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Geekz In The City
10-9 Happy Birthday to the multi talented Tyler James Williams - Geekz In The City (7 months ago)
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Happy 28 birthday Tyler James Williams ( everybody hates Chris main character) wow He\'s 28 year\'s old now he was o - Jolyneeee (7 months ago)
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ikelz Numerologist
Happy Birthday Tyler James Williams Born OCT 9 Yes, 5 Universal Days represent DRASTIC changes as well :) At age - ikelz Numerologist (7 months ago)
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IT\'S HIS BIRTHDAY TOO?!?! I used to LOVE Everybody Hates Chris and always thought Tyler James Williams was so talen - AllyKeyoni (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Tyler James Williams! - Blex (7 months ago)
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Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris
Happy Birthday Hoje o Carinha que mora logo ali completou 28 anos de idade parabéns Tyler James Williams - Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris (7 months ago)
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WNSB - HOT 91.1 FM
Happy Blazin\' Hot birthday to Tyler James Williams and Nona Hendryx - WNSB - HOT 91.1 FM (7 months ago)
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Terry Tyler
October 9th Happy Birthday, Tyler James Williams! ~ N O A H ~ - Terry Tyler (7 months ago)
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Fatou Janha
Happy Birthday Tyler James Williams - Fatou Janha (7 months ago)
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Healthy Celeb
Happy Birthday to Tyler James Williams ( Today he turns 28. - Healthy Celeb (7 months ago)
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Tyler James Williams...October 9, 1992 HAPPY BIRTHDAY - missmaybell (1 year ago)
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This is why I Rock!
Happy 27th bday to Tyler James Williams!!! Everybody hates Chris is all grown up!!! - This is why I Rock! (1 year ago)
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Jake with the Ob
Happy 27th Birthday to Tyler James Williams! The actor who played Chris in Everybody Hates Chris, Lionel Higgins in - Jake with the Ob (1 year ago)
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Chela Tarpeh
Tyler James Williams is 27 today. Hates Chris. Minds. Walking Dead. the damn thing Fam. - Chela Tarpeh (1 year ago)
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Vuzel - Follback
Happy 27th Birthday to Tyler James Williams - Vuzel - Follback (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Tyler James Williams 27 today - BirthdayDr.com (1 year ago)
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Suzanne Noa
Happy Birthday actor Tyler James Williams - Suzanne Noa (1 year ago)
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Happy 26th Birthday to Tyler James Williams, . - TheFilmCulture.com (1 year ago)
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Happy 27th Birthday to Tyler James Williams - maxxmyrick (1 year ago)
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Michael Stephen Scott Junior
Good morning message! Yum yesterday my mom brought me some Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant food. Spoil me people, lon - Michael Stephen Scott Junior (1 year ago)
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Alec Behan
Happy 26th Birthday to Tyler James Williams! The actor who played Lionel Higgins in Dear White People, Chris in Eve - Alec Behan (2 years ago)
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David Roberson
Happy Birthday 10/9: Sharon Osbourne - 66, Tony Shalhoub (Wings, Monk) - 65, Scott Bakula - 64, Linwood Boomer (Ada - David Roberson (2 years ago)
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Brownstone Media
Happy Birthday Tyler James Williams!!! - Brownstone Media (2 years ago)
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Bigg Bidnezz
Tyler James Williams, Happy Birthday! Best know for his role in \"Everybody Hates Chris,\" Tyler turns 26 today. - Bigg Bidnezz (2 years ago)
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MEFeater Magazine
Happy 26th Birthday to Tyler James Williams - MEFeater Magazine (2 years ago)
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Doris Busalt
10/09 Me & The Walking Dead Scavengers Germany are wishing a happy birthday to Tyler James Williams, wishing him al - Doris Busalt (2 years ago)
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Nous souhaitons un joyeux anniversaire à Tyler James Williams qui interprète dans votre sitcom - BET (2 years ago)
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Vision DrivingSchool
Happy to all our and from Many countries ... and Happy Birthday to David - Vision DrivingSchool (2 years ago)
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Victor Ayodeji
Happy birthday to Tyler James Williams - Victor Ayodeji (2 years ago)
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Good morning everyone wish a happy birthday to Tyler James Williams have a great day everyone thanks for our support. - irawoifefacts (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Kevin Kampl, Tyson Frizell, Tyler James Williams, Ani Amiraghyan, Lauren Davis, Jayden Hodges and Scotty McCreery. - North Trenton (3 years ago)
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TV In Colour
wishes Tyler James Williams, a very happy birthday - TV In Colour (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday Tyler James Williams - ATOM RECORDS (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday Singer Nona Hendryx of LaBelle, Actor Tyler James Williams, (cont) - TeamNonaHendryx (3 years ago)
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Music 4 Life!!!
Happy Birthday to the kid who starred in one of my favorite TV Shows (Everybody Hates Chris) Tyler James Williams. - Music 4 Life!!! (3 years ago)
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Chloe Sylvers
Happy Birthday! Tyler James Williams (born October 9, 1992) is an American actor, hip hop recording artist,... - Chloe Sylvers (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Tyler James Williams - XXL MAGAZINE (3 years ago)
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Gerald A Johnson
Happy birthday Singer Nona Hendryx of LaBelle, Actor Tyler James Williams, Christian Singer Lecrae, Singer ShataraMarie Jackson - Gerald A Johnson (3 years ago)
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Young Blood
Happy birthday to John Lennon, Tyler James Williams, Lecrae & Steve Burns! - Young Blood (3 years ago)
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107.5 WBLS FM
You know from \"Everybody Hates Chris\"! Happy 25th Birthday to actor Tyler James Williams!! - 107.5 WBLS FM (3 years ago)
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Derrek Brooks
Happy Birthday, Tyler James Williams!! - Derrek Brooks (3 years ago)
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IMDb. October 9th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tyler James Williams, Sheila Kelley, Jenifer Aspen, Shera Danese, Kieren Hutchison, Isabella Amara. - GSmith (3 years ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 25th Birthday, Tyler James Williams! - Today is Tyler James Williams\' 25th Birthday! - Who\'s Dated Who (3 years ago)
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Wishing Tyler James Williams ( a very Happy Birthday today!! - TheWalkingDeadWorld (3 years ago)
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Happy to John (77) David (51) Eddie (50) Tyler James (25) Sharon (65) - HappyBirthday (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Tyler James Williams! ( - IceCreamConvos.com (3 years ago)
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Soap Dude 2
Happy birthday Tyler James Williams - Soap Dude 2 (3 years ago)
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Boom 102.9 Indy
Happy Birthday to Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams! - Boom 102.9 Indy (3 years ago)
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Fan Fest News
Happy Birthday, - Fan Fest News (3 years ago)
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Happy 25th Birthday to Tyler James Williams - MoorInfo (3 years ago)

28 years old (Born on October 09, 1992)

American actor; He is famous from Everybody Hates Chris.

Has two younger brothers, Tyrel Jackson Williams and Tylen Williams. His father is a sergeant in the NYPD with nearly 20 years on the force.

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Happy 26th Birthday to Tyler James Williams
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