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Happy birthday Zac. Your the most Handsome man ever - Alexis (3 years ago)
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que es muy guapo y que cumplas muchos mas - borja (5 years ago)
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I knew Zac through High School Musical! Happy Birthday Zac!! - Blaine (7 years ago)
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Hikaru Uehara Yagami
Happy birthday zac efron. - Hikaru Uehara Yagami (8 months ago)
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Rusty (Get Vaccinated & Boosted) Jufiar
Happy Birthday, & Zac Efron. All my best. Happy celebrating, guys. Love your work, both of you. - Rusty (Get Vaccinated & Boosted) Jufiar (8 months ago)
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My Campus Dining
Happy Birthday to all the October babies! You\'re in good company celebrating with stars like Zac Efron, Gwen Stefan - My Campus Dining (8 months ago)
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Legaspi Juvel
Happy Birthday Zac Efron - Legaspi Juvel (8 months ago)
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Astral Dicktator
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC EFRON! I hope you continue to be as amazing and as sexy as you are! - Astral Dicktator (8 months ago)
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But Steve Bannon said yesterday Chicago burned to the ground. Does that mean he lied? I. - Jeniene (8 months ago)
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CDN Digital
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZAC LOOK: Hollywood actor Zac Efron shares a throwback photo of himself as he celebrates his 35t - CDN Digital (8 months ago)
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Happy bday zac efron love u twin - serafina (8 months ago)
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It is a special day today for a charismatic and cool actor dancer Happy Birthd - MyAgeCalculator (8 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZAC LOOK: Hollywood actor Zac Efron shares a throwback photo of himself as he celebrates his 35t - Inquirer (8 months ago)
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The Philippine Star
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TROY BOLTON! Hollywood actor Zac Efron shared on Wednesday a cute throwback snap, as he thanke - The Philippine Star (8 months ago)
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Khanh Le
Happy birthday Zac Efron. I used to have a picture of you in my room, so my mom would think I m straight. - Khanh Le (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Zac Efron! Here is a picture I took of him (they didn\'t allow us to take a pic with him) and a pic o - Andrea (8 months ago)
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FerCasher ⏺️
Happy birthday Zac Efron || Feliz cumpleaños Zac Efron - FerCasher ⏺️ (8 months ago)
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Jordan Christensen (She/Her)
Happy birthday Zac Efron. To the first man I ever loved- you\'ll always be the it boy. - Jordan Christensen (She/Her) (8 months ago)
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The Hall Stars Wall wishes happy birthday to he got a new picture - Rodrigo (8 months ago)
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pearl marrone
Happy birthday Zac Efron - pearl marrone (8 months ago)
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Instinct Magazine
Happy Birthday Zac Efron! \'HSM\' To \'Baywatch,\' What\'s Your Fave Efron Movie? - Instinct Magazine (8 months ago)
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nads ᔦꙭᔨ
AND HAPPY BDAY TO STELLA!! (and zac efron) - nads ᔦꙭᔨ (8 months ago)
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Love HAIZ 4ever
Happy Birthday Husband! The man who has beautiful eyes ! Zac Efron - Love HAIZ 4ever (8 months ago)
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I love Zac Efron!!! Happy birthday,Zac. I´ll be 35 years old soon too, don´t remind me lol. - Mione48 (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my dad as well as zac efron - sam (8 months ago)
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Horan Dog
Happy birthday Zac Efron! - Horan Dog (8 months ago)
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Victor Tran
Happy 35th birthday to (Zac Efron)! The actor who played Troy Bolton in High School Musical Movies. - Victor Tran (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to actor Zac Efron - Emily (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Zac Efron - sydney (8 months ago)
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Brandon Austin
Happy 35th birthday to Zac Efron & his dog(s). - Brandon Austin (8 months ago)
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#CageClub Podcast Network
Happy birthday, zac efron - #CageClub Podcast Network (8 months ago)
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Madi Hawes (she/they/ella/elle)
Happy birthday to Zac Efron who is now only one year younger than Bart Johnson was when he played Zac s dad in High School Musical. - Madi Hawes (she/they/ella/elle) (8 months ago)
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My mom making sure she told Zac Efron happy birthday - jacklynn (8 months ago)
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Maria Smarelli
Happy Zac Efron s Birthday to all who celebrate - Maria Smarelli (8 months ago)
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Matt Griffin
Happy birthday to Zac Efron!!! Who would I be without Troy Bolton? for Zac, please! - Matt Griffin (8 months ago)
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Supe Troop
Happy birthday to Zac Efron, who starred in That Awkward Moment, a rom-com that we music suped! Check it out on - Supe Troop (8 months ago)
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haylz ✽
Happy bday zac efron. thanks for changing your look/aging and keeping up with my taste in men. you were my type whe - haylz ✽ (8 months ago)
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Amanda Hatch
Happy birthday Zac Efron - Amanda Hatch (8 months ago)
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Nick Sturdy
Well, along with Zac Efron, Ne-Yo, Rhod Gilbert, Jean - Nick Sturdy (8 months ago)
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Amanda L.
It\'s Zac Efron\'s, Jean Claude Van Damme\'s and Ne-Yo\'s Birthday Today on October 18! Zac Efron turns 35. Jean Claud - Amanda L. (8 months ago)
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Veronica Mars Fans
Happy Birthday Zac Efron - Veronica Mars Fans (8 months ago)
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TJ O\'Connell
Happy birthday to Zac Efron! - TJ O\'Connell (8 months ago)
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Vortex Media
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron - Vortex Media (8 months ago)
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Happy bday zac efron u are my soulmate - marisa (8 months ago)
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Natasha Lammers
Happy Birthday to Zac Efron! Stay safe! He was one of my comfort characters in High School Musical! He is also incr - Natasha Lammers (8 months ago)
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Didi Reid
Happy birthday to Zac efron - Didi Reid (8 months ago)
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Sammi Ryan
Happy Birthday Zac Efron - Sammi Ryan (8 months ago)
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tyler // hbd zac !!
Happy birthday to THE MAN zac efron, i ve loved him since i was a kid and i m so so thankful for him - he s by far - tyler // hbd zac !! (8 months ago)
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Heaslet McCollough
Happy birthday to Zac Efron - Heaslet McCollough (8 months ago)

