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And you know what a little bit of trivia here sports fans he\'s related to Johnny majors who was the pit football co - CountrysideGirl (12 months ago)
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Chris D
Your father was the greatest athlete I\'ve seen in my life. A gift from God - Chris D (4 days ago)
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Happy Birthday - VikingsFan755 (1 week ago)
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Terry Henderson
Happy Birthday to your Dad - Terry Henderson (1 week ago)
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A❌ber Holley (SGAF #2)
Happy Birthday - A❌ber Holley (SGAF #2) (1 week ago)
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✭ ✭ THE LuLuBama_Cowboys✭ ✭ ✭
Happy birthday - ✭ ✭ THE LuLuBama_Cowboys✭ ✭ ✭ (1 week ago)
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Join us in wishing former running back Tony Dorsett a very happy birthday - theLastHumanOnMars (1 week ago)
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joAnn Loos
Happy birthday! It was my birthday too - joAnn Loos (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to my first Cowboy hero - JayG (1 week ago)
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Bill Cummings
Happy birthday Tony. - Bill Cummings (1 week ago)
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Gerardo Salinas
Happy Birthday Mr. 100 yds TD - Gerardo Salinas (1 week ago)
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Dre\' Giacanna
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 33!!! Can t wait to you meet u. - Dre\' Giacanna (1 week ago)
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Anthony Edwards
Happy Birthday Tony!! - Anthony Edwards (1 week ago)
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He is fast, he is so fast, he makes fast people look not so fast! The Longest Yard. Happy Birthday - Grunt (1 week ago)
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Christian P. Hagen
That should be his second Heisman. Happy Birthday. - Christian P. Hagen (1 week ago)
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Raye Pollock
Belated Happy Birthday wishes Mr. Dorsett! You are a Texas and a National Treasure! - Raye Pollock (1 week ago)
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Skip Cheatham
Happy birthday - Skip Cheatham (1 week ago)
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Tim Maxey DJ BIGRED Da Barber
Happy Birthday to the - Tim Maxey DJ BIGRED Da Barber (1 week ago)
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Isaac Slack
Happy Birthday Legend. I may have found a birthday present for u. I am a contractor working in Aliqui - Isaac Slack (1 week ago)
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Happy belated Birthday Tony, enjoyed every minute watching you play. - Cowboynobullshit (1 week ago)
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Theo Emile Dollis Jr.
Happy birthday! God bless you! I was always a huge fan! - Theo Emile Dollis Jr. (1 week ago)
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Billie Horttor
Happy birthday. - Billie Horttor (1 week ago)
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Dmosley Management
Happy Birthday! - Dmosley Management (1 week ago)
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Keosha Michelle
Happy Birthday - Keosha Michelle (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Hawk!!! - PHILLIP A POPOVICH (1 week ago)
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Coach Lamberson
Happy Birthday TD! - Coach Lamberson (1 week ago)
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Lori G
Happy Birthday!!! I m glad that you were able to have a great day. - Lori G (1 week ago)
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Phillip Richardson
Happy birthday to my favorite player and the reason why I m a Dallas Cowboys fan! - Phillip Richardson (1 week ago)
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Jackie Offe
Happy birthday . Cowboy class - Jackie Offe (1 week ago)
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J.W. Rogers
Tony I seen you in a grocery store parking lot a couple of years after you retired. I was maybe 16. Y - J.W. Rogers (1 week ago)
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Horacio Hernandez
Happy birthday! - Horacio Hernandez (1 week ago)
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ron rummel
TD 33! Happy birthday to my first favorite RB, and playing for the cowboys made it perfect,99 TD I ll never forget, legendary! - ron rummel (1 week ago)
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Mark Piccolo
Happy Birthday Tony D! - Mark Piccolo (1 week ago)
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Maurice Douglass Sr
Happy Birthday TD - Maurice Douglass Sr (1 week ago)
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Andy Robertson
Happy Birthday Tony the best ! - Andy Robertson (1 week ago)
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aj harris
Happy Birthday to the great Tony Dorset, May God bless you with many many more!!! - aj harris (1 week ago)
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B Good
Happy belated 69th birthday to my childhood hero my potna just a winner all the way around 3 - B Good (1 week ago)
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John R
Happy birthday. I remember that 99 yard TD on MNF against the Vikings like it was yesterday. May you live to be 99. - John R (1 week ago)
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Fantasy Football Hall of Fame
Happy Birthday Tony! Cheers! - Fantasy Football Hall of Fame (1 week ago)
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Jon Miller
Hey 33 We Love You Here In Texas. Happy Birthday - Jon Miller (1 week ago)
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Toney Q Cobb
Happy birthday - Toney Q Cobb (1 week ago)
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Jose Pena
Happy Birthday TD. Touchdown Dorset - Jose Pena (1 week ago)
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Gary W. Patterson
Happy birthday TD! - Gary W. Patterson (1 week ago)
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Kathy Luciow
Happy Birthday to the Enjoy and make it a great one Tony and of course Hail To Pitt - Kathy Luciow (1 week ago)
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Thomas Q. Jones
Happy birthday legend! - Thomas Q. Jones (1 week ago)
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Lenny Rasche
Happy Birthday to the Best running back ever! - Lenny Rasche (1 week ago)
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George Kanakis
Happy Birthday Hawk - George Kanakis (1 week ago)
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George Apodaca
Happy birthday from the original Las Vegas, NM - George Apodaca (1 week ago)
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bradley smith
Happy Birthday! My story of the time I met you before the pre-season game vs. Pittsburgh in 1984 gets better every year! - bradley smith (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday!!!!! You brought me so much joy and pride growing up a Cowboys fan. You ll forever be - JTP (1 week ago)

