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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Ken Danby (d. 2007), Joanna Miles, R.H. Sikes, Willie Stargell (d. 2001), Jeff Wooller, Peter Bro - Teewhy Nyema (2 months ago)
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Name can not be Nick
Happy birthday people born today: like shaq & michelangelo & david gilmour & ed mcmahon & tyler the creator & bean - Name can not be Nick (2 months ago)
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bill peduto
Pittsburgh history. Happy Birthday to both Willie Stargell & Vera Clemente. HT & for - bill peduto (2 months ago)
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Sending A Happy Birthday to my second father Willie Stargell. R.I.H - Tracy (2 months ago)
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Marcel Michaelangelo
One of my baseball heroes as a young Pirate fan. I still have his baseball cards...Happy Birthday - Marcel Michaelangelo (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to OF/1B Willie Stargell. 475 HR, 1540 RBI, .282 AVG, 1979 NL - CardboardEmpire (2 months ago)
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Today would\'ve been Willie Stargell\'s 80th birthday. Here are some of his career accolades. World Series champion 2 - ApolloVannoy13 (2 months ago)
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Rob Zimmer
Happy 80th birthday to the late great Willie Stargell. - Rob Zimmer (2 months ago)
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Larry Klu Sports Art
Here s a work in progress to say Happy Heavenly Birthday to Willie Stargell aka - Larry Klu Sports Art (2 months ago)
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Chris Larson
Also, Happy 80th Birthday to the late, great former first baseman/leftfielder and Hall of Famer, Willie St - Chris Larson (2 months ago)
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Drew Davis
Happy Birthday, over minimum 3,000 ABs between 1964-1977 (Allen s career) Everyone who slashed: . - Drew Davis (1 year ago)
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Gerald A Johnson
Happy birthday Rapper Tyler the Creator, MLB Wilver Donnell \"Willie\" Stargell / \"Pops,\" 2 x World Series - Gerald A Johnson (1 year ago)
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Jared Gogets
Willie Stargell would ve been 79 today... Happy Birthday, Pops! - Jared Gogets (1 year ago)
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I loved you Willie Stargell. Hall of Fame player. Hall of Fame person. Happy Birthday Pops! - GStar (1 year ago)
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Jon Linder
Happy Birthday Willie Stargell. His son WS Junior went to my HS and played in my little league. One day Po - Jon Linder (1 year ago)
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Darla Quinn
Happy Birthday, Francisco. You share a birthday with Willie Stargell. - Darla Quinn (1 year ago)
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Rick Mudrinich
We are Family! Two brothers and legends! Happy Birthday to Willie Stargell !!! - Rick Mudrinich (1 year ago)
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College Park Car Wash
Temps are on the rise! That means baseball is around the corner. Happy Birthday to Willie Stargell, and Lefty Grove - College Park Car Wash (1 year ago)
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Trading Cards Express
Happy Birthday to the late great Willie Stargell!!!! - Trading Cards Express (1 year ago)
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Gary Carmell
Happy Birthday, Willie Stargell! His words of wisdom are quoted at the beginning of Ch 4 - The Great Exchange refer - Gary Carmell (1 year ago)
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ᴊᴏᴇ ʙʟᴏᴄᴋ
Happy birthday, Willie Stargell. He would ve been 79. - ᴊᴏᴇ ʙʟᴏᴄᴋ (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Willie Stargell (RIP) Hall of Fame MVP 1x All-Star 7x World Series Champ 2x World Series MVP 1x - basestudies (1 year ago)
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Mark Musco
Happy birthday to ! Did you know it s baseball player Pete Gray, Economist Alan Greenspan, Baseball player - Mark Musco (1 year ago)
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tim hinely
Happy Birthday to Willie Stargell (RIP). - tim hinely (1 year ago)
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Rick Mitchell
Happy Birthday to Willie Stargell, born on this day in 1940. - Rick Mitchell (1 year ago)
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Erik Gamborg
Happy birthday, Willie Stargell, sporting my favorite Pirates look. - Erik Gamborg (1 year ago)
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We All Loved Pops !!!!! Happy Birthday Willie Stargell R.I.P. - MC HAMMER (1 year ago)
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David Thomas
\"Willie Stargell\" - Happy Birthday Captain Willie, I still think they should have granted you the timeout on the sh - David Thomas (1 year ago)