36 years old (Born on October 18, 1987)

American actor; He is famous from High School Musicial, Summerland.

His favorite movie is Titanic (1997). Had his appendix removed and is recuperating [January 15, 2008]. Zac says that the five songs everyone should have on their iPod is You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson, Weapon of Choice by Fat Boy Slim, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Boston by Augustana, and Digital Love by Daft Punk (tv.com) Parents: David and Starla Siblings: Dylan Pets: Two Australian Shepherds, Dreamer and Puppy, and Siamese cat, Simon He is engagged to Vanessa Hudgens.

Zac Efron's Best Moments

Happy birthday to Zac Efron
Happy birthday to zac efron. he completely devoured this
Happy 33rd birthday
Happy 31st birthday to Zac Efron!
Happy birthday to Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday to Zac Efron who turned 27 yesterday!
Happy Bday to one of the hottest guys alive, Zac Efron!! Check out his best dance moves:
Hoy es el cumpleaños del crush de tod    Happy Birthday Zac Efron
Happy birthday to Zac Efron!
Happy 28th birthday,
Happy Birthday to Zac Efron. The handsome actor turns 30 years old today!
Happy 27th birthday, Zac Efron! He talked to about addiction and career ups-and-downs

Thats Zac Efron, wishing my aunt a happy birthday.. wow
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC EFRON!!!! 30 has never looked so good
The hottest pictures of Zac Efron as the High School Musical star turns 30:
Zendaya wishes happy Birthday to Zac Efron (via Instagram Stories)
. celebrates his 27th birthday in Amsterdam! Happy belated birthday Zac
Remember, Just take a chance! A very happy birthday to the dreamy Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron!
Happy birthday bud! Or should I say Zac Efron?
Feliz cumpleaños Zac Efron!! Lo celebramos con sus fotos más HOT!! No te las pierdas -->
Happy Belated Birthday Zac Efron (by one day)! And also good morning everyone!
Happy Birthday to my Zac Efron movie buddy, Diet Coke addict, chick fil a loving MIRGRAVES!!  love you!!
Happy 34th birthday Zac Efron!

