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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
Welcome to Victor Lucas's Birthday Celebration Page
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Fox Bennett
Happy Birthday, Uncle Vic! You re the best person on TV and the coolest person I know that s not in G - Fox Bennett (7 months ago)
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ɥɐǝʎ ⅋ sɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥɔ08ᄅ# uᴉ ʍou \'zqnM lǝᴉuɐɥʇɐN
Happy birthday, Batwing! Hope your day\'s been swell! - ɥɐǝʎ ⅋ sɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥɔ08ᄅ# uᴉ ʍou \'zqnM lǝᴉuɐɥʇɐN (7 months ago)
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Adrian (odd-ree-on)
Happy Birthday I hope you recall today is my birthday as well. - Adrian (odd-ree-on) (7 months ago)
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Everybody say Happy Birthday to Reviews on the Run is the best gaming show ever - MichaelB (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday The most influential journalist in video games for at least 20 years here in Canada. N - JKB (10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY) (7 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday, ! I grew up watching EP & ROTR/JudDay on TV in the 90s - 2000s. I learned so - Noah (1 year ago)
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Christoper Mckillop
Happy Birthday - Christoper Mckillop (1 year ago)
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Josh Teixeira
Happy birthday Vic! Hope this year only has the very best in store for ya! - Josh Teixeira (1 year ago)
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Geoff Leonard
29? But wait, I was watching EP when I was 15/16 and now I\'m 35 and Vic is 29 but he - Geoff Leonard (1 year ago)
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Randal Sather
I m 42 and I ve been watching him since I was a kid,so... Happy birthday ! - Randal Sather (1 year ago)
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Happy day-late birthday! Hope you had a great time and thank you for so much over the years. - Ricsi (1 year ago)
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Jeff Haynes
Happy Birthday, my friend! Hope you had a great one! - Jeff Haynes (1 year ago)
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happy birthday, Vic. You re a TV icon. Love your work on the YouTube page. - Brenden (1 year ago)
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Sir Krog of Darkness
Happy birthday Vic! - Sir Krog of Darkness (1 year ago)
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Nick Steinberg
Happy Birthday! - Nick Steinberg (1 year ago)
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Kyle Chenard
What part do you need help with? Looks like you did a great job on your own. How am I - Kyle Chenard (1 year ago)
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Adnan Kureishy
happy birthday my dear friend. Many blessings to you on this day: - Adnan Kureishy (1 year ago)
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Roy Teal
Happy birthday to The best video game journalist in the business! - Roy Teal (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to one of my biggest inspirations to video game reviewing His passion to the medium i - BladeBlur (1 year ago)
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Ben Silverman
Help me wish the inimitable a happy, healthy 29th birthday! You look exactly your age, finally. - Ben Silverman (1 year ago)
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David Turner
Happy Birthday from the East Coast! - David Turner (1 year ago)
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Andrew Horan
Happy birthday - Andrew Horan (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Have a great time! - Adrian (1 year ago)
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Iaan Spence
happy Birthday Sir!!!! I hope you had a fabulous day.... I lov - Iaan Spence (1 year ago)
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Denis Zlataric
Happy Birthday Vic! Hope you have a great one:) It\'s my birthday today as well:) - Denis Zlataric (2 years ago)
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Paul Sharpe
happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day with the family and a great year ahead. Looking fwd to seeing what you get up to - Paul Sharpe (2 years ago)
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Victor Lucas
happy birthday Snaaaaaaaake! Hugs. :) - Victor Lucas (2 years ago)

51 years old (Born on February 11, 1968)

Canadian television producer who is the creator, executive producer, writer, and co-host of the television show The Electric Playground.

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 happy birthday my dear friend. Many blessings to you on this day:
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