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Happy birthday. Sorry its late hope your wish came true - Deanna (2 years ago)
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Teri Cooper
could my daughter Serenity get Happy 13th Birthday wishes from he - Teri Cooper (3 months ago)
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Judie Alexander
I hope they do. Happy Birthday. - Judie Alexander (3 months ago)
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Robert Seibert
Happy birthday give her a shout - Robert Seibert (3 months ago)
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Tarryn Paranormal
Happy birthday - Tarryn Paranormal (3 months ago)
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Dianereed [email protected]
Happy birthday - Dianereed [email protected] (3 months ago)
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Lisa Dickerson
Happy birthday - Lisa Dickerson (3 months ago)
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Andrea Jennings
say Happy Birthday - Andrea Jennings (3 months ago)
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That\'s awesome and Happy Birthday I went to the Museum and it was awesome - Kai (3 months ago)
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Meg Darlene
Happy Birthday - Meg Darlene (3 months ago)
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lisa tamayo
Happy belated Birthday fellow Taurean . Mine is today . God bless you always - lisa tamayo (3 months ago)
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Patti Chapman
Be Safe !!!!! Happy Birthday - Patti Chapman (3 months ago)
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Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday - Suzanne (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday - YASIR (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Tina Smith
Happy Birthday Chrissy - Tina Smith (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Christelle Lisange
Happy Birthday - Christelle Lisange (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Méline Daniel
Happy Birthday hoping you\'ll see Zak at - Méline Daniel (3 months ago)
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Di Cat
Happy Birthday! Enjoy!! - Di Cat (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Well... Happy 20th Birthday to you. Wishing you a wonderful day and an Awesome year - StormChaser (3 months ago)
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Kaitlin Corbin
Happy belated birthday Zak. Much love being sent your way! - Kaitlin Corbin (3 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday! But I got you beat, my 64th is on the 21st, Lol - Windshadow (3 months ago)
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Jeff The Killer babe
Happy late birthday - Jeff The Killer babe (4 months ago)
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I know I\'m not Zak but happy birthday. Hope you get a real message from Zak. Have a good day ! - Kedindra (4 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday Zak!!!! - EltonJohnfan#1 (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated birthday Zak!!!! - EltonJohnfanatic#1 (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Nicole Moore
Happy birthday and happy belated birthday to - Nicole Moore (4 months ago)
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wishing you a very happy birthday Zak - BeckyBooBoo1974 (4 months ago)
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Skye jessey willmott
Happy birthday - Skye jessey willmott (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Trisha Nawotny
happy belated birthday Zack - Trisha Nawotny (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday sweetie - WestCoastCentrist (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Debbie Morton
Happy birthday - Debbie Morton (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Farrah Mo
Happy birthday buddy - Farrah Mo (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Matt Bond
Happy Birthday Zak - Matt Bond (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Rosemary Wood
Happy birthday - Rosemary Wood (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Zak. Always more beautiful - Magali PERRIN (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dr. Frederique Walker
Happy birthday, I wish you good health and lifelong Happy hew month - Dr. Frederique Walker (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Zak - Attackofthe150footgothwomen (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Alice Loves Jesus ❤
Happy Belated Birthday, Zak - Alice Loves Jesus ❤ (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Dara Cartee
Happy birthday Zak! April birthdays rule! Mine is the 15th so it s cool we share the same birthday month!! - Dara Cartee (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jamie Rhae
Happy birthday - Jamie Rhae (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Jessica Michaud
What a cutie that grew up to be very HANDSOME IN DEED. Happy B-later birthday - Jessica Michaud (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Mary Post
Happy Birthday Diego - Mary Post (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated birthday Zak! - Midnightsun92 (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Ricky Huff
Happy Belated Birthday!!! Love the Tombstone picture!! - Ricky Huff (4 months ago)
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Kimberly Pequignot
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY ZAK! Your amazing! I love you! - Kimberly Pequignot (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Mary Miranda
Happy belated birthday Wishing you all the best with lots of love - Mary Miranda (4 months ago)
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Allison Danjou
Happy Birthday, - Allison Danjou (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Carla Augustine
Happy Birthday Zak - Carla Augustine (4 months ago)
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Michael | Newbs
Happy birthday! Also, is that Aaron s old house? Can we expect a follow up investigation soon?! - Michael | Newbs (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

keenya newman
Happy Birthday - keenya newman (4 months ago)