Which is your favorite performance by the actor?
                Happy Birthday Zac efron                    3
Happy birthday love  I love you more than I love zac efron and I am constantly having fun and laughing with you
Happy 30th Birthday Zac Efron
.*   Happy Birthday °  *.
Zac Efron !!!!!
Happy birthday to Zac Efron who looks like he owns a lighthouse now
Happy Birthday !                                         Zac Efron
Happy 30th birthday Here\s all his roles when he was just a lil one for you >>
Happy 30th birthday to the bae of all bae\s, Zac Efron!!
Happy birthday to the one who understands my undying love for Zac Efron and hsm and the Duggars
17 years old, same age as Zac Efron in that one movie. Not that there\s any real similarity. Happy birthday brother
Happy 28th birthday We celebrate with 28 of his hottest shirtless pics! GALLERY:
Happy 48th Birthday,
Reposting this.
Happy happy birthday to my zac efron friend rap mo hope you had a great one!
C\è chi ha avuto la prima crush adolescenziale con Zac Efron e chi mente

Happy birthday Zac
Zac Efron and I are here to wish happy birthday! I hope you have a good day bc you deserve that shit!!
Since Z is in Thailand it\s 18th of October there... 


I love youuu
Happy birthday Kom je taart maar halen ^^
Happy Birthday to my boyfriend Zac Efron
Happy 27th birthday Zac Efron! (October 18th)                                   27        <3
Happy birthday to every little girl\s first crush, Zac Efron to wish him an amazing day!
Wishing Zac Efron, and his cousin Emily, a very happy birthday <3
HAPPY BDAY bestest friend in the whole world love u more always ur 18 finally legal to date zac efron
Happy Birthday Zac Efron. Sorry..this was the only pic we could find (Going for a lie down..)
Happy birthday to the ultimate BAE, Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday Zac Efron!
Happy birthday Zac Efron yg ke 31. Skrg kumisan dan brewokan yaa, jd pangling..
Happy Birthday (October 18) to Zac Efron
For the ladies
Happy 27th Birthday Zac Efron
Happy 32nd Birthday Ne-Yo
Happy Birthday
Picture | thats Zac Efron, wishing my aunt a happy birthday.. wow  |
HAPPY BIRTHDAY love you lots      heres a picture of zac efron youre welcome
Happy birthday to the only person that\s down to bus it half way across the island just to see Zac Efron.
Happy birthday zac Efron. here\s a pic of u and I on our first date. love u babe
 Happy bday A sus 28 años, es uno de los galanes más sexys.
Happy 28th Birthday, Zac Efron! Celebrate With the Hunky Actor\s Sexiest Shirtless Pics
Happy 28th birthday to my hubby since \06 forever in love w/ Zac Efron
Happy Birthday Zac Efron!
Happy 32nd birthday to Zac Efron, who made a pretty convincing Ted Bundy, don\t you think?
Happy birthday zac efron :)
Happy birthday to american actor Zac Efron who today turns 35 years old
Happy birthday to Zac Efron, who turns 35 today!
Happy birthday, Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday Zac Efron
Happy birthday  u v cute & v funny heres a pic of Zac Efron singing to pizza
Happy late bday 2 zac efron, one of my favorite authors
PIC MEGAPOST | Happy birthday Mr via:
No. ma. Happy Birthday Zac Efron!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE, THE ONLY, ZAC EFRON...stealing my heart since 2006
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to this beautiful man  . Let\s just appreciate the beauty of Zac Efron
Happy 28th birthday via
Here the bases for the happy birthday video photo ... consult in instagram zac_efron_fans3 deadline: October 15
Happy birthday zac efron
Happy Birthday to in all his states of undress. -
HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY to the fine and sexy Zac Efron
A very happy birthday to Zac Efron!
Happy birthday to Zac Efron, whose career was ignited with his starring role in Disney s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL series!
My drawing ART, hope you love it
Zac Efron\s b\day is today, so let\s take an unblinking look at his body. Of work.
Happy Birthday To The Sexy Zac Efron    He s Had My Heart For 12 Years . Since HSM
Zac Efron Happy birthday
From Lily Collins Spain we want to wish Zac Efron a happy birthday !
Happy birthday to one of our favorites, Zac Efron! The star turns 32 today
Happy 33rd Birthday to Zac Efron the Actor who played Troy Bolton from the High School Musical franchise.
Happy Birthday to the one and only Zac Efron
Zac Efron appreciation message. Happy 33rd Birthday, Hope ur eating a well deserved bday cake  ily
Happy Birthday to Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday Zac Efron
34 pictures of Zac Efron for 34 years of Zac Efron. Happy Birthday
Happy 35th Birthday Zac Efron.

