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Friends of WHLibrary
Happy birthday Vikram Seth. Listen to his epic love story set in India. Funny and tragic, with engaging, brilliantl - Friends of WHLibrary (7 months ago)
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\"For a writer, obsession is a good substitute for self-discipline.\" Happy Birthday Vikram Seth - WatermarkPress (7 months ago)
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Walking BookFairs
\"This is the loveliest of all gardens What do scruples know of beauty anyhow?\" Happy birthday to Vikram Seth from o - Walking BookFairs (7 months ago)
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kunal kishore rana
Happy 69th Birthday to Indian Poet, Novelist, Travel Writer, Liberttist, Children\'s Writer, Biographer & Memoirist, - kunal kishore rana (7 months ago)
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Roomy Naqvy
Happy Birthday, Vikram Seth. - Roomy Naqvy (7 months ago)
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Sudip Kumar Maity
Happy Birthday Vikram Seth and Wishing You Good Health and Long Life. - Sudip Kumar Maity (7 months ago)
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mayank austen soofi
I m late by two days but so what... happy birthday Vikram Seth first edition! - mayank austen soofi (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Nouri Al-Maliki, Tress MacNeille, Sheila McLean, Paul Muldoon, John Goodman, Vikram Seth, Vince G - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Virginia Quarterly Review
Happy birthday to Vikram Seth, who turns sixty-eight today! The author of A SUITABLE BOY is praised in - Virginia Quarterly Review (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the most \"suitable boy\" we know - Vikram Seth. - Merrative (1 year ago)
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Linda Watson ⓥ ⓕ
Happy birthday indeed, Vikram Seth! Thank you for writing two of my favorite books: The Golden Gate and A Suitab - Linda Watson ⓥ ⓕ (1 year ago)
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Khushwant Singh LitFest
Lets wish very Happy 68th Birthday to \"A Suitable Boy\" Vikram Seth - Khushwant Singh LitFest (1 year ago)
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Hans Christian Winkler
Happy Birthday Vikram Seth. Not only a great writer, a very nice person as well ! A suitable boy was my first book - Hans Christian Winkler (1 year ago)
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Rajat Ubhaykar
A very happy birthday to Vikram Seth! No pressure, but just so you know, the wait for A Suitable Girl has crossed t - Rajat Ubhaykar (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Vikram Seth, my favourite Indian poet. - Sahir. (1 year ago)
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Mohammad imran
Happy Birthday Vikram Seth Sir Have A Great Day God bless You - Mohammad imran (1 year ago)
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imran srpt
Happy Birthday Vikram Seth Sir Have A Great Day God bless You - imran srpt (1 year ago)
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Second Story Books Rockville
Happy birthday to Vikram Seth! - Second Story Books Rockville (2 years ago)
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B&N Yonkers, NY ☕️
Happy Birthday to Vikram Seth, CBE. Award-winning poet and novelist, Seth\'s works are considered important contrib - B&N Yonkers, NY ☕️ (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday, Vikram Seth. Thank you for being! Arguably, the best English language poet in India today. - Sohini (2 years ago)
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Mohar Basu
And mine would be - All you who sleep tonight Far from the ones you love, No hands to left or rig - Mohar Basu (2 years ago)
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Think of many things. Never place your happiness in one person\'s power. Be just to yourself. - Vikram Seth \'A S - markmybook (2 years ago)
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John McLeod
Happy birthday to Vikram Seth, Nicole Kidman, Frank Lampard, Lionel Richie, John Taylor, Stephen Frears ... and Dav - John McLeod (2 years ago)
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Goutam Ghosal
Message from Aleph Book Company ( Aleph Book Company ( messageed: Wishing our author, Vikram - Goutam Ghosal (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Vikram Seth (born 20 Jun 1952) novelist and poet. - WaterstonesHarrogate (2 years ago)
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Rosary School Rajkot
Happy Birthday Vikram Seth - the writer - Rosary School Rajkot (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday.... Vikram Seth! The thing about inspiration is that it takes your mind off everything else... Best - KVMTrust (2 years ago)
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\"You get your inspiration - suggestions - wherever you have to, even from your mother.\" - Vikram Seth A Very Happ - shantijuniors (2 years ago)
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anwar alim
A to the to one of the best Indian poets ... - anwar alim (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday! - Bookstr (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday Vikram Seth - Clancy (3 years ago)
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Lake Oswego Library
Happy 66th Birthday to Indian poet & novelist Vikram Seth (b. 1952, Calcutta). Author of several novels, including - Lake Oswego Library (3 years ago)
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Sayantan Ghosh
Still treasure that short meeting with Vikram Seth in 2013 when he told me that A SUITABLE GIRL should be out anyti - Sayantan Ghosh (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Vikram Seth Behind every good man, there is a Great mother. Bound believes in celebrating both. - Bound (3 years ago)
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Northwest Library
Happy Birthday Vikram Seth! - Northwest Library (3 years ago)
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deepti menon
Happy birthday, Vikram Seth! - deepti menon (3 years ago)
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Indigo Eaton Centre
Happy to novelist and poet Vikram Seth. He is most famous for his lengthy novel A Suitable Boy. At 1,349 - Indigo Eaton Centre (3 years ago)
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Mukul Adhikary
Remembering happy birthday to the great writer Vikram Seth CBE is an Indian novelist and poet. He has written sever - Mukul Adhikary (3 years ago)
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The JCB Prize for Literature
We wish Vikram Seth a happy 66th birthday. - The JCB Prize for Literature (3 years ago)
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Saket Suman
Happy birthday In search of a suitable girl (June 20 is writer Vikram Seths 66th Birthday) - Saket Suman (3 years ago)
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Waterstones Leeds
Happy Birthday Vikram Seth (born 20 Jun 1952) novelist and poet. - Waterstones Leeds (3 years ago)
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TOI Books
TOI Books wishes a very Happy Birthday to author Vikram Seth! - TOI Books (3 years ago)
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RK Sinha
I wish a very happy birthday to the novelist and poet, winner of Sahitya Academy Award, Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, W - RK Sinha (3 years ago)
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JR Library
Happy (belated) birthday to Vikram Seth, author of A Suitable Boy and The Golden Gate, who turned 65 yesterday! 6 5 - JR Library (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday Vikram Seth: Quotes by the writer that capture the pangs of love and heartbreak - Magazine (4 years ago)
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His writings are the reason of my sanity in a world mostly of solitude and my reason of \"patient positivity\" Happy - Atrayee (4 years ago)
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Infinite Gestation
Happy birthday Vikram Seth! The Indian novelist and poet was born in 1952. He also done travel writing and a - Infinite Gestation (4 years ago)
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Cliff Binion
God save us from people who mean well. Vikram Seth Happy 66th birthday, Vikram Seth. The writer was in his... - Cliff Binion (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Indian writer and poet Vikram Seth (June 20, 1952), author of the 1993 novel \"A Suitable Boy\" and other notable works. - Book_Addict (4 years ago)
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Anirudh Sravan
Happy birthday Vikram Seth! - Anirudh Sravan (4 years ago)

69 years old (Born on June 20, 1952)

An Indian writer and poet, he won a 1999 Crossword Book Award for An Equal Music. He is also known for The Humble Administrator's Garden, a poetry collection.

Vikram Seth's Best Moments

\"For a writer, obsession is a good substitute for self-discipline.\"

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