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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Andrew H Cann
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth :) (Ned Quartmine) I hope you have a excellent day too with - Andrew H Cann (3 days ago)
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Cynthia Moore
Happy birthday Wally Kurth - Cynthia Moore (3 days ago)
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11Janet Roberts
Happy Birthday To Wally Kurth! via - 11Janet Roberts (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Wally Kurth!!! ( feel using just your fir - JoannrM (3 days ago)
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“The Big Cheese” Sal Anthony Corrente
is a good man Happy Birthday To Eddie Maine aka Edward Law - “The Big Cheese” Sal Anthony Corrente (4 days ago)
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Jackie Vollrath
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth! Hope you have a wonderful day and Best Wishes for a great Year! - Jackie Vollrath (4 days ago)
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k m stetter
Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - k m stetter (4 days ago)
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Soap Hub wishes the beloved actor a very happy birthday and many more. - SoapHub (4 days ago)
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Sorry this is late - I am wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday Wally Kurth - SHARON KRZENESKI (1 year ago)
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Tina Shervinski
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth - Tina Shervinski (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday To Wally Kurth! - DeepFind (1 year ago)
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Michelle Mongelli
- Michelle Mongelli (1 year ago)
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Jennifer Lynn
Happy birthday wally kurth and have a wonderful day - Jennifer Lynn (1 year ago)
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Max Miller
Happy Birthday To Wally Kurth! - Soap Opera Digest - Max Miller (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday To Wally Kurth! - WebsiteofEverything (1 year ago)
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- Happy Birthday To Wally Kurth! - SoapCrush (1 year ago)
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Soap Opera Digest
Birthday Spotlight: (Justin, DAYS; Ned, GH) - Soap Opera Digest (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday! Wally Kurth (born July 31, 1958) - the80srule.com (1 year ago)
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Matt McKeithan
Happy birthday to Wally Kurth. - Matt McKeithan (1 year ago)
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Susan Courtney
Happy birthday, Wally Kurth! - Susan Courtney (2 years ago)
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Gwen Huempfner
Happy birthday Wally Kurth! - Gwen Huempfner (2 years ago)
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annie nygren
Blessings come your way and hope you have a Wonderful Day! Happy Birthday,Ned (oh, I m so sorry) Wally Kurth! - annie nygren (2 years ago)
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William Collier
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth! - William Collier (2 years ago)
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LINDA peterson
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth. Wishing you all my best. I am enjoying watching you on Days Of ur lives and - LINDA peterson (2 years ago)
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Dana A. Williams
Happy birthday to you wally kurth. Rock on - Dana A. Williams (2 years ago)
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Sarah Wolfe
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth - Sarah Wolfe (2 years ago)
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I have such a weird memory for things like this...I remember \'Justin\' singing that song...LOVED it then - Fergie (2 years ago)
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Anne Kimble
Happy birthday Wally Kurth. Just keep on celebrating and enjoy life and have a blessed year to come many more. From - Anne Kimble (2 years ago)
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Britany Wylie
Happy Birthday to the one and only Wally Kurth ( ) who is known for playing Ned Ashton - Quartermaine on - Britany Wylie (2 years ago)
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Geneva woodson
Happy birthday Wally Kurth - Geneva woodson (2 years ago)
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Princess Topaz
happy bday Mr Wally kurth! enjoy your day! - Princess Topaz (2 years ago)
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Loretta Gray
Happy birthday Wally Kurth. - Loretta Gray (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day. via - m.j (2 years ago)
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Take 2 Radio Network
On July 31st - We would like to wish the multi-talented & handsome Wally Kurth a very happy birthday! - Take 2 Radio Network (2 years ago)
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Shirley Jackson
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth I.hope u had a awesome one - Shirley Jackson (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday July 31, 2017 to: Wally Kurth (Singer-Actor). - ThinkYouKnowMusic (3 years ago)
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Bernadette N.Edison
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth - Bernadette N.Edison (3 years ago)
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Andrea Stewart
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wally Kurth and many many more. - Andrea Stewart (3 years ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 59th Birthday, Wally Kurth! - Let\'s wish Wally Kurth a very Happy 59th Birthday! - Who\'s Dated Who (3 years ago)
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Diane Leahy
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth! - Diane Leahy (3 years ago)
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Sharon Mayer
Happy Birthday, Wally Kurth!!! - Sharon Mayer (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to you Wally Kurth - Stephanie (3 years ago)
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Elena Morales
Happy Birthday Gorgeous Wally kurth Just like ur Beautiful mother ad - Elena Morales (3 years ago)
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Gloria Robinson
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth - Gloria Robinson (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday Wally. In celebration of your special day I hope we have a Wally Kurth Wednesday on GH and DOOL. - Arizonagal (3 years ago)
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IMDb. July 31st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mark Cuban, Percy Herbert, Will Champion, Wally Kurth, Cassi Davis, Kym Malin, Pat Finn, Kiara Advani. - GSmith (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Wally Kurth - SportsFan&GHFan (3 years ago)
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Soap Dude 2
Happy birthday Wally Kurth - Soap Dude 2 (3 years ago)

62 years old (Born on July 31, 1958)

Ned Ashton of General Hospital

Wally Kurth's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Wally Kurth (Justin) who turns 59 today!
Happy Birthday Wally Kurth!
Happy birthday Wally Kurth
  Happy Birthday Wally Kurth
Happy Birthday! 
Wally Kurth (born July 31, 1958)
 - Happy Birthday To Wally Kurth!
Happy Birthday To Wally Kurth!
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wally kurth 2013 1
wally kurth general hospital 2
Wally Kurth sexy 3

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