Have a wonderful day!
Happy 35th Birthday to the talented actor Happy 35th Birthday Zac Efron
Happy Birthday Emilia, heres a picture of a turtle and Zac Efron
Happy Birthday ZAC EFRON!
Happy birthday hubby Zac Efron.
Happy birthday to the gorgeous Zac Efron!
Happy 27th birthday
Happy birthday Zac Efron
Happy birthday Look back at 12 times he bopped, gyrated, and boogied to perfection:
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron! Here s Your 27 Hottest Shirtless Moments
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron! Here s Your 27 Hottest Shirtless Moments
Happy Birthday I love you but you gotta stop stealing Zac Efron from me! I gotchu a present btw
Happy Birthday Kiana! I am happy I met you and weve already been through a lot! Cant wait to meet zac efron w you
Zac Efron and people born between October 12th and October 18th.
Happy Birthday idolo mio I Love You Zac Efron Tanti Auguriiiiiiiii Happy 28th Birthday <3 <3 *_* ^_^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Zac Efron - 18 octubre 1987
Happy Birthday zac Efron
Happy birthday Zac Efron.
Happy 24th birthday to Tyler Posey!
Happy 28th birthday to Zac Efron!
So blessed to share a birthday with the love of my life/sexiest man alive , happy freaking birthday zac efron
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron
Happy birthday Zac Efron
¡Happy Birthday Zac Efron!! Muy first love
Happy birthday Zac Efron you beautiful human being
Happy 28th birthday to my boyfriend, Zac Efron
Tanti auguri a lui che è stato la mia prima crush e oggi compie 28 anni. Happy birthday Zac Efron
Happy Birthday to this hot mess God created   Zac Efron
Happy birthday to the girl who introduced me to my first love, Zac Efron I miss you have a great day
HAPPY BELATED BDAY We\re nostalgic of his new figure
Happy birthday Caroline!! Miss and love you sososo much (more than zac efron) hope you have a great day
Happy Birthday to Zac Efron   About:
Zac! Efron! Sweeet! Way! Cool! 
Happy 30th Birthday to the love of my life, the man of my dreams, the wind beneath my wings Zac Efron
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday zac efron!!! i love u sm please be my prom date.
Happy bday to our man crush every single day, zac efron here\s something to brighten your day up
I just wanna say happy birthday to zac efron, my absolute favorite.
Happy 30th Birthday ! Here\s 10 Times We Were Thankful For You >
Happy birthday Zac Efron
¡HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC EFRON¡ October 18, 1987    I love you
Birthday Wishes to Zac Efron, Robbie Savage, Mike Tindall and Timmy Mallett. Happy Birthday y\all..
Happy birthday zac efron
Happy birthday the one and only Zac Efron.
Zac efron happy Birthday 32
¡Happy Birthday Zac Efron! Zac\s turns 32nd today  I love you
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron!
Happy 60th birthday to Zac Efron! Baywatch? More like Cakewatch!
Happy birthday to Zac Efron
Happy Birthday Zac Efron!
Happy birthday Zac Efron
Happy birthday to Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday Zac Efron
Happy 34th Birthday Zac Efron.
Happy 34th birthday to Zac Efron Which is your favourite film?
It s MYYYYYY mf dayyyyyyy. & zac efron s. happy bday to us
Happy Birthday to my forever crush zac efron. Love you pretty human
Happy Late birthday Zac Efron (Birthday was yesterday)
Happy Late Birthday Zac Efron (Birthday was yesterday)
Happy birthday zac efron thank u for trans autistic king troy bolton
Happy Birthday dear Zac Efron!
Happy birthday Zac Efron!
Happy Birthday Zac Efron! The actor turns 35 today.
Happy birthday to Zac Efron
My mom making sure she told Zac Efron happy birthday
Happy 35th birthday to Zac Efron & his dog(s).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC EFRON! I hope you continue to be as amazing and as sexy as you are!
Thanks for all your roles. HSM .Troy . I first looked you on TV. birthday Zac Efron
Happy Birthday to my beautiful husband Zac Efron
Happy birthday!!!!
Zac efron!!!!
I love you soooo much!!!!
Happy birthday ZAC EFRON..
Happy Birthday me! And Zac Efron!
All the times made us swoon in Happy birthday, Zac!
Happy birthday Zac Efron!!   I Love You
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 Happy birthday, Zac Efron!
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Happy Birthday
  Happy birthday to da bae Zac Efron! Hope u celebrate it together! Lol!
Happy Birthday Zac Efron
 Happy 27th Birthday, Zac Efron! I LOVE YOU!
 Happy Birthday Zac Efron I am waiting in Japan
Happy Birthday, Zac Efron! Here s Your 27 Hottest Shirtless Moments  Shaunna Murphy
Zac Efron 2.0 " Wishing a Happy 23rd Birthday!
Happy 27th birthday Zac Efron - my first celebrity crush :)
Hey thanks for telling me, timehop & happy birthday zac efron
Happy Birthday to one of the sexiest motherfuckers on the planet Zac Efron
Happy Birthday Zac Efron you sexy motherfucker
Happy birthday to my no.1 bae zac efron!!!!!
" Happy 27th Birthday Zac Efron!! ;)
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Zac Efron dating 2
Zac Efron sexy 3