70 years old (Born on April 07, 1954)

Tony Dorsett's Best Moments

Happy birthday to my man  to our scene for spots.
Happy 64th Birthday to Cowboys legendary RB Tony Dorsett!
Happy Birthday weekend  to Hall of Famer   Tony Dorsett - sweet guy.
Tony Dorsett was ELECTRIC!!

Happy birthday to the legendary RB!
Happy 66th birthday, Tony Dorsett, owner of one of the greatest runs in NFL history. 99 yards and a cloud of dust.
To wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dallas Cowboys legend    :
Happy birthday,
Hero. Hall of Famer. Legend.

Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett!
Happy birthday to alum and RB [
Born a fan, but Happy Birthday to the person who made me LOVE being a a fan !!
Happy Birthday to all-time great !
Happy Birthday to RB
Happy birthday to legend RB Tony Dorsett!!!
 help us wish a Happy Birthday to one of the Best of all time - Tony Dorsett!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday      have a blessed day
Happy birthday Tony Dorsett, born today in 1954.
Happy birthday to my childhood hero, smoothest running back of all time
Happy birthday to Tony Dorsett!
Today s brand reveal comes on 65th birthday today. Happy Birthday Hawk -  s greatest player
Happy Birthday Have an excellent day, Hall of Famer!

HOF Bio:
Happy birthday  Great runner and nice man.
Happy Birthday to  legend Tony Dorsett.
Happy Birthday TD Tony Dorsett!!  One of the greats.
Happy Birthday to Cowboys great TD was a joy to watch play!
Happy Birthday to the great
Happy Birthday to Hall of Famer  |
Happy Birthday to the greatest RB CFB has EVER seen Tony Dorsett
Happy Birthday
\"Tony was a man playing with kids.\" 

