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Happy birthday. Sorry its late hope your wish came true - Deanna (4 years ago)
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Hannah Worsham
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAK - Hannah Worsham (10 months ago)
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Krista Krohn
Happy belated birthday Zak! I ve been w/GAC since the beginning (Goldfield). Feedback on the newest GA - Krista Krohn (10 months ago)
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Judy Swanson
Its been a Good Birthday! Even better finishing the night with & My Heart is Happy!!! - Judy Swanson (10 months ago)
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barbara ann walker
Happy Belated Birthday - barbara ann walker (10 months ago)
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Bill Moseley is the shit happy belated birthday Zak!! - »Křŷptix (10 months ago)
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Happy very belated birthday Zak!! Mine was yesterday! Can\'t wait for your new season!!! - V H (10 months ago)
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Cindy Gustke
I\'m a great big fan of yours happy belated birthday and God bless you keep up the good work hope to - Cindy Gustke (10 months ago)
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JoJo LaRussa Young
My Birthday was April 3rd Went to the zoo and Rocky Wished me Happy Birthday - JoJo LaRussa Young (10 months ago)
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joseph mccaffery.
Happy Birthday Zak but just don\'t ever start dying out that now oncoming grey hair though, that\'s just - joseph mccaffery. (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - GhostadventuresAdvocate (10 months ago)
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Donna Collins
Happy late birthday wishes I\'m new to message I\'m donna by the way Scotland x - Donna Collins (10 months ago)
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Jamie Thomas
Happy Belated Birthday Zak! - Jamie Thomas (10 months ago)
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Bonbons And Books
happy late birthday hope you had the best day - Bonbons And Books (10 months ago)
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Stéphanie Paris
Happy birthday from France - Stéphanie Paris (10 months ago)
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Valerie Lowdermilk
Happy late birthday - Valerie Lowdermilk (10 months ago)
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Stacy Mae Lemmert
Happy Belated BIRTHDAY to Zak Bagans! On Instagram, since I have 150 Zak\'s I just can\'t seem to figur - Stacy Mae Lemmert (10 months ago)
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larry meek
Happy birthday brother - larry meek (10 months ago)
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MILF Trish
Happy belated birthday - MILF Trish (10 months ago)
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Heather Lundquest
Happy Birthday - Heather Lundquest (10 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday! - L (10 months ago)
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horizon forbidden west
Happy birthday zak sorry that im late i was really busy - horizon forbidden west (10 months ago)
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Lady snake uk
Happy Birthday from Luna & Star aka Ladysnake daughters - Lady snake uk (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Mines tomorrow - StaceyLovesGhostAdventures (10 months ago)
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patricia choquette
Happy Birthday to you! - patricia choquette (10 months ago)
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Janine Yoga and fitness instructor
Happy Birthday - Janine Yoga and fitness instructor (10 months ago)
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Robert Thompson
Happy 46th Birthday Zakkers! - Robert Thompson (10 months ago)
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Kryss Stephan
Happy birthday, Zak. May the new year bring you blessings and joy! - Kryss Stephan (10 months ago)
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Martha Turpen
Happy Belated birthday. - Martha Turpen (10 months ago)
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Happy Belated birthday zak - Patrick (10 months ago)
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Jeffrey Graham
hey Zak, happy birthday bro... P.S. You guys should do another show in oregon... I\'d be so stoked to me - Jeffrey Graham (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday!!! - mick64 (10 months ago)
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West-Langley, Carolyn
Happy belated birthday, Zac!! - West-Langley, Carolyn (10 months ago)
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Lea Manalastas
Hi my love, I just want to greet you a Happy Happy Birthday. I am from Phillippines, a Filipina who lov - Lea Manalastas (10 months ago)
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Earl A Smith
Happy birthday Zach - Earl A Smith (10 months ago)
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jose lucero
Happy birthday Zak blessings buddy - jose lucero (10 months ago)
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joseph luis
Happy birthday Zak blessings buddy - joseph luis (10 months ago)
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Tintan tooney
Happy birthday sexy - Tintan tooney (10 months ago)
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Kara Tafoya
Happy birthday Zack Bagans - Kara Tafoya (10 months ago)
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Dannette Olivarez
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Shelia Losaw
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY ZAK!!!! - Shelia Losaw (10 months ago)
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Nadaleen Brady
Happy birthday!! - Nadaleen Brady (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! - jp (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday my fellow Aries Hope you had a fantastic day - Moshy (10 months ago)
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Kathleen Greaves
- Kathleen Greaves (10 months ago)
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Shelly Ann Itzkowitz
Happy Birthday Zak, your the man. - Shelly Ann Itzkowitz (10 months ago)
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Angela Barr
Happy Birthday Zak. Come to Michigan for a show!!! Lots of haunted places in Grand Rapids! - Angela Barr (10 months ago)
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Miss P. Montgomery
Happy birthday, you douchebag. - Miss P. Montgomery (10 months ago)
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Leslie Hoptin
Happy Belated Birthday To Both Zak and Aaron - Leslie Hoptin (10 months ago)
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Billie Shannon Emerson Clark
happy belated birthday - Billie Shannon Emerson Clark (10 months ago)

46 years old (Born on April 05, 1977)

American, Film/TV Producer; He is famous from Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans's Best Moments

Happy Birthday!!  Hey! Its Birthday today! Can you wish her a Happy Birthday Zak? <3
Happy Birthday Long live
Happy birthday much love from the UK! see you soon
Happy 38th Birthday to Zak Bagans!
