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Killer 80s
Happy birthday to American actor Todd Bridges, born May 27, 1965, well known in the 80s for his role as Willis Jack - Killer 80s (8 months ago)
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Sue Lake
My kids and I always watched Different Strokes. Happy Birthday Todd Bridges - Sue Lake (8 months ago)
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Miles Commodore
Happy 56th birthday to Todd Bridges. Different Strokes was one of my favorite shows growing up. What you talkin bou - Miles Commodore (8 months ago)
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BrownPark Productions, LLC
Happy Birthday to Andre 3000, Jadakiss, Mara Brock Akil, Ryan Henry, and Todd Bridges! - BrownPark Productions, LLC (8 months ago)
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Double L must Rock The Bells
This is amazing... I\'m happy that he\'s still with us and was able to turn his life around.... Happy Birthday, Todd - Double L must Rock The Bells (8 months ago)
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Dave Sundstrom
Happy Birthday to Todd Bridges! via - Dave Sundstrom (8 months ago)
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Lonnie Byrd
happy birthday Mister Todd Bridges me and you have the exact same birth date and year..... hope you ha - Lonnie Byrd (8 months ago)
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Little Erin de Guzman
Ahh Happy Birthday, Todd Bridges! Not to be confused with his kid brother, Ro - Little Erin de Guzman (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you , me and Todd Bridges! - Marty (8 months ago)
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Bret Saunders
Happy birthday Todd Bridges and Vincent Price: BRETFAST - Bret Saunders (8 months ago)
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Greg Kelly
I had the good fortune once of meeting TODD BRIDGES who played Willis in Different Strokes. His Brutally honest - Greg Kelly (8 months ago)
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Black Celebrity Birthdays
Happy belated birthday to Yesterday he celebrated his 55th birthday. Bio: - Black Celebrity Birthdays (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Todd Bridges! - I.Scott (1 year ago)
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Teresa McLaughlin
Happy Birthday, Todd Bridges!! - Teresa McLaughlin (1 year ago)
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Happy 97th Birthday Henry Kissinger, Happy 85th Birthday Ramsey Lewis, Happy 84th Birthday Lee Meriwether, Happy 83 - Kiki (1 year ago)
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Detroit School of Arts
Happy birthday Todd Bridges! - Detroit School of Arts (1 year ago)
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In Our Experience
Happy 55th Birthday Todd Bridges! - In Our Experience (1 year ago)
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Hey Everyone, Let s wish Todd Bridges (Willis Jackson on Diff rent Strokes ) a Happy Birthday , today ! Courtes - PunkyPowerPB/SilverSpoonsPodcast (1 year ago)
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JC Allen
Happy 55th Birthday Todd Bridges~~~Todd Bridges reveals how Diff\'rent Strokes ripped off the Brady Bunch Pa... - JC Allen (1 year ago)
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Chela Tarpeh
Different Strokes. Bridges. is 55 today. Birthday. - Chela Tarpeh (1 year ago)
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Shavar Malik Ross
Wanna give a Happy Birthday shoutout to actor Todd Bridges of TV s Diff rent Strokes! The year was 1979, I just tur - Shavar Malik Ross (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

