National Humanities Medal, and the Bradley Prize.

Thomas Sowell's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Thomas Sowell!
Happy 90th Birthday to Thomas Sowell
Happy 89th birthday, Thomas Sowell! Some of his best quotes:
David Henderson reflects on the legacy of at
Happy Birthday to the great Thomas Sowell
Happy birthday Dr. Thomas Sowell! The greatest living economist
Happy birthday to Thomas Sowell. What an incredible man he is and someone to look up to.
Happy 90th birthday to former ucla prof, my boy THOMAS SOWELL
Happy birthday, Prof. Thomas Sowell
Happy birthday Thomas Sowell!
Today is Thomas Sowell\ birthday! Happy birthday, professor
Happy 87th birthday to Thomas Sowell. One of the greatest thinkers in American history.
Happy 87th birthday to Dr. Thomas Sowell
Happy 89th birthday, Dr. Thomas Sowell!
Happy birthday to Dr Thomas Sowell!
Happy (89th) Birthday to one of the most prolific thinkers of our time, Dr. Thomas Sowell.
Happy 90th Birthday Thomas Sowell
Happy Birthday to Thomas Sowell. Born 30 June 1930 turning 90 years today
Happy 90th Birthday to Economist and Korean War Marine Veteran Thomas Sowell.
Happy Birthday, Thomas Sowell.
Happy birthday to Thomas Sowell one of my favorite economists . Studied in Chicago too !
Happy 90th Birthday Thomas Sowell.
Today is Thomas Sowell s 90th birthday. He is a wonderful, wise man. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sowell.
Happy 90th birthday
Thomas Sowell
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