Fun Facts About Zac Efron

His favorite movie is The Goonies (1985).
Has a tattoo of two feathers on his right arm.
Among all his family members, Zac is closest to his little brother. (facebook.com)
On August 19th, 2007, Zac was number 1 on IMDb's Starmeter, that means he was the most searched celebrity. (tv.com)
Zac attended the 19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards on January 5th, 2008 with his High School Musical co-star and girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens (tv.com)
Simon Cowell offered him a record deal but he turned it down saying, "...acting is my main priority".
At The 9th Annual Family Television Awards, Zac won the award for the Best Actor for his performance in High School Musical 2 (tv.com)
Zac appeared in Vanessa Hudgen's music video for Say OK as her love interest. (tv.com)
Zac appeared on the third season of Dancing with the Stars alongside Ashley Tisdale. He was in the audience supporting his fellow High School Musical castmate, Monique Coleman. [ (tv.com)

Toys: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
City: London
Gum: Orbit
Song from HSM: Get'cha Head in the Game
Superhero: Spiderman
Quote: "I'll be back" from Terminator 2
TV Shows: American Idol and World Series Of Poker
Book: "Busting Vegas" by Ben Mezrich.
Footwear: Sandals
Subjects: English and Social Studies
Animal: Liger (the Lion and Tiger's mixed breed)
Movies: Dumb and Dumber, Knocked Up, and The 40-Year-Old v*rgin. Also, the Die Hard and Bourne series.
Candies: Pear belly bellies and Jaw breakers
Musicians: The Postal Service, The Shins, The Gorillaz, and John Mayer.
Actors: Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and Jack Black
Food: Orange Chicken from Panda
Sportsman: Basketball player, Kobe Bryant
Cartoon: Rocco's Modern Life
Magazines: M&F, GQ, Cargo, and Popstar!
Car: Toyota Supra
TV Channel: Spike
Cereals: Kashi, Granola, Honey Nut Cheerios and Quaker Oats
Sport: Surfing, Golf, Skiing, Rock Climbing and Snowboarding (tv.com)
Zac and Vanessa Anne Hudgens won "Best TV Chemistry" at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. (tv.com)
According to Zac, if there would be a movie version of his life, his role would be played by Pierce Brosnan. (tv.com)
Zac's dream job would be designing and testing video games or playing poker. (tv.com)
In the October 2006 issue of BOP, Zac revealed his pet peeve which is cigarettes. He hates being around other smokers and smelling smoke (tv.com)
if Zac could swap lives with someone, it would be the Queen of England. (tv.com)
Zac's fears are zombies, sharks, and the girl from The Ring (tv.com)
Zac is the first ever artist to debut with two songs on the Billboard Hot 100. They were Get'cha Head In The Game and Breaking Free. The next week he had five song credits on the chart: Get'cha Head In The Game, Breaking Free, Start Of Something New, What I've Been Looking For: Reprise, and We're All In This Together (tv.com)
Zac is ranked #11 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25" (tv.com)
Favorite Cartoon Show: Rocko`s Modern Life.
Was ranked #2 on TV Guide Top 10 Teen Star Countdown (2008).
Zac was his Summerland costar, Kay Panabaker's, very first kiss. She has said "Then I told him it was my first kiss ever. He said, 'Really? I hope I didn't ruin it for you.' And he didn't." (tv.com)
While filming the song "What Time is It?" for High School Musical 2 a desk fell on Zac's foot and it got really swollen (tv.com)
Zac likes confident girls. He has crushes on Nicole from the p*ssycat Dolls, Paula Abdul, and Lori Loughlin. However, his dream lady is Jessica Alba. (tv.com)
