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Xabi Alonso For Real Madrid (2009-2014) 236 matches 6 goals 31 assists 1x Laliga 1× Spanish Super Cup - Rohith (1 week ago)
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Happy 40th birthday, Xabi Alonso 3x Bundesliga 2x Copa del Rey 2x Champions League 2x European Champio - Lovefootball.ng (1 week ago)
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Pradipta Haldar
- Pradipta Haldar (1 week ago)
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Hala madrid
Happy Birthday to xabi Alonso underrated genius - Hala madrid (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Xabi Alonso A Rolls-Royce of a player who certainly knew a thing or two about scoring from range - COPA90 (1 week ago)
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Retro Football Kits
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso - Retro Football Kits (1 week ago)
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Mr Green Sport
\"I have never seen a player with that ability.\" - Özil It was clear Alonso was royalty.\" - Gerrard Xabi Alonso - Mr Green Sport (1 week ago)
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FC Bayern World
Happy birthday Xabi Alonso (40) - FC Bayern World (1 week ago)
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Happy 40th Birthday to Xabi Alonso One of the world\'s greatest ever midfield maestros. What a player - TheKop.com (1 week ago)
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Peña Madridista de Madras
Happy 40th Birthday Xabi Alonso! The Classy, Elegant midfield operator made 236 Appearances for Real Madrid in a - Peña Madridista de Madras (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso Champions League FA Cup La Liga Copa del Rey Bundesliga DFB Pokal - sportz999 (1 week ago)
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Annapoorneswari Vasanthakumar 3
Happy birthday xabi alonso - Annapoorneswari Vasanthakumar 3 (1 week ago)
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Florenthanos Perez
happy birthday homie! I remembered your birthday because we share the same bday as Xabi Alonso. - Florenthanos Perez (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday producer Ntambi Bob Isaac.U sharing this special day with Xabi Alonso,Aaron Makoena & the - ThelostbrazilianMosheOfficial (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso - cricketsoccer (1 week ago)
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Khel Now World Football
1x 2x 1x UEFA Euro 3x 1x Here\'s wishing former - Khel Now World Football (1 week ago)
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Anfield Watch
Happy Birthday to Xabi Alonso who turns 40 today 210 appearances 19 goals 18 assists Champions League 20 - Anfield Watch (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to the king of long passes don\'t come to my comments section with those Xabi Alonso chats - REIGN SUPREME OUT NOW (2 weeks ago)
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Today is the 39th birthday of Xabi Alonso, Spanish Legend also one of Europe\'s best central midfielders ever. - Betnomi (1 year ago)
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One of the greatest defensive midfielder in the world happy birthday Xabi Alonso - Rpico5 (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to John-Michael Liles, Josh Mathews, Aaron Mokoena, Alviro Petersen, Nick Swisher, Steffen Thier, Ba - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Xabi Alonso 39Y, Pedri 18, Nikola Maksimovic 29Y - footballboy (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Xabi ! - FCBtweets (1 year ago)
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Haruna Alhassan
Happy birthday to the legend, Xabi Alonso! Pass master - Haruna Alhassan (1 year ago)
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Twelfth Man Official
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso ! - Twelfth Man Official (1 year ago)
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International Champions Cup
Happy birthday to the midfield maestro Xabi Alonso A world class player who has won it all - International Champions Cup (1 year ago)
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sr4 chauve
happy birthday xabi alonso - sr4 chauve (1 year ago)
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The Anfield Buzz
| Happy birthday to the midfield maestro, Xabi Alonso! What is you favorite moment by him in a Liverpool shirt? - The Anfield Buzz (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Xabi Alonso: Games: 691 Goals: 43 Assists: 62 Bundesliga: 3 Champions League: 2 Euro - MSportOfficial (1 year ago)
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imran khan
Still can t get over Rafa wanting Gareth Barry over Xabi Alonso. Xabi was pure class. Happy Birthday Xabi YNWA. - imran khan (1 year ago)
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SportyBet Nigeria
We celebrate Xabi Alonso as he turns 39 today. Real Madrid Bayern Liverpool Spain Happy - SportyBet Nigeria (1 year ago)
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Happy 3 9 th Birthday to the one and only, Xabi Alonso - low6 (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to me and Xabi Alonso, \"we \'ll never walk alone\" - Davouci (1 year ago)
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1X Xabi Alonso happy birthday - Siwidipsey (1 year ago)
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Bets On All Footy
Happy birthday to Xabi Alonso: Games: 691 Goals: 43 Assists: 62 Bundesliga: 3 Champions League: 2 Eu - Bets On All Footy (1 year ago)
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Khaled #LFC
Happy birthday prince xabi alonso - Khaled #LFC (1 year ago)
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Art of Football
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso. What a moment this was. Where were you? - Art of Football (1 year ago)
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Kick Off
Happy Birthday to Spain legend, Xabi Alonso! X3 Bundesliga X2 UCL X2 UEFA Euro X2 Copa Del Rey X2 UEFA - Kick Off (1 year ago)
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Merseyside Reds BR
Xabi Alonso, un día melhores jogadores do Liverpool no século, faz 39 anos hoje! Muitas memórias boas desse cara co - Merseyside Reds BR (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the best midfielders of all time, Xabi Alonso The pass master. - Dahir (1 year ago)
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Footy Accumulators
Happy 39th Birthday to the legendary Xabi Alonso! One of the greatest midfielders to ever grace a football pitch - Footy Accumulators (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso! 210 games 19 goals 19 assists Champions League 2005 Super Cup 200 - LFCLive (1 year ago)
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Rajy¹⁷ #DantasSZN
Happy birthday to the one and only Xabi Alonso - Rajy¹⁷ #DantasSZN (1 year ago)
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Happy 39th Birthday to Xabi Alonso - Buaksib (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Xabi Alonso have a great day - DARREN (1 year ago)
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Lisa Harding
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso! - Lisa Harding (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso - TEAMtalk (1 year ago)
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False 9 Vintage Football Shirts
Happy birthday to Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso Anyone else a little bit obsessed with this font from the 2010 W - False 9 Vintage Football Shirts (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso!!! - Nadia (1 year ago)
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Happy 39th birthday to Xabi Alonso! This without doubt, is one of Liverpool\'s greatest ever Premier League goals - ReviewFootball (1 year ago)

