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Kathleen Wilson
Happy birthday to your Wife Victoria Osteen - Kathleen Wilson (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen, remain blessed - HENRY NEWMAN (2 months ago)
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Tonya McDonald
Happy Birthday First Lady Victoria Osteen Wishing you many more to come - Tonya McDonald (2 months ago)
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Thy Journey
Happy Birthday Mrs. Victoria Osteen! May our gracious Lord and savior bless you with many more years. Enjoy - Thy Journey (2 months ago)
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Olajumoke Ogunleye
Happy birthday ma\'am pastor Victoria Osteen - Olajumoke Ogunleye (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday to an amazing woman.... Wishing you many more fruitful and blessed years ahead madam Victoria Osteen! - Irishcream_Bosslady (2 months ago)
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Tolulope Ayeni
Happy birthday to you Pastor Victoria Osteen.More grace. - Tolulope Ayeni (2 months ago)
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Capt Austine¥¥
Happy birthday pst Victoria osteen wish you the very best of this new age...... Shout out to Joel ostee - Capt Austine¥¥ (2 months ago)
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Emmy Bammy
Happy birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen - Emmy Bammy (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday Mrs Victoria Osteen. May your light continue to shine more brighter, May your strength b - Oluwakemi (2 months ago)
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Hendri Semuel G
Happy Birthday Ps.Victoria Osteen from Manado Indonesia. God Bless You and Familiy - Hendri Semuel G (2 months ago)
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Dachy Sandy
Happy birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen! I wish you many more birthdays to come in good health. We love you both. - Dachy Sandy (2 months ago)
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Rose nakayenga
Oh happy birthday Victoria Osteen you are loved - Rose nakayenga (2 months ago)
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Deborah Fields
Happy Birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen. - Deborah Fields (2 months ago)
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Ime Abasiubong
Happy birthday pastor Victoria Osteen. Greater grace and glory to you. - Ime Abasiubong (2 months ago)
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richard cheruse53
Tegat Bomet Kenya Happy birthday Victoria Osteen. May you live to see many more years to come. Be blessed. - richard cheruse53 (2 months ago)
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Josaia Cama
Happy & a blessed birthday Pst Victoria Osteen - Josaia Cama (2 months ago)
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March 28: Victoria Osteen Happy birthday to We love you. - BIRTHDAYS MAGAZINE (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you both Pastor Joel and Victoria Osteen we love you - 4HisGlory2 (2 months ago)
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Taiwo Their daddy’s daddy
Happy Birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen - Taiwo Their daddy’s daddy (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday Victoria Osteen - Vonda (2 months ago)
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George A. Emeje
Happy Birthday Victoria Osteen, More Grace for the assignment ahead. - George A. Emeje (2 months ago)
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Cher Isa
Happy Birthday our Super Amazing Gracious Beautiful Lovely Goddess Victoria Osteen, may All Yours\' Swee - Cher Isa (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday Mrs Victoria Osteen Wishes you the best.God will continue to bless and elevate you - Uadborngreat (2 months ago)
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Ronnie Perez
Happy Birthday Victoria Osteen, we love you from the Perez Family! - Ronnie Perez (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen - Christopher (2 months ago)
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Ify Ej
Happy birthday Pst Victoria Osteen. - Ify Ej (2 months ago)
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Ify Ijeh
Happy birthday Pst Victoria Osteen. - Ify Ijeh (2 months ago)
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Uba Michael
Happy birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen, thank you for all do for God\'s Children. - Uba Michael (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday Victoria Osteen. More beautiful years to celebrate in Jesus Name - Blessing (2 months ago)
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Oji Akporugo
Happy birthday pastor Victoria Osteen - Oji Akporugo (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen, best wishes - Phantom✝️ (2 months ago)
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Kim C.
Happy Birthday Victoria Osteen - Kim C. (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Mrs. Victoria Osteen!!! - SEEED (2 months ago)
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Roya Simon
Happy birthday Victoria Osteen - Roya Simon (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday victoria Osteen - Smarsh01 (2 months ago)
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Maurice M Littlejohn
Happy birthday Victoria Osteen you are the beautiful and victorious part of Joel keep being a staff and - Maurice M Littlejohn (2 months ago)
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Ben Adeyemi
Happy birthday to pastor Mrs Victoria Osteen - Ben Adeyemi (1 year ago)
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Rea Chisenga
Happy Birthday to Victoria Osteen - Rea Chisenga (1 year ago)
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Fred Elegbe
Happy birthday Sis Victoria Osteen! Your path shines more! Prov 4:18 - Fred Elegbe (1 year ago)
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Emmy Davis Umahi
Happy Healthy Birthday to you Victoria Osteen !!! Blessings n many many more iJN Amen - Emmy Davis Umahi (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Victoria Osteen. - HARRY SMITH (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, Mrs. Victoria Osteen! - Olusegun (1 year ago)
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Dr Paula Paula
Happy birthday Victoria Osteen - Dr Paula Paula (1 year ago)
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Happy BirthDay To Victoria Osteen! I was trapped in despair for three years... But Thanks to your SNS w - Juny (1 year ago)
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Jimena Gutierrez
Happy birthday dear Victoria Osteen, God bless you very much !!! - Jimena Gutierrez (1 year ago)
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Papa Kojo Kyei
Happy Birthday to you Great Vessel of God, Victoria Osteen. You are truly a GEM and an inspiration to m - Papa Kojo Kyei (1 year ago)
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Antoinette Thomas
Happy birthday Victoria Osteen may God continue to bless you, your marriage and the ministry you have w - Antoinette Thomas (1 year ago)
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Olúwátosin Jọláiyá
Happy birthday Mrs Victoria Osteen. I pray for more grace, long life and prosperity in Jesus mighty name. I celebrate you Ma - Olúwátosin Jọláiyá (1 year ago)
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Von Sydow\'s
Happy Birthday to a beautiful person, inside and out - Victoria Osteen We wish you a blessed day, Amen! - Von Sydow\'s (1 year ago)

62 years old (Born on March 28, 1961)

Pastor, author.

Victoria Osteen's Best Moments

 Happy Birthday Pastor Victoria Osteen
 March 28:
Victoria Osteen
Happy birthday to We love you.
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