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alejita mestanza mestanza
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL SMITH via - alejita mestanza mestanza (3 days ago)
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Optimistic Maiden.
\"Will Smith don\'t gotta cuss in his raps to sell records, well I do ,so fuck him and fuck you too.\" Happy birthday Slim shady. - Optimistic Maiden. (4 days ago)
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Yeah yeah yeah happy birthday Will Smith! Once again for the 15 billion time every LIBRA - HAHAZODIAC (1 week ago)
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Big Naut
Happy birthday Some of my favorite celebs are Libra s we lit! Cardi, lil Wayne, Jayda, Ashanti, - Big Naut (1 week ago)
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c. Mac
Is Will Smith pitching? Happy Birthday KG - c. Mac (1 week ago)
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Paul White
Happy Belated Birthday to these Libra Legends Ray Charles 9/23/1930-6/10/2004, Jermaine Dupri 9/23/1972, Stephanie - Paul White (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to my favorite Libra *and* my favorite Philly jawn !! (Take that Will Smith!!) - BellaGrossiere (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Will Smith - Khoreo (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Alexander Yamilton
I m crying at jada saying will smith in that happy birthday post lol they be trolling - Alexander Yamilton (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Will Smith - DonnieLyles (2 weeks ago)
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Bronxie’s Biggest Fan
Will Smith is happy because it s my birthday - Bronxie’s Biggest Fan (3 weeks ago)
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I hate October
Will Smith is happy because it s my birthday - I hate October (3 weeks ago)
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Muyiwa 6\'7
I wish Will Smith just Enjoyed his Birthday this Year instead of all these Drama. We Share the same day and I was l - Muyiwa 6\'7 (3 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Trey Bland
Happy Birthday Chad!! Will Smith wants you to have a great day!! - Trey Bland (3 weeks ago)
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Happy belated Birthday! Will Smith. - V. (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Will Smith. Hope you have a great one. - UnitedFilmmaker (3 weeks ago)
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Prossy Williams
Happy belated birthday will smith greeting from Uganda - Prossy Williams (3 weeks ago)
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Dolores Perez
Happy birthday Will Smith!!! - Dolores Perez (3 weeks ago)
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Jonathan Piland
Happy Birthday Will Smith! I\'ve been a fan since you went to bel Air! Lol. - Jonathan Piland (3 weeks ago)
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mayor of funny town
Happy birthday will smith - mayor of funny town (3 weeks ago)
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Ananya Afrin Diya
\"Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.\" - Will Smith HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABHINAV - Ananya Afrin Diya (3 weeks ago)
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Alex Webb
How crazy! Will Smith, Michael Douglas, and Mark Hamill ALL have their birthday on the same day today (September 25 - Alex Webb (3 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

La Noticia
Happy Birthday, LEGEND Un día como hoy, pero de 1968 nacía en Pensilvania, el actor, productor y rapero, Will S - La Noticia (3 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Takala Richardson
Happy birthday Will Smith - Takala Richardson (3 weeks ago)
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peemai peemai
- peemai peemai (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Will Smith - Destin (3 weeks ago)
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Aywon Williams
Happy 53rd Birthday to Actor, Rapper, and Film Producer Willard Carroll Smith Jr. aka Will Smith!!! - Aywon Williams (3 weeks ago)
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Happy 41st birthday and happy 53rd birthday Will Smith - Nicole✨#SpursNation (3 weeks ago)
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Steve Nash Productions
Happy birthday to Will Smith and Will Smith only - Steve Nash Productions (3 weeks ago)
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Lamar A.C. West
Happy Birthday to a hard working force of nature & renaissance man Will Smith! XD - Lamar A.C. West (3 weeks ago)
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Alyssa Cope
happy birthday Will Smith - Alyssa Cope (3 weeks ago)
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Ruben || Check the Rhyme
Happy Birthday Fresh Prince aka Will Smith Before opening the door for rappers with acting aspirations, he got bus - Ruben || Check the Rhyme (3 weeks ago)
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BMB Empower Network
Happy Birthday To The Man That Never Ages, Will Smith! He Is 53 Today! - BMB Empower Network (3 weeks ago)
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Anyways happy birthday to our deadshot, will smith! i m hoping from the bottom of my heart that he can reprise his - lauryn (3 weeks ago)
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Please Join Us In Wishing A Happy 53rd Birthday To The Talented, Smooth And Hilarious Will Smith! - NOIR ONLINE (3 weeks ago)
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The Polak
Happy Birthday Will Smith! - The Polak (3 weeks ago)
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Vinod Yadav
Wish you a very happy birthday great superstar in hollywood Will Smith sir and sir you are real legend in hollyw - Vinod Yadav (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday will smith one of my favorite actors - Tanner (3 weeks ago)
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Domanic Rojo
Happy birthday to Will Smith. Rapper and an actor. - Domanic Rojo (3 weeks ago)
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Dave Hollingsworth
Happy Birthday, Will Smith! - Dave Hollingsworth (3 weeks ago)
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Rap Alert
Happy 53rd birthday to Will Smith. - Rap Alert (3 weeks ago)
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˗ˏˋ❀ aley ❀ˊˎ˗
Happy birthday will smith - ˗ˏˋ❀ aley ❀ˊˎ˗ (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Will Smith - Kari (3 weeks ago)
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Pure Rap Podcast
Happy 53rd Birthday to Will Smith!! Name your Top 3 Will Smith Movies! - Pure Rap Podcast (3 weeks ago)
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Franklin Velez
Happy Birthday to a true Will Smith, you are a serious icon. Man has one of the most diverse movie role resumes - Franklin Velez (3 weeks ago)
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Luke Ritzel
Happy birthday Will Smith! - Luke Ritzel (3 weeks ago)
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Wil Smit
Happy Birthday Will Smith! And thanks for the gift! - Wil Smit (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Will Smith! He is one of my favorite movie actors since I was a kid and my favorite movies were \"Sha - Mariah (3 weeks ago)
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53 years old (Born on September 25, 1968)

