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James A. Thayer
Happy birthday to my little brother Tommy Thayer love you hope you have a beautiful day .stop smoking pot it makes - James A. Thayer (6 months ago)
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Jenna Claybourn
Happy Heavenly birthday Eddie Van Halen RIP - Jenna Claybourn (6 months ago)
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President of Quintaria,XQUARK, Zemvoria, PAWPATROL
Was the Falcon Eric Singer, hawk and bandit tommy thayer giving paul a happy birthday... bet the blows were great. - President of Quintaria,XQUARK, Zemvoria, PAWPATROL (6 months ago)
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President of United States, PAWPATROLFAN.
Was the Falcon Eric Singer, hawk and bandit tommy thayer giving paul a happy birthday... bet the blows were great. - President of United States, PAWPATROLFAN. (6 months ago)
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Jennifer Hillebrandt
Today is my beautiful daughter Allie\'s 18th birthday here she is rocking her Kiss shirt on her big day. She is a bi - Jennifer Hillebrandt (6 months ago)
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Jason G Howey
My favorite Paul Stanley song is Live to win.Because of that - Jason G Howey (7 months ago)
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Rafael Bean Gene
- Rafael Bean Gene (7 months ago)
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Melvin Kuruvilla
Happy 70th Birthday to the greatest frontman in all of Rock N Roll, The man, The myth, The leg - Melvin Kuruvilla (7 months ago)
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Alyssa Akridge
Happy birthday Paul - Alyssa Akridge (7 months ago)
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David Klement (a.k.a. Dave Metal)
Happy Birthday Paul Stanley (Born 20 January, 1952) - David Klement (a.k.a. Dave Metal) (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the Dalinator! - MCnDaHouse (7 months ago)
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Mike Maddux
This little super fan might not want the makeup applied every day anymore, but he is still a rocker. Happy 11 - Mike Maddux (7 months ago)
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Dave Kinney
I know!! Right?? And an incredible personable and NICE man. While I was talking - Dave Kinney (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Tommy thayer - Maribel (1 year ago)
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Richard Cook
Happy Birthday Paul and keep Rockin - Richard Cook (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Robby. The Doors was awesome . Tommy that was so sweet and kind of you. Yo - Debra (1 year ago)
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Ian Chambers
Happy birthday. - Ian Chambers (1 year ago)
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Juan R.Sias
Happy Birthday - Juan R.Sias (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday!!! - [email protected] (1 year ago)
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T. Rain
Happy Birthday Robby Krieger!! - T. Rain (1 year ago)
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happy birthday brother always one of my all-time favorite bands - Christopherlee (1 year ago)
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marina mirzad
Happy Birthday Tommy Thayer!!! - marina mirzad (1 year ago)
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Thom Dust
Happy Birthday Joel. - Thom Dust (2 years ago)
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Katie Kristina
Happy Birthday Joel!! - Katie Kristina (2 years ago)
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maicol bliss
happy birthday I wish you well with your doing their best as a hard-roc - maicol bliss (2 years ago)
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Wow love this photo, happy birthday and much love to all! - Joel (2 years ago)
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Rochelle Norlund
Look what I got for my early 30th birthday, Spaceman. I do wish a Happy Birthda - Rochelle Norlund (2 years ago)
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Daniel Harrell
I know it s a crazy request but would totally make my birthday today is if I could get a happy birthday from fellow - Daniel Harrell (2 years ago)
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pete.garofalo ❌ (12-3)
Happy Birthday Beethoven! It is too bad LvB can t jam with Tommy Thayer, that would be cool. - pete.garofalo ❌ (12-3) (2 years ago)
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pete.garofalo ❌ (11-3)
Happy Birthday Beethoven! It is too bad LvB can t jam with Tommy Thayer, that would be cool. - pete.garofalo ❌ (11-3) (2 years ago)
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Regina Slay Bronson
Happy birthday Paul! - Regina Slay Bronson (3 years ago)
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Ana Maria
Happy Birthday P - Ana Maria (3 years ago)
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Eddie Law
Hey Tommy I agree with you 100% one of the greatest front man of all times happy birthday Paul - Eddie Law (3 years ago)
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Amend: Should read. Thanks for putting on an awesome show, Tommy!!! Hope to see you all soon. Happy Birthday, Paul!!! - DANIEL BOONE (3 years ago)
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Brad Baird
Happy Birthday Paul! - Brad Baird (3 years ago)
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Shelly Castronovo
I will never forget the joy you brought to my son and his Dad in Vegas. You went backstage after his - Shelly Castronovo (3 years ago)
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Will Fredericks
Happy Birthday Paul - Will Fredericks (3 years ago)
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Lori Beth Kulp
From 2012. Love this guy! Happy Birthday, Paul - Lori Beth Kulp (3 years ago)
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Steve Rouvet
Happy Birthday! Make it the best one ever! - Steve Rouvet (3 years ago)
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Jaime Moreno
Happy birthday - Jaime Moreno (3 years ago)
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Sara Kammeraad
He couldn\'t have asked for a better friend like you Tommy :) Happy birthday Starchild lol :) - Sara Kammeraad (3 years ago)
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Paul is beautiful.. I have loved him 30 + years Happy Birthday!!!!!!! - Stacyanne (3 years ago)
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Original GLOWGIRL /Sunny The California Girl
Happy Birthday Mazel Tov - Original GLOWGIRL /Sunny The California Girl (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Mr. Paul Stanley, you are perfection!!! - Susan (3 years ago)
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Adam Payton
Happy Birthday Paul!! - Adam Payton (3 years ago)
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snow the hedgehog: real name haylie martinez
Happy birthday star child - snow the hedgehog: real name haylie martinez (3 years ago)
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Todd Dammit Kerns
- Todd Dammit Kerns (3 years ago)
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chrissy collins
He is going to go see on tour. Happy 9th birthday, Cooper! - chrissy collins (3 years ago)
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Terri Bey
can a Huge KISS fan get a Happy birthday from any of you? Today\'s my 51st birthday. - Terri Bey (3 years ago)
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tony bamboni
My birthday is on January 1st, Can you wish - tony bamboni (3 years ago)

62 years old (Born on January 07, 1960)

American guitarist; He is famous from Black N' Blue/Kiss.

Played guitar for German female rocker Doro Pesch. Was a road crew member for Kiss during the reunited lineup's tours during the late 1990s-early 2000s. Began playing lead guitar for Kiss after Ace Frehley decided not to return to the fold in 2003. Wears Ace Frehley's makeup and costume.

Tommy Thayer's Best Moments

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Fun Facts About Tommy Thayer

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