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Happy Belated Birthday Will! Thank you for years of smiles! - Sandee (3 years ago)
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I know will Estes from Blue Bloods I he is the really good cop - Patrick (6 years ago)
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Frank James
Happy birthday Will Estes! ! ! - Frank James (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday, Will Estes!!! - MissyLouLuvsWill (1 month ago)
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Jennifer Long ☮️
Happy Birthday to Will Estes, Ken Watanabe, Everett McGill, Matt Dallas, Jeremy Miller, Judy Shei - Jennifer Long ☮️ (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday TV Actor Will Estes! Wishing you a beautiful day with good health and happiness forever. Happy birth - AllFamous.org (1 month ago)
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Sean McConnell
Happy Birthday Will Estes As Officer/ Sergeant Jamie Reagan in Blue Bloods (2010-2022) - Sean McConnell (1 month ago)
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Nicole Grant
Happy Birthday Glen Powell, Amber Rose, Ken Watanabe, Andrew Scott, Aaron Tveit, Will Estes, Patti Davis, Doja Cat, - Nicole Grant (1 month ago)
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Holly Mauss
Happy Birthday Will Estes! Love you on Blue Blood - Holly Mauss (1 year ago)
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Bose Beecroft Abu
Happy Birthday Will Estes. Pray you have a fabulous day. - Bose Beecroft Abu (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Will Estes - 廉蕾花 (1 year ago)
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Suzanne Collin
Happy Birthday Will Estes!!! - Suzanne Collin (1 year ago)
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K. McShay
Happy Birthday Jamie/Will Estes! Love you on BB. - K. McShay (1 year ago)
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David Cratchley
Happy Birthday... Will Estes.. David Cratchley... - David Cratchley (1 year ago)
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Ivie Burks
Happy birthday to you WILL ESTES I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Ivie Burks (1 year ago)
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Henry Mario Long
Happy Birthday Will Estes you have a nice day Good health and happiness to you.Enjoy the day - Henry Mario Long (1 year ago)
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Kimberly Holt
Happy Birthday Will Estes. - Kimberly Holt (1 year ago)
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Lila Harris
Happy Birthday, Will Estes. - Lila Harris (1 year ago)
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Kathy Hennes
Happy birthday will estes - Kathy Hennes (1 year ago)
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Rosemarie Massey
Happy birthday Will Estes - Rosemarie Massey (1 year ago)
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Kristen Pittman
Happy Birthday Will Estes/Jamie Reagan - Kristen Pittman (1 year ago)
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Jane Chmielowski
Happy birthday Will Estes. Thank you for the pleasure you give me in your portrayal of the character of Jamie Reagan - Jane Chmielowski (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Will Estes!!! - SueM.Swank (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Will Estes - Stormychick33 (1 year ago)
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Blue Bloods
Happy Birthday, Will Estes! - Blue Bloods (1 year ago)
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Amy Hendrickson
Happy birthday will Estes - Amy Hendrickson (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Will Estes. - Matthew (1 year ago)
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Virgen Santiago
Happy birthday to you Will Estes - Virgen Santiago (1 year ago)
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WATCH Magazine
Wishing happy birthday a day early with our favorite look at chemistry behind - WATCH Magazine (1 year ago)
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Sothia Chhoeum
Happy Birthday Will Estes- Jamie Reagan - Sothia Chhoeum (2 years ago)
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Kenneth Johnson
Oct 21 Happy Birthday part 2: David Clayton Rogers, Will Estes, Maximillian - Kenneth Johnson (2 years ago)
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Elizabeth Lowe
Happy Birthday Will Estes. - Elizabeth Lowe (2 years ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Will Estes - Solo Juan (2 years ago)
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The 80s Quadrant
Happy Birthday to Will Estes today, here he is in 1989 with Leo Dicaprio in his first role in Lassie. - The 80s Quadrant (2 years ago)
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- SherrieFinch (2 years ago)
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para-princess karla
Happy birthday to you will Estes - para-princess karla (3 years ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
And Happy Birthday to Henrik Gustavsson, Jeremy Miller, Lavinia Milosovici, Josh Ritter, Melanie Turgeon, Joey Harr - Teewhy Nyema (3 years ago)
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Suzanne Noa
Happy Birthday actor Will Estes - Suzanne Noa (3 years ago)
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Did That Guy Just Say?
Happy Birthday Will Estes! - Did That Guy Just Say? (3 years ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Will Estes, Ken Watanabe, Everett McGill, Matt Dallas, Jeremy Miller, Judy Shei - Jennifer Long (3 years ago)
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AmoMama USA
Happy Birthday to Will Estes! We love you as one of The Reagans, Jamie Reagan! Here are the most interesting detail - AmoMama USA (3 years ago)
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The secret world of Alex Mack
Happy Birthday to Will Estes who played Hunter Reeves on The Secret World of Alex Mack. - The secret world of Alex Mack (3 years ago)
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Tammy Bodkin
Happy Birthday 10-21-19 to Will Estes. Wishing you a fantastic day. We Love you Will. - Tammy Bodkin (3 years ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
And Happy Birthday to Henrik Gustavsson, Jeremy Miller, Lavinia Milosovici, Josh Ritter, Melanie Turgeon, Joey Harr - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (4 years ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Will Estes. Tom Selleck could not ask for a better television. I hope you have a wo - Scott Mair (4 years ago)
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William F Wilder
Happy 40th birthday Will Estes!! I hope you have an awesome day !!! - William F Wilder (4 years ago)
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Alexandra Liott
I think he s 41? Happy Birthday Will Estes - Alexandra Liott (4 years ago)
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Happy birthday Will Estes - ATOM RECORDS (4 years ago)
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Salina Post
Happy birthday rock singer Manfred Mann, TV s Judge Judy Sheindlin, rock musician Steve Lukather (Toto), country si - Salina Post (4 years ago)

44 years old (Born on October 21, 1978)

American, Actor; He is famous from The New Lassie.

Is an only child. Practiced gymnastics and Jiu Jitsu. Learned in detail how to behave like a quadriplegic to prepare for his role on The Dive from Clausen's Pier (2005) (TV) . Won on Celebrity Jeopardy. Co-stars with Tom Guiry in U-571 (2000). Ironically, Estes played Lassie's owner/human friend in the television series "The New Lassie" (1989), while Guiry played a similar role in the film Lassie (1994).

Will Estes's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Will Estes!
Happy Birthday Will Estes
Happy Birthday actor Will Estes
  Happy Birthday, Will Estes!!!
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Fun Facts About Will Estes

He was the top choice for Adam in the movie May (2002) but eventually lost out to Jeremy Sisto. Instead, he had an appearance as Adam's roommate.
Previously worked with Michelle Trachtenberg on "Meego" (1997); they reunited on The Dive from Clausen's Pier (2005) (TV).
Attended Santa Monica College and majored in English Literature.

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