Actor, producer, and rapper; He is famous from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Won a Grammy Award for the song "Summertime" during his rap career. Turned down admission to M.I.T. to pursue his singing career. Ranked #14 on Premiere's 2006 "Power 50" list. Had ranked #18 in 2005. He is the second-highest ranked actor, behind only Tom Cruise. Good friends with Ken Foree. Met wife Jada Pinkett Smith when she tried out for the role of his girlfriend on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1990). The role eventually went to Nia Long.

Will Smith's Best Moments

Happy 50th birthday to Will Smith! Which of his roles is your favorite?
Happy 49th Birthday to the Fresh Prince, Will Smith!
Happy birthday to Will Smith
Happy Birthday Will Smith Is your favorite on the list?
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Happy 50th birthday Will Smith.
Happy Birthday to Will Smith
Happy Birthday, Will Smith
Happy birthday Will Smith
Happy birthday to the one, the only, Will Smith. Don\t miss him in in cinemas November 19.
Happy 53rd Birthday to the Legendary Rapper, Actor and Film producer Will Smith, The one and only Fresh Prince
Happy 31st Anniversary To The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. & Happy Early 53rd Birthday Will Smith.
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have been married for over 20 years. Happy 50th birthday Jada Pinkett Smith.
Happy 53rd birthday to Will Smith!
Don\t forget the cat! Wishing Will Smith a very happy birthday
He\s come a long way, but he\s still the Fresh Prince to us. Happy Birthday Will Smith!
Happy 50th Birthday Will Smith!

Which of his films is your favourite?
Happy Birthday to a GOAT, Will Smith!
Happy 49th birthday to the Fresh Prince, Will Smith
Happy birthday to Will Smith Outside of my favorite actor he s also role model of mine
Will Smith is happy because it s my birthday
Happy Birthday to my favorite Libra *and* my favorite Philly jawn !! (Take that Will Smith!!)
Happy Birthday, Will Smith! The superstar turns 49 today.
Happy 49th Birthday to Will Smith! The actor who played himself in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Happy 49th Birthday Will Smith
Happy 50th birthday to Will Smith
Happy birthday to Will Smith!
Wishing Will Smith a very happy 53rd birthday!
Happy Birthday Will Smith, Tim Smit, Richard Harvey, Barbara Walters, Ron Hill, Graeme Knowles & Terry Medwin
Happy 49th birthday to Will Smith!
A happy 49th birthday to a huge favourite of many a genre fan, the Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith.
Happy 49 birthday to Will Smith. Hope that he had a wonderful birthday.
Happy birthday Mr.Will Smith you beautiful man!
Happy Birthday . 
That\s a Fan account, looks like Will Smith doesn\t have a message account.
Will Smith turns 53 years old today, Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the LEGEND that is Will Smith
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Happy 53rd birthday, Will Smith!!
Happy Birthday to Will Smith. Leave some love for Will below.
Wishing Will Smith a very Happy 53rd
Happy Birthday to the fresh prince Will Smith
Feliz cumpleaños Will Smith   !!!!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday To One of Philadelphia s Own Will Smith!
Our Happy birthday, Will Smith!
Happy Birthday to Will Smith, and
Happy Birthday to T.I. and Will Smith!
Happy birthday Will Smith and thanks for being a serious motivator to me.
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Happy Birthday Will Smith! We\ll party during the All Request Retro Lunch - k? via
Happy Birthday Will Smith!  from
Happy Birthday Will Smith via
Happy Birthday to the legendary Will Smith! Time to watch Suicide Squad to celebrate!
Happy birthday Will Smith!!
Will Smith, Happy Birthday! via
Happy Birthday Will Smith via
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Happy Birthday Will Smith!!!
Wishing a happy birthday to
Happy birthday to the Fresh Prince, Will Smith!
Happy Birthday Will Smith via
Happy Birthday, Will Smith!
Happy Birthday, Will Smith! -
Happy birthday to the one, the only, Will Smith.
Happy Birthday Will Smith!
Aujourd hui Will Smith a 50 ANS ! 
Pourtant il n a jamais changé. Happy Birthday Fresh Prince
Happy birthday to Will Smith today!
Happy Birthday to the Supreme Being Will Smith . Let\s hope you don\t bounce like Trevor
Happy birthday will Smith
Happy late birthday to the boss man himself Will Smith! We are so lucky to have you as a mentor!
Happy 220th Mercurian Birthday Will Smith! Remessage
Happy Birthday to handsome actor Anthony Mackie (who kinda looks like Will Smith)!
Happy Birthday to Will Smith!
Happy 53th birthday to mr will Smith love Jennifer wisdom dowe of Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Here\s wishing Will Smith a very Happy Birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO WILL SMITH AHHH can t believe he turned 53 damn
Happy Birthday to actor, film producer and rapper Will Smith 
(September 25, 1968).
Happy birthday Will Smith.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- Will Smith turns 53 today!
Happy Birthday, Will Smith!
Happy Birthday to Will Smith
Eeeeewig nicht mehr gehört! Happy birthday Will Smith!
Happy birthday to the The one and only Will Smith!
Happy 53rd Birthday to  Will Smith!  (born September 25, 1968) is an American actor, rapper, and film producer.
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Still Fresh at 53!! Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Will Smith!
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Happy birthday to a great rapper and the best actor ever WILL SMITH
Happy birthday to the main man, Will Smith What\s your favourite movie Will\s starred in?
Happy Birthday to the one and only Will Smith! 