40 years old (Born on November 25, 1981)

Soccer player; He is famous from Centre Midfielder for Liverpool.

He comes from a family of football players. His father and brother are midfielders like him. (en.wikipedia.org) He wasn't considering a career as a professional footballer until he had debuted at the age of 17 with Real Sociedad’s first team. (unamadridista.wordpress.com) His first memories of watching a World Cup on TV were in 1990, when it was held in Italy. (unamadridista.wordpress.com) Xabi prefers living in the center of Madrid, rather than the suburbs. He moved his family from their suburban home to the city center, claiming he's more of an urban type. (unamadridista.wordpress.com) Julio Medem (a movie director) wanted Xabi to fill a role in Vacas, his first big movie. He was looking for redheaded kid with a Basque face, about 11 years old and Xabi was perfect for the role. Unfortunately for the director, Xabi's father was out of town and his mother had declined the role. (unamadridista.wordpress.com)

Xabi Alonso's Best Moments

Happy 36th birthday, 2-time winner Xabi Alonso!
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso! Spain   Liverpool    Real Madrid     Bayern Munich     Trophy Magnet!
  Happy birthday, Xabi Alonso  EURO 2008 EURO 2012 | |
Happy 40th birthday to one of the coolest men in football, Xabi Alonso.
 - Happy Birthday Nigel de Jong. 

Look, we haven\t used that video of him volleying Xabi Alonso.
Happy 40th Birthday to the coolest footballer ever. 

No one comes close to Xabi Alonso
Happy birthday to our legend Xabi Alonso, who turns 40 today.
Happy birthday Xabi Alonso   A Rolls-Royce of a player who certainly knew a thing or two about scoring from range
Xabi Alonso turns 40 today!

Happy birthday to a Legend
Happy birthday Mr Xabi Alonso
Happy 40th Birthday to this Legend 

Xabi Alonso        .
Happy Birthday To Reds Legend Xabi Alonso 36 Today
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso! Spain   Liverpool    Real Madrid     Bayern Munich
Happy Birthday to xabi Alonso underrated genius
PulseGhana \"Happy 36th birthday to Xabi Alonso, a man who knows he had a beautiful career.
via. brfootball

Happy birthday to the coolest man the game has ever seen, Xabi Alonso.
Happy 40th Birthday to Xabi Alonso! Here he is saying bollocks to this against Newcastle
Happy birthday xabi alonso.
Happy birthday Xabi Alonso
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso
November 25. 
Happy 36th Birthday Xabi Alonso
The man.

Happy Birthday, Xabi Alonso
Happy 37th birthday Xabi Alonso This is my Happy Place
Happy 37th Birthday to Xabi Alonso, the man who looks like he never ages
Happy birthday, Xabi Alonso!
Happy birthday Xabi Alonso
Happy happy birthday for Xabi Alonso. Enjoy Bossonomics.
Happy birthday Xabi Alonso Love you loads
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso
Happy birthday xabi alonso
Happy Birthday Xabi Alonso
Happy birthday to one of the slickest men in football, Xabi Alonso.

The man could do it all.
The coolest, most elegant man in football turns 40 today. 

 Happy Birthday The Legend Xabi Alonso
Happy 40th birthday, Xabi Alonso
Happy Birthday to the legend Xabi Alonso   . Have a great Birthday
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Fun Facts About Xabi Alonso

When he was 16, Xabi went to Ireland to study English. (conlaroja.wordpress.com)
He wears the jersey number 14 for both Spain and his current club, Real Madrid CF. (en.wikipedia.org)
Xabi was received by the government of Guipuzcoa. He was honored by the Diputaciu00f3n de Gipuzkoa for his achievement with the Spanish national team and given the taxpela of champions. (conlaroja.wordpress.com)
His childhood idols were Lu00f3pez Ufarte, Guardiola and Zidane. (conlaroja.wordpress.com)
He holds the record for the longest-range goal ever scored in open play in the Premier League, being some 61 yards away from Steve Harper's line when he netted against Newcastle United in 2006. He scored for Liverpool. (en.wikipedia.org)
Despite his father being a former footballer and coach, they talked little about this sport at home. (unamadridista.wordpress.com)
Xabi is nicknamed "Dexter" by his teammates. Pepe Reina gave him this name because of his resemblance to Michael C. Hall. (conlaroja.wordpress.com)

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