Happy 67th birthday to No. 33,
Happy 64th birthday to HOFer Tony Dorsett.  His rookie card anchors the 1978 Topps set:
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to the GOAT
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Tony DOrsett, who turns 61 today!
Happy 61st Birthday to Cowboys legend & Heisman winner Tony Dorsett! 
Photo by Sports Illustrated.
Happy Birthday to Tony Dorsett! The NFL Hall of Famer is 61 today!
. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett!
Happy Birthday to an Erik Davis Guy
Happy Birthday to Tony Dorsett!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Cowboys Hall of Fame running back
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the greatest runningback of All-Time Have an amazing day
Happy Birthday to Tony Dorsett, who thankfully was better at football than he was at the Feud.
  Happy birthday you have been one of my favorite players
 Happy Birthday, TD Tony! Best wishes always!
Happy Birthday to possibly the greatest player of all-time
Tony Dorsett Happy 67th Birthday artwork by me
Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett, Billie Holiday, and Jackie Chan
Happy birthday to legend,
Happy birthday to the legendary, HOF,
Happy Birthday To Tony Dorsett!! He Is 61 Today!!
Happy Birthday to Heisman Trophy Winner and NFL Hall of Famer RB
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Cowboys Tony Dorsett!
Happy birthday to the greatest running back of all time
Happy 60th Birthday to & RB »
 Happy Birthday Tony on behalf of True Blue Nation of South Texas.  Enjoy your day.
Happy birthday to the great Tony Dorsett, the pride of Hopewell High. \"Hawk\" turns 61 today.
Happy Birthday, to my favorite football player, Have a good one, Hawk!
Happy Birthday hope it\s a great one!!!!!
 Happy Birthday, TD! Still have my little league helmet that took on a huge transformation. Take care!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to three members of the \10,000 Rush Yards Club\: , , .
Happy Birthday Man
Happy Birthday to Tony Dorsett! Take 30% off all Dorsett Memorabilia!
Happy Birthday, Tony Dorsett!
Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorites. The great Tony Dorsett!
 Happy Birthday to my all time favorite RB - God Bless! Met you in 2000 at Super Bowl in Atlanta!
Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett!
Happy Birthday (April 7 yesterday) TONY DORSETT 

Elways first Hall of Fame running back
Happy late birthday to Cowboys Legend and Hall Of Famer Tony Dorsett!
 \"The Greatest RB\" to ever put on cleats. As CEO of Legends2Be from all of us to you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett
Happy Birthday to the greatest running back!
Happy Birthday to Tony Dorsett (born April 7, 1954)
Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett, 63 today.
 Happy Birthday!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Great Tony Dorsett  sincerely
Happy Birthday to my Crush and First Love since I was 12
 Happy Birthday!!!
Awfully good....Happy Birthday !........
Happy Birthday T. D.!
Happy BDay to lifetime member and Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett!
Happy Birthday to HOF RB Hall of Fame Enshrinement Class of 1994. to wish Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, ... from all your friends at the
Happy birthday to 1994 inductee and legend
Still my fave!! Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday to one of the great ones!
 Happy Birthday !!
   Happy Birthday Tony Enjoy
 a few years ago you made a young mans night at the hall of fame! Happy Birthday to a class act!
Happy Birthday to my all time favorite football player
 Happy Birthday,  to the legend!
Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday!  My all-time favourite!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to former & legend
Happy America and happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Tony! Sending you smiles & best wishes!
Happy Birthday to the greateat runng back
Happy Birthday to the GREAT
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday and H2P
 Happy Birthday!  One of the best days I ve ever had was meeting my childhood hero.
 The best of the best! Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Tony
 Happy Birthday Sir
 Happy birthday My childhood Idol
4/7/21 145th day of school. 35 to go. Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett 1954
Happy birthday Tony Dorsett. 
2 of my faves right here!!
  Happy BDay Hawk
Happy Birthday Tony Dorsett! My 1st LOVE after my Daddy
     Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to the great  Tony Dorsett!!
 Happy Birthday from Buffalo NY!!!!
 happy birthday my friend!!!!
Happy Birthday to my friend cheers brotha!
Happy Birthday Mr. Tony Dorsett
 TO \"THE TRUTH\"!  Happy Birthday My Brother!
Happy birthday to my favorite football player of all time.
 Happy Birthday to the great TD ... Tony Dorsett.
I(D.J.S.)\"B SIDE MUSIC\" saying Happy Birthday to Former Professional Football Player: \"TONY DORSETT\"
 Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Birthday to Tony Dorsett!
Happy Birthday, Many happy returns of the day!
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anthony dorsett 1
tony dorsett 99 yard run 2
Tony Dorsett new pic 3

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