( : Pablo Cuadra/WireImage)
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Happy Birthday to this guy
Will Smith.
Will Smith turns 53 years old today, Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to Will Smith!!
Happy Birthday, Will Smith!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Will Smith
Who is your favorite character Will Smith has played? 

Happy 53rd birthday Will Smith!
Happy Birthday Will Smith
Happy 53 birthday to 5x GG nominee, 2x oscar nominee, 4x Grammy winner, actor & film producer! Will smith!
Happy birthday to the Joker himself and Will Smith
Happy Birthday to Will Smith and - Q  . They play their K  Mars well.
Happy 53rd birthday to Will Smith!
Happy birthday Christopher Reeve, Mark Hamill and Will Smith, aka Superman, The Joker and Deadshot.
Happy birthday to the amazing   Will Smith is 6\2\".
Happy 53rd Birthday to Will Smith
Happy Birthday, Will Smith! May it be a purposeful one.
Happy Birthday Will Smith !!!!       !!!!
Happy Birthday Will Smith Tell us, what\s his best-ever role?
 Happy Birthday Will Smith , Summertime is my favorite jam back then and still
Happy Birthday to the Fresh Prince himself! Will Smith turns 53 today.
Happy birthday to my favorite actor Will Smith
Happy Birthday Will Smith   Getty Images
Happy birthday to Will Smith!
Happy 53rd Birthday to Will Smith!!
Happy 53rd Birthday, Will Smith!
Happy Birthday to Will Smith who turns 53 today!
Happy birthday to WILL SMITH   i love this movie.  Makes me laugh every time
Happy 53rd Birthday! Will Smith
\"Money and success don\t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.\" Happy birthday Will Smith!
Happy birthday Will Smith!
 Fresh Prince of Bel-Air turns 53 today  Happy September 25th birthday to icon WILL SMITH
Happy Birthday Will Smith.
 Man, Will is cool. Happy birthday, Will Smith! Hope you are gettin\ jiggy wit it.
Happy Birthday  Will Smith
Happy Birthday Will Smith Will Smith & Martin Lawrence After 24 Years..
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will smith movies 3