45 years old (Born on April 05, 1977)

American, Film/TV Producer; He is famous from Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to investigator and lead investigator of the crew,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday  hope your day is spook-tacular!
   Happy Birthday Chrissy
   Happy birthday Aaron!!!! U are comedy we luv u
 Happy birthday Zak! Have a great time celebrating your day
  Happy birthday
  Whoohoo happy birthday ZAK
  Happy bday M. Bagans.
     Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday fearless ghost hunter. Many happy returns,
Happy birthday hope you have a great day. Anything planned?
 Happy birthday Zak, have a great day!  xx
 The Best Ghost show ever you can\t beat it     Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the best paranormal investigator
 happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Zak!
Happy Birthday from Yakima, Washington
 Happy Birthday Zak
Happy Birthday may a friendly spirit help you celebrate tonight
 Happy Birthday from Philly. Maximus and I are you biggest Philadelphia fans.
     Happy Birthday!!!
     Happy birthday
 Happy birthday my fellow Arian!!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday !
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday
\"These are our Ghost Adventures\" -Zak Bagans 

Happy birthday to my dad and Zak Bagans!
  Happy Birthday
 happy birthday!!!!
  Happy Birthday Aaron
  Happy Birthday Aaron! Have a spooky day!
  Hi Zak, I wish you a very happy birthday!!! Love
Very early posting this, its 12:15am, so it counts. Happy Birthday !!
  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to lead investigator Sending birthday love from the UK.
 Happy Birthday hottie
  Happy birthday enjoy your day
Happy Birthday
 Naya and I wish you a very happy birthday !! Love from France !
To my favorite paranormal investigator  HAPPY BIRTHDAY   Hope you have a good day!
  Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Zak! 
Can you believe Joe Exotic doesn\t know how your name is spelled?
 Happy Birthday !
 happy bday! much love blessings and many good vibes!
  Happy birthday  Zak!! Have a great bootiful day
 Happy Birthday!
Happy happy birthday
 Happy Birthday, Zak!
 Happy birthday Zak!! Hope you day is filled with love, happy times and most importantly cake!
 Happy birthday Zak!
 Happy birthday make all your wishes come true!
 Happy birthday!
 Happy birthday!!
 Happy Birthday Grandpa
 happy birthday
Happy birthday from me and this very old pic from 2013
 Happy birthday Zac
 Happy birthday Zak.
Have a fantastic day  x
 Happy Birthday Zak
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday, Zak. I sent you this photo before. I believe this is who you were in another life.
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Dude!
 Happy Birthday Zak have a wonderful day
Happy birthday to my boy !!
 Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great one.
  Happy Birthday Zak !!!
 happy birthday my king
 Happy Birthday!!!
  Happy belated birthday
My new mug! Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday have a wonderful blessed birthday
Happy birthday to you!!!
Happy early bday
  Superbe gâteau happy birthday my heart l love you for life
Happy birthday
 Happy birthday to you !! Enjoy !!
Happy, Happy Birthday to I hope you have the best day ever!!!
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Zak! You candy making ghost man
 Happy Birthday Zak!
 Happy birthday Zak, from my daughter Isabella and I.
 Hey Zak! The only thing we have to fear is fear itself that & turning 45! Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy birthday zak bagans                   thanks for hunting ghosts
 What fete, happy birthday! Hope u had a great sugar free cake!
 they say Happy Birthday!!
 i made a statue of You in Minecraft. I enjoy your your show. Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Zak! Have a happiest day.
  Happy Birthday Zak!  Hope you enjoyed your day!
 wishing you a very happy birthday Zak
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