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Seth Poho
Keeping up with the 1979 B-Day celebrations, Happy Birthday to Pops. Willie Stargell was the 1979 WS MVP - Seth Poho (1 year ago)
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Larry in Missouri
Happy Birthday to the late Willie Stargell, Pops , entire 21 year career with Pirates; .282 career avg, 2,232 hits - Larry in Missouri (1 year ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Shaquille O\"Neal(47)David Gilmour(73)Kiki Dee(72)Lou Costello(1906-1959)Ed McMahon(1923-2009)Rob Rei - Kracker Jones (1 year ago)
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Doug Rafferty
Happy Heavenly Birthday to my all time favorite player Willie Stargell - Doug Rafferty (1 year ago)
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Birthday Stat of Day Most career HR off Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton Ron Cey 15 (Happy 71st) *# Will - GagsterSportsStatman (1 year ago)
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Richard M. Roche
Happy belated birthday in heaven to Willie Stargell. Had he lived he would have been 78 this past March 6th. As... - Richard M. Roche (2 years ago)
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Notorious BobbyG
Happy birthday to the late, great Willie Stargell! - Notorious BobbyG (2 years ago)
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Kris Right⚾
happy birthday Willie Stargell - Kris Right⚾ (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to philip sheridan, furry lewis, lefty grove, lou costello, howard mcghee, wes montgomery, andrzej w - sean (2 years ago)
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Pops! As a kid, the 79 Pirates was one of my favorite teams. Then you learn Dave Parker is buying coke from the te - CaptainTouchback (2 years ago)
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Derrek Brooks
RIP and Happy Birthday, Professional baseball player \"Willie\" Stargell, nicknamed \"Pops\"! - Derrek Brooks (2 years ago)
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Daniel Duffy
Willie Stargell won his first NL MVP in 1979...when he was 39 years old... Happy Birthday Pops!! - Daniel Duffy (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday American professional Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player Willie Stargell (March 6, 1940 April 9, 200 - Brookston (2 years ago)
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Willie Stargell won his first NL MVP in 1979...when he was 39 years old... Happy Birthday Pops!! - Dan (2 years ago)
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Batting Stance Guy
Happy Birthday Willie Stargell! - Batting Stance Guy (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to HOFer Willie Stargell - Toni (2 years ago)
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Isaac Rodriguez
Happy birthday to (46) (39) (32) (24) Beanie Sigel (44) Willie Stargell (1940) - Isaac Rodriguez (2 years ago)
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KDKA Radio Morning News
Happy birthday Pops! Willie Stargell would\'ve been 78 today. - KDKA Radio Morning News (2 years ago)
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Barry Chandler
Happy Birthday BACKSTOP I agree with Bryce....don t forget THE FAMILY Willie Stargell - Barry Chandler (2 years ago)
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Ball Players Only
Happy birthday to one of the most feared men to step in the batters box, Pops aka Willie Stargell. - Ball Players Only (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to the greatest! - Mark (3 years ago)
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Raephel Young
Let\'s take the time out to wish baseball Hall of Famer Willie Stargell a happy birthday today! - Raephel Young (3 years ago)

80 years old (Born on March 06, 1940)

Hall of Famer and 7-time All-Star who hit 475 home runs with the Pittsburgh Pirates and helped the team win World Series Championships in 1971 and 1979; named World Series MVP and National League MVP in 1979.

Willie Stargell's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Willie Stargell!
Willie Stargell would have been 77 today. 
Happy Birthday, Pops!
Willie Stargell won his first NL MVP in 1979...when he was 39 years old...

Happy Birthday Pops!!
Willie Stargell won his first NL MVP in 1979...when he was 39 years old...
Happy Birthday Pops!!
Happy birthday to Hall of Famer Willie Stargell! He would have been 77 today.
Happy Birthday to Willie Stargell, who would have turned 77 today!
Happy birthday Pops! Willie Stargell would\ve been 78 today.
Happy birthday to HOFer Willie Stargell
Happy Birthday to Willie Stargell, born on this day in 1940.
Happy 80th birthday to the late great Willie Stargell.
Sending A Happy Birthday to my second father Willie Stargell. R.I.H
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