On the Billboard Hot 100 chart of 2006-02-11, Zac had five simultaneous song credits. The songs were "Get`cha Head in the Game" (solo), 3 duets with Vanessa Anne Hudgens ("Breaking Free," "Start of Something New," and "What I`ve Been Looking For") and "We`re All in this Together" credited to the High School Musical (2006) (TV) cast. All tracks were from the soundtrack of "High School Musical".
According to Vanessa Hudgens, Zac is very flirtatious guy (tv.com)
To prepare for the singing and dancing in the Disney Channel movie High School Musical Zac and his costars had intense dancing, singing, acting, and basketball rehearsals. They woke up at 6 in the morning and worked until 6 at nigh (tv.com)
in 2009, Zac admitted to being starstruck by Angelina Jolie. He says he "turns into a fifth grader" every time he talks to her.
In 2009, Zac purchased a new home in Los Angeles worth more than $2.2 million. (tv.com)
According to Monique Coleman, who played Taylor McKessie in High School Musical Zac is a big prankster. Once they were in New York and Zac told her there was someone who really wanted to talk to her so she opened the door and there were paparazzi (tv.com)
The first concert Zac ever went to was a Wallflowers concert (tv.com)
Considers Liza Minelli as one of his true inspirations and a life long idol.
One of Zac's favorite things about the sixties is the emergence of rock and roll. Zac thought that since Elvis defined sixties rock and roll he should base his character in Hairspray, Link Larkin on Elvis. Because of this, he practiced thrusting his hips at home in front of his mirror (tv.com)
Zac taught himself to play the guitar. (tv.com)
Zac's first kiss was in 5th grade during a game of Truth or Dare. [edit]
Zac's guilty pleasures are comic books, video games, watching Survivor and American Idol (tv.com)
The dogtag necklace that Zac wears a lot was a gift from his friend and crush, Paula Abdul and it is from her line of jewelry. It says "Reach for the Stars" on the front and "You might just become one!" on the back. (tv.com)
Met his current girlfriend, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, during castings for High School Musical (2006) (TV). They were paired together near the end of casting to see how well they worked together.
Ranked #24 on interview magazines Hollywood faces to watch "Future Stars of Tomorrow".
Was ranked #26 on Entertainment Weekly`s `30 Under 30` the actors list. (2008).
The Zac Efron-Vanessa Anne Hudgens duet "Breaking Free" (from High School Musical (2006) (TV)) made the fastest climb in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, leaping from 86 to 4 in one week (2006-02-11).
Zac was rushed to the hospital on January 15th, 2008 with apendicitis and had to have his appendix taken out. (tv.com)
Zac's first celebrity crush is Tyra Banks. (tv.com)
Zac was one of the many presenters at the 2008 Screen Actor's Guild Awards, or the SAG's. (tv.com)
The first concert he ever went to was a Wallflowers concert.
Zac has had supporting roles in several television pilots such as Triple Play and The Big, Wide World Of Carl Laemke. However neither show was picked up! Zac's most recent pilot was a show titled If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now. Zac played the role of Cody, a teenager who moves to LA with his mother, a stripper who doesn't want her son to know what she does. However the show was not picked up by Fox and the pilot might not even air! (tv.com)
Entered rehab for cocaine abuse. [April 2013]
Zac once got detention. His Spanish teacher gave him a week to write an essay about himself! He wrote a fictional essay about being raised by wolves and brought to earth by a spaceship. His teacher got really angry and sent him to detention. (tv.com)
Is a huge San Francisco Giants fan.
From within fastfood items, Zac claims that he cannot live without Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Jr., or In-N-Out. (tv.com)