Happy Birthday to my big bro
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Zak cc:
Happy birthday !! We celebrated by making you a frog cake and watching some GA
 Happy birthday Justin from all the enjoy your very special day
Happy birthday to the best boss
Happy UK birthday shoutout to ;) see you in the future...
Happy Birthday ! May all your dreams come true!
 Happy Birthday to the greatest paranormal investigator to have ever lived.
Happy Birthday to investigator and lead investigator of the crew,
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of your fans across the world! WE LOVE YOU!
Happy birthday, We\re having a family watch party in your honor.
Happy Birthday to paranormal investigator and lead investigator of the crew,
 Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy it xo.
Happy Birthday to the best investigator ! Enjoy our day ! Aftershocks is the best things you never made
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to an amazing person and best paranormal investigator! Enjoy your special day Zak!!
 Prince says pls wish him a happy 9th birthday!!
Please respond to this message! I m watching you right now! Also happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to lead investigator of the crew,
Happy Birthday  hope your day is spook-tacular!
 Happy Birthday to the man that has it all, except for sunglasses in Italy when he needed them the most.
   Happy Birthday Chrissy
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Its been a Good Birthday! Even better finishing the night with & My Heart is Happy!!!
 Tomorrow is my daughters birthday! Early present GA! Can you wish her a happy birthday?
Happy birthday!!!
Happy Birthday ! Love, Monty & Heather
Happy Birthday please try not to party to hard with all of those O\Doul\s ! Hehe
Happy birthday Zak. Missing the good ole days
Happy Birthday !
 didnt realize it was your bday  welcome to happy bday thx for the selfie opp
Finally! Happy Birthday to myself! Thank you
Happy (early) Birthday, This is for you
 Happy birthday fantastic man
 Happy Birthday!!
   Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Zak
 happy birthday...don\t worry I\ve already payed for the clown hahaha
Happy birthday to my (wannabe) babe
Happy birthday
Wishing a Happy Bday! We share the same day!! enjoy your day!!!
 happy Birthday ZB from everybody at the Goth Angel Productions UK & Canadian offices.We love ya mate.
Happy birthday to my favorite man
   Happy birthday God loves u
 Happy Birthday Zak! I hope you have an awesome day!
Happy Birthday
Happy happy birthday to the ever so talented !! Hope your day is nothing short of amazing!
Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend
 hey Zak! Happy Birthday buddy!
Happy Birthday Zak My Annabelle creation my family and I made by hand. Hope you have an epic day Zak
Happy Birthday, Hope your day is as incredible as you are.
 Happy birthday Zak from me and
  Happy birthday Zak 
Me. My Husband nn My 2 Sisters love yur show yur AWESOME
Happy Birthday Hope your year is bone-chillingly awesome!
   Happy Birthday Zak!
 Had an incredible time here today! Happy Birthday Met your super nice Mom too!
Happy birthday to
Ready for the new episode  Happy Birthday week to and
   Happy birthday
Happy Birthday I hope you have an amazing birthday
Happy Birthday ! I have a gift for you!!
 Happy Birthday Zak!     . My cat Frankie turned 2 yesterday!
 Happy Birthday!!!  You are awesome!!
 Happy birthday! Here\s to another year of making you locking in by yourself!!
Happy Birthday Mr Zak Bagans
I want to wish a Happy Birthday to . I hope you have a good day!!!
 Good morning Zak, happy birthday too you. Hope you have a Awesome Day!
 Happy Birthday Z. Thanks for making TV fun to watch again.
 Happy Birthday Zak!! Hope you have a great day
  Yummy! Happy birthday, !
Happy Birthday Zak!! Hope your having a great day
Happy Birthday Hope you\re able to have lots of fun still!
Happy birthday hope you have a good day today
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to an absolute legend:
   Happy birthday Aaron!!!! U are comedy we luv u
 happy birthday sweetheart
Happy birthday zee oooofffffttttttt  dem lowerback dimples
 Happy birthday beaut. Have a totesamazeballs day.
 Happy birthday Zak! Have a great time celebrating your day
  Happy birthday
 Happy  Birthday Handsome Hope you have A Safe And Enjoyable Day. BEST WISHES 
From Angel.
Happy birthday to the number one insperational paranormal investigator
   Happy birthday Ali
  Whoohoo happy birthday ZAK
  Happy bday M. Bagans.