George Schmidt (G)
Happy 55th Birthday to TODD BRIDGES - George Schmidt (G) (1 year ago)
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Sam Kipruto
Also a happy birthday to Todd Bridges - Sam Kipruto (1 year ago)
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Todd Bridges.... May 27, 1965 HAPPY BIRTHDAY - missmaybell (2 years ago)
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spacewoman reporter
Happy Birthday to Todd Bridges who turns 54 today! Pictured here on Different Strokes with Dana Plato and Gary - spacewoman reporter (2 years ago)
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Happy Birrthday Todd Bridges. May you have a blessed Birthday. - TonyaMexican4Trump (2 years ago)
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Hatty Burpday
May 27 Happy birthday today to Todd Bridges (54) Pat Cash (54) Heston Blumenthal (53) Paul Gascoigne (52) Rebekah - Hatty Burpday (2 years ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Lee Meriwether(84)Louis Gossett Jr(83)Natalya Neidhart(37)Vincent Price(1911-1993)Christopher Lee(Dr - Kracker Jones (2 years ago)
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Bro. Mosi Hoj
Happy Birthday, Todd Bridges! - Bro. Mosi Hoj (2 years ago)
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Todd Bridges - Happy Birthday !!! - buffydracfan (2 years ago)
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Steven A N Q L Davey
05/26/2019 Happy 53rd Birthday to Todd Bridges!!! - Steven A N Q L Davey (2 years ago)
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Barry Kowal
May 27:Happy 54th birthday to actor,Todd Bridges(\"Diff\'rent Strokes\") - Barry Kowal (2 years ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday Todd Bridges. - Jaymes (3 years ago)
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Derrek Brooks
Todd Bridges....May 27, 1965, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Derrek Brooks (3 years ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to the great Todd Bridges, You\'re life is truly one worth talking about, I loved your s - Scott Mair (3 years ago)
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Diff\'rent Strokes 1978 - 1986 Opening and Closing Theme via HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD BRIDGES - MYHITS1 (3 years ago)
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Chloe Sylvers
Happy Birthday Todd Bridges! - Chloe Sylvers (3 years ago)
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Aaron J.
Happy Birthday Todd Bridges! I still watch \"Different Strokes.\" I like when Ar - Aaron J. (3 years ago)
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Shadeed A. Kelly
Happy birthday, Todd Bridges! - Shadeed A. Kelly (3 years ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Todd Bridges - Celebrity Birthdays (3 years ago)
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98.3 Fox FM (98.3 HD)
Happy Birthday if you\'re celebrating today! You share a bday with: Louis Gossett Jr. is 82. Adam Carolla is 54. - 98.3 Fox FM (98.3 HD) (3 years ago)
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melissa caren diamond
happy birthday Todd Bridges - melissa caren diamond (3 years ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Ken Lerner, Pete Sears, Dee Dee Bridgewater, John Conteh, Shahrdad Rohani, Jackie Slater, Eric Bi - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (3 years ago)
birthday balloon

North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Jackie Slater, Eric Bischoff, Richard Schiff, Neil Finn, Nick Anstee, Steven Brill, Pat Cash and Todd Bridges. - North Trenton (4 years ago)
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Assis Santos
May 27: Happy 52nd Birthday to Todd Bridges - Assis Santos (4 years ago)
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TV In Colour
wishes Louis Gossett Jr., Todd Bridges, and Shanola Hampton a very happy birthday - TV In Colour (4 years ago)
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BuzzD Trends
turns 52 - - BuzzD Trends (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Todd Bridges! - Autovolt (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Left Eye, Todd Bridges, and Andre 3000: via - ImChrisDaDon1 (4 years ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 52nd Birthday, Todd Bridges! - Happy Birthday to Todd Bridges, who turns 52 today! - Who\'s Dated Who (4 years ago)

56 years old (Born on May 27, 1965)

Actor; He is famous from Diffrent Strokes.

Brother of Jimmy Bridges, Son of Betty A. Bridges, Brother of Verda Bridges. Was a contestant on "The Weakest Link" (2001/III). His second question was to name the man that married Courteney Cox. As a joke for not knowing the answer, Bridges guessed Gary Coleman. As a result, he was voted the very first weakest link. Uncle of Penny Bae Bridges, Brooke Marie Bridges, and Rachel Bridges. 1 son, with Smith, Spencir Bridges (b. 1998). Rescues woman whose wheelchair tipped over while fishing. [13 April 2001]

Todd Bridges's Best Moments

todd bridges and janet jackson 0
todd bridges willis 1
young todd bridges 2
todd bridges willis 3

Fun Facts About Todd Bridges

Born in San Francisco, California, USA
Son of Betty A. Bridges
Ranked #40 in VH1`s list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars"
Spouse: Dori Smith (25 May 1998 - present) 1 son
1 son, with Smith, Spencer (b. 1998).
Arrested after alledgedly ramming an associate`s car with his own after an argument. [19 January 1997]
Brother of Verda Bridges.
Brother of Jimmy Bridges
Where Are They Now: (March 2002) Fought and won against former rapper, Vanilla Ice, in a celebrity boxing match on FOX TV.

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