Zac has a younger brother named Dylan who is 4 years younger then him but Zac likes to treat Dylan his age or as his dad says "stoop to his level" (tv.com)
Zac`s most prized possession is his autographed baseball collection.
Zac attended the 2007 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner (tv.com)
Zac's worst habit is to scratch himself particularly when his skin gets dry. (tv.com)
Zac used to travel to San Francisco and go to the Giants' stadium with his father and little brother. He would catch fly balls and wait in the parking lot for the players to sign them. His autographed baseball collection has signitures from every player for the Giants for the past 10 years (tv.com)
One year for Halloween, Zac was a giant trash can. He would be inside the trash can and his friends would wheel him around to doorsteps. His friends would ring the doorbell and when the people inside opened it, Zac would jump out of the trash can and scare everyone. Zac thought it was pretty funny. [ (tv.com)
Attended the World Cup in Germany with Corbin Bleu.
Zac played an autistic twin named Steven Morgan in the Lifetime TV movie Miracle Run. For his performance in the movie Zac was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance In A TV Movie, Miniseries, Special By A Supporting Young Actor (tv.com)
When Zac was a kid, he stole his mother's Victoria Secret magazine and tore out a picture of supermodel, Tyra Banks and taped it to his bedroom ceiling. (tv.com)
Zac donated many items to Rocky Stone, which were to be given to less fortunate kids as part of the Toy Mountain Campaign. (tv.com)
Zac and Queen Latifah presented the Favorite Movie award at the 20th Annual Kid's Choice Awards (tv.com)
Zac says the most famous person in his phone is Ian McKellen. Zac refers to Ian as a hero of his (tv.com)
With the popularity of High School Musical (2006) (TV), he had to change his phone number after getting numerous calls from fans.
Zac's publicist is Jeff Ballard. Jeff's past clients include Johnny Depp and Paula Abdul! When Jeff met Zac on the set of Summerland he was blown away by his acting talent and boy-next-door charm. Jeff says Zac reminds him of Johnny Depp because he likes to work and doesn't take himself too seriously. (tv.com)
Zac has been on the cover of every major American teen girl magazine. He has been on the covers of BOP, Tigerbeat, M, Popstar, AstroGirl, J-14, Quizfest, Teen Dream, Twist, TV Guide, Cosmo Girl, and many more (tv.com)
When asked about what was the weirdest dream he's ever had Zac said he could think of two. In one Zac was underwater. He could breathe and talk to fish. The fish talked back and said "Hey Zac, What's up?". In the other one, Zac was in Super Mario Brothers for Super Nintendo and won. (tv.com)
Has one sibling, younger brother, Dylan.
He donated many items to Rocky Stone to be given to less fortunate kids as part of the Toy Mountain Campaign.
Named #93 on Empire Magazine`s 100 Sexiest Movie Stars. (2007).
Zac is of Jewish decent. However, in a Rolling Stone interview Zac stated he was raised agnostic, which is the belief that it is impossible to know if God exists or not. (tv.com)
Honors: - Zac was number 1 on BOP Magazine's Annual 25 Hottest Stars in 2006.
- Zac was ranked as #10 in the Sexiest Guys in Summer Movies for the May 28, 2007 issue of In Touch Magazine. - Zac was ranked number two in the Coming of Age category in People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in 2007.
- Zac won Popstar's 5th annual Poptastic award for male hottie. (tv.com)
Zac is 5 feet 9 inches tall (tv.com)
The first thing Zac notices about a girl is her eyes (tv.com)

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