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ROCK CANDYmusic&more
Happy Birthday Win Butler - ROCK CANDYmusic&more (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to (my dad) Win Butler - chillwavekittens (11 months ago)
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The Tisburys
Happy birthday to all my fave indie rock dudes & fellow aries Britt Daniel, Win Butler, & AC Newman - The Tisburys (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday Rock Singer Win Butler! Wow, it s the 42th anniversary of your birth. How does it feel to be old ? - AllFamous.org (11 months ago)
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The Music Nation
Happy Birthday to Win Butler of - The Music Nation (11 months ago)
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Lee Theasby Radio Hartlepool
Happy birthday Win Butler - Lee Theasby Radio Hartlepool (11 months ago)
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Absolute Radio 00s
Happy birthday Win! The frontman Win Butler is 42 today! - Absolute Radio 00s (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday Win Butler Il leader degli Arcade Fire compie oggi 42 anni - Radiofreccia (11 months ago)
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Pfizer Soze
These new (old) romantics peaked quickly -- how often could they sustain climaxes with the sobriety that Rush show - Pfizer Soze (11 months ago)
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[email protected] rockonitalia Happy Birthday Win Butler - RockMyLife (1 year ago)
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The Dude
Happy Birthday Win Butler! singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist indie-rock group group hits - The Dude (1 year ago)
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Jeremy P. Goldstein
Arcade Fire s Win Butler! Come on down, you re the next contestant on Happy Birthday To You! Yeah, I know - Jeremy P. Goldstein (1 year ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Win Butler - Solo Juan (1 year ago)
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April Fools May
Happy birthday Win Butler (i know you name search on here!!!) thank you for being cool and writing good songs and n - April Fools May (1 year ago)
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ALT 92.3
Hey Win Butler Happy Birthday! Can we be best friends now? - ALT 92.3 (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Win Butler - Rockon.it (1 year ago)
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Ishaan Tiwari
Happy 41st Birthday to Win Butler!! - Ishaan Tiwari (1 year ago)
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Primal Astrology (Official)
Happy Birthday to Win Butler whose Primal Astrology sign is the Gorilla! - Primal Astrology (Official) (1 year ago)
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Y108 Rocks
Happy Birthday Win Butler ( returned in November to perform a new track \"Generation - Y108 Rocks (1 year ago)
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Jeremy Clark
Happy Birthday Win Butler of and Jon Hudson of - Jeremy Clark (1 year ago)
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Art Of The 45
Happy 41st birthday to Arcade Fire\'s Win Butler. Here\'s \'Rebellion (Lies)\' by Arcade Fire, released by Rough Trade - Art Of The 45 (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Loretta Lynn, rapper Da Brat, & Win Butler of Arcade Fire. Hear more birthdays, along with other - musichistorytoday (1 year ago)
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2004 | Arcade Fire - Neighborhood (Tunnels) 2019 | Reissue 7 | 45rpm Legacy 14/04/1980 Happy Birthday Win - The_Vinyl_Digest (1 year ago)
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All in a Day
Happy 40th bday to \'s Win Butler! He\'s hinting new music will come from the band soon... Playing \"Keep the Car Running\" now - All in a Day (2 years ago)
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Daniel Caputi
Happy 40th birthday to Win Butler of Arcade Fire. Thanks for all of the great albums and songs as well as the privi - Daniel Caputi (2 years ago)
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Jam Productions
Happy Birthday to Win Butler from Did you know? Arcade Fire s third album Suburbs was initially i - Jam Productions (2 years ago)
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akemi nakamura
Happy birthday win butler i took this pic at sherbrooke in 2010 at the suburbs warm up gig! 40 - akemi nakamura (2 years ago)
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Paste Magazine
Happy Birthday, Win Butler took to Instagram to talk about the past decade of songwriting for - Paste Magazine (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Win Butler one of my favorite visionary!!! Funeral is one of the best album of all time! - samuel. (2 years ago)
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みつき ☭
Happy birthday to Win Butler one of my favorite visionary!!! Funeral is one of the best album of all time! - みつき ☭ (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Win Butler one of my favorite visionary!!! Funeral is one of the best album of all time! - samuel....☭ (2 years ago)
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TUESDAY SPINS Happy birthday to (88) and Win Butler (40) Here s what we re spinning today: Loretta L - Cincyvinylcats (2 years ago)
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Steve Vitale
Tasty Tune of the Day Happy Birthday to one of the co-founders of Arcade Fire, Win Butler. One of the finest live a - Steve Vitale (2 years ago)
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Apr 14 LOOK UP AT THE SKY DAY NATL GARDENING DAY NATL DOLPHIN DAY NATL PECAN DAY excellent source of copper, - jparsio (2 years ago)
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Janine Bennett
Arcade Fire - Ready to Start (Official Video) via Happy 40th Birthday Win Butler (lead vocals)! - Janine Bennett (2 years ago)
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KPRC 2 Houston
Happy Birthday, Win Butler! The Arcade Fire singer -- who spent his formative years in the Houston area -- is 40 ye - KPRC 2 Houston (2 years ago)
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John Hannibal
Happy 40th birthday to Win Butler. - John Hannibal (2 years ago)
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Q Magazine
Happy 40th birthday to Win Butler! Here he is on the cover of Q in 2014. What is your favourite song? - Q Magazine (2 years ago)
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Trevor Smith
Happy birthday Win Butler, vocalist, songwriter and founder member of Canadian band Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies): - Trevor Smith (2 years ago)
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Sam Liddicott
Happy fortieth birthday to you, Win Butler: - Sam Liddicott (2 years ago)
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cRazy D. Dog (きいちゃん★)
4 14 q(-::-)\\(- -;) ... ... \\( )/ (Win Butler) 40 Happy Birthday Arca - cRazy D. Dog (きいちゃん★) (2 years ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Win Butler of Arcade Fire. I hope you have a wonderful day and many more wonderful y - Scott Mair (3 years ago)
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David Amoyal
Happy Birthday Win Butler Arcade Fire - Wake Up | Glastonbury 2007 | HQ | Part 9 of 9 via - David Amoyal (3 years ago)
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Taiwo Heard
Happy birthday to the arcade arsonist Win Butler. Saw AF live on the Reflektor tour, they brought down the house! - Taiwo Heard (3 years ago)
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Matt Pinfield
Arcade Fire Ready To Start Happy Birthday to Win Butler - Matt Pinfield (3 years ago)
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Lefty\'s Records
Happy Birthday to Loretta Lynn & Win Butler of Arcade Fire - Lefty\'s Records (3 years ago)
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O2 Academy Brixton
Happy birthday to (Win Butler), who turns 39 today! Arcade Fire headlined 4 incredi - O2 Academy Brixton (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday, Win Butler! - RACC (3 years ago)
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Rock N Roll Pictures
Happy 39th birthday Win Butler - Rock N Roll Pictures (3 years ago)

42 years old (Born on April 14, 1980)

Lead singer of Canadian band Arcade Fire.

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Happy birthday Win! The frontman Win Butler is 42 today!
Happy 41st Birthday to Win Butler!!
Happy birthday Win Butler
Happy Birthday to Win Butler of
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