     Happy birthday
    Happy Birthday
  Happy Early Birthday to Zak
 If this is the real Zak then Happy Birthday Eve            .  Angie
   Happy birthday Zak
Happy birthday can t wait till the new season is ready to stream
Happy mfin birthday to my sexy ass ghost daddy
 Got my girlfriend your new book for her Birthday! Can you wish her a Happy Birthday PLEASE!!!
Look where I am Also a very happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday for tomorrow Zak
Happy birthday to a special man called zak bagans he work hard x
 Now  in Italy  is April 5 so happy birthday to you!!!
 Here is a Happy Birthday/Easter cake for u. Enjoy ur day tomorrow.
It\s officially April 5th where I live. Happy Birthday Handsome! Watching to celebrate!
 it\s your b-day here in Nova Scotia. So wishing you a Happy Birthday! I made a for you. Xoxo
  Birthday!!.... a little early from London UK!
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Love !!!!!!!
Happy birthday   I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating
HAPPY BIRTHDAY I hope u have a wonderful day
Happy birthday and happy Easter!
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear happy undead birthday to you
 Just wanna wish you a happy birthday and a lovely day Wishes from Europe
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday !!! !!
Happy birthday to the sexy , handsome and sweet zak bagans
Happy birthday . Hope you\re having a wonderful birthday today. Much love from denmark
 Happy Birthday dude!  38 years old how does it feel lol
 happy birthday, have a good one!x
Happy birthday       love what u guys do  .
Happy Birthday
 I\ll share my Easter cookies w/ u! Happy Birthday I hope u have a great day!!
Happy Birthday to the hottest paranormal investigator on TV
 dont know if you\ve seen this but im putting it up again. :) Happy Birthday!! ^^ <3
Happy Birthday to one of my inspirations!!! Hope you have an AMAZING BDAY!! XoXo    PS too!
 Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday  to a great day
Happy happy birthday to you Much love and lots of hugs to you my friend.
Happy bday Here\s some new GA gear
Happy birthday I hope your having a great time
 Happy 38th Birthday!
 Happy Birthday!!
 happy bday zak :)
 happy birthday Zak!!! Here\s a little something I made you...I hope you like it
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Zak Enjoy your day.
Happy Birthday    I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!! I have watched Ghost Adventures FOREVER Please Rt
Happy birthday to my favorite person on the planet I hope you have a wonderful day! XOXO
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy that cake! Wishing u much light & luv to cut thru the darkness. Happiness always!
 wrote you a little something, happy birthday Zak
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope u have a fantastic day :-)
Happy birthday & Easter keep hunting those demon\s
Happy Birthday/Easter I made this birthday card for you. Hope you like it :3.
Happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope your day is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
 Happy Birthday! I hope all your dreams come true this year. You are truly an inspiration to me.
 Happy Birthday !!!!
Happy Birthday
So gotta rep today!! 1st shirt I grabbed lol Hap Hap Happy birthday to you  heres to a kick ass day! :D
A special cake for you Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday love you and Happy Easter !!
 Happy Birthday Zak
 happy birthday Zak!!! I just got your book today so I am reading it
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hope you have an awesome day
 wishing you happy birthday and happy Easter Sunday, sorry its bit late been busy working, how is ur day?
 Happy Birthday 
and just in case
 happy bday Zak listening to your album as a honor of your bday
Happy birthday You\re a great inspiration and investigator. I hope you have a great day!!
Happy Birthday Zak! You are a fantastic man
 Happy birthday from one of your many fans. Keep being an inspiration to the paranormal world. Much love.
 Happy Birthday! Hope you\ve had a good day!
 happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday . Just watching a little After Shocks.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY And Happy Easter! Hope I meet you someday to give you this drawing once it\s done!
Happy Birthday Zak
Happy birthday to the man who entertains us everyday,
Happy Birthday I hope you had a great day!
 All that True loss and sadness aside... Happy Birthday
 A belated Happy Birthday from Ireland! Come back to us soon.... :) And thank you for all that you do. X
 Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Birthday, I\m celebrating by dancing
 ayyyyyyyyy I got ITT cxx please wish me a happy birthday !!!
 It would make my day if you messageed me happy birthday and also
 It\s my birthday   Happy B-day to Me surprise cake Made by myself
Happy 6th Birthday son
  happy birthday me
Happy birthday to the most great ghost hunter man in the world! Happy birthday man!
 my daughter loves you and because were in europe. She wnted to say happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 Happy Birthday
 hi it\s 5th of April here in N Ireland Happy Birthday Zak!
  happy birthday buddy hope you have an awesome day.
 Since it s April 5th where I m at. Happy Birthday Zak!!
 Happy Birthday Zak, hope your day will be filled with wonderful things.
 Happy 40th birthday, welcome to the 40s club have an awesome day
 Happy Birthday from Illinois dude!!!  Hope it\s a good one!!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday fearless ghost hunter. Many happy returns,
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