Fun Facts About Will Smith

has 2 sons
Was considered for the role of "Mr. Smith" in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) before Brad Pitt was cast.
In the 1998 rap lyrics of "Gettin' Jiggy", Will Smith says that Ali would call him 'The Greatest'. Two and a half years later he's the lead role in "Ali" (2000).
Had to undergo treatment on his shoulder in a New York hospital after he suffered a strain. [March 2007]
In 2007, Forbes Magazine estimated his earnings for the year at $31 million.
As a public role model, hosted the Presidential Inaugural Celebration for Youth, as part of the Gala for President Bill Clinton. [January 1993]
Gained a place in the Guinness World Records book for most public appearances in 12 hours, by attending three red carpet "premieres" for Hitch (2005/I) on 22nd February 2005. He walked the red carpet and introduced the film at Manchester, Birmingham, and finally for the premiere in London, England.
Turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix (1999).
Was among the guests at Tom Cruise's and Katie Holmes wedding ceremony in Italy.
Enjoys playing chess.
In 2004, his net worth was estimated to be $188 million.
Premiere Magazine ranked him as #44 on a list of the Greatest Movie Stars of All Time in their Stars in Our Constellation feature (2005).
Ranked #15 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 25 Greatest Teen Idols" (23 January 2005 issue).
Has said he based his character Captain Steven Hiller in Independence Day (1996) on his favorite big screen hero, Harrison Ford, most notably his performances of Han Solo in Star Wars (1977) and its sequels.
Met first wife, Sheree Smith, at a taping of _"Different World, A" (1987)_ in 1991.
Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. [1998]
He sang a few lines "Wild Wild West" to his on screen cousin Carleton, a movie in which he starred 6 years later.
1 doughter
Had a chart-hit together with DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Son Willard Smith III called "Trey," born in December, with Sheree Smith. [1992]
He has been at his adult height of 6` 2" since he was 13, although he is now about 60 pounds heavier than he first was when he reached this height.
Once stated that in his whole career, he most regrets turning down the part of Neo in The Matrix (1999) and the film that he most regrets making was Wild Wild West (1999).
His character from Men In Black (1997), Agent Jay, was not originally written to specifically be a black man. In fact, the role was offered to Caucasian actors Chris O'Donnell and David Schwimmer before Smith accepted the part.
His 1995 divorce from ex-wife Sheree Smith led to a $900,000 lump sum divorce settlement for Zampino plus $24,000 per month in alimony and child support; this equals $288,000 a year.
His daughter Willow Smith was born to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith weighing 6 lbs, 10 oz. [31 October 2000]
Was a multi-millionaire before the age of 20.
Shares a birthday with Heather Locklear, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Michael Madsen, Barbara Walters, former NBA star Scottie Pippen and the late Christopher Reeve.
Raked #66 in VH1's 100 greatest Teen Stars.
Dropped from Columbia Records as an artist after lackluster sales of his third solo album, which was self-titled, and greatest hits compilation. [Summer 2003]
Incorporates the line "Aw, hell no!" into all his movies as a running catch phrase like Arnold Schwarzenegger`s "I`ll be back!".
jada is his wife
Also known as rap artist "The Fresh Prince.".
Lost his place in the Guiness World Records book for most public appearances in 12 hours to German actors Ju00fcrgen Vogel and Daniel Bru00fchl, who attended four red carpet premieres of their movie _Freund von mir, Ein (2006)_, one more than Will (22 October 2006).
December 2007 - According to Forbes, for each dollar he got paid, Smith's movies averaged $10 of gross income.
Is supposedly a huge fan of the Swedish well-known (but barely known in the U.S.) melodic heavy metal band Soilwork.
loves basketball
Attended the prestigious Julia Reynolds Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School in Philadelphia.
Speaks fluent Spanish
2007 - Ranked #5 on EW's The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood.
Ranked #29 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.
Hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 1994.
He and Jada Pinkett Smith were forced to leave their home in California because a bush fire threatened to destroy it and several other houses in the same area. [October 2005]
Graduate of Philly's legendary Overbrook High School, whose alumni include Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Lear, Wali Jones, Walt Hazzard, The Dovells, The Orlons, DeeDee Sharp, etc. and in tribute to his student years there, his production company is called Overbrook Entertainment.
Son Jaden Christopher Syre Smith (Jaden Smith) born with Jada Pinkett Smith born. [8 July 1998]
Along with early partner DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jeffrey A. Townes), was the first to start scratching records and started the trend in the early 80s.
Speaks fluent Spanish.
Smith's pilot test show for "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (1990) was directed by Debbie Allen.
Holds the record for most Kids Choice Awards with a whopping six wins.
Will's siblings are: Pam Smith (born in 1964), and twins Ellen and Harry Smith (born in 1971).
is from philly
An animated caricature of him appeared in the animated series adaptation of Men In Black, alongside a caricature of his MIB co-star Tommy Lee Jones, set against a shot that parodied one of the famous low angle shots of a building being threatened by a flying saucer, an in joke reference to Smith's 1996 hit Independence Day, which preceded Men In Black.
Ranked #2 on Star TV's Top Ten Box Office stars of the 1990s (2003).
First hip-hop artist to be nominated for an Academy Award.
was married twice
Received the first ever Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance, for the song "Parents Just Don't Understand" in 1989 with his partner Jeffrey A. Townes (aka Jazzy Jeff).
Ranked #30 on VH1's 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists along with DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.
He has Native American ancestry.
Huge fan of Professional Wrestling.

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