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My Wrestling videos And pics
80\'s Woman\'s Wrestling Star Velvet McIntyre Is 60 Years Old Today! Happy Birthday! McIntyre Wrestled The Fabulous - My Wrestling videos And pics (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Velvet McIntyre The former WWF Women\'s Champion and WWF Women\'s Tag Team Champion (pictured right - AJFwrestling (2 months ago)
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WWF Wrestling
Happy Birthday to Velvet McIntyre! - WWF Wrestling (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Velvet McIntyre! - Chupacabra (2 years ago)
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Chupacabra チュパカブラ
Happy Birthday to Velvet McIntyre! - Chupacabra チュパカブラ (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the pioneers of women s wrestling, a 1x Women s Champion and 2x Women s Tag Team Champion, - BVMBSHELLED (3 years ago)
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Official Women\'s Wrestling Fansite
Happy Birthday to Velvet McIntyre! - Official Women\'s Wrestling Fansite (4 years ago)
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whip it
Happy Birthday to former Women\'s Champion, Velvet McIntyre! - whip it (5 years ago)

60 years old (Born on November 24, 1962)

Best known for her WWF performances; won the WWF Women's Championship on July 3, 1986 and the NWA Women's Tag Team Championship on May 13, 1983.

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Happy Birthday to Velvet McIntyre!
Happy Birthday to former Women\s Champion, Velvet McIntyre!
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