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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Happy birthday. Sorry its late hope your wish came true - Deanna (1 year ago)
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Juliana Ruby Mendoza
my daughter turns 6 this year & I ve ask her what would she like & she wants 2 meet you guys & learn ho - Juliana Ruby Mendoza (7 months ago)
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can you wish happy birthday please?? She loves you so much and I know it would make her day!! - Madi (7 months ago)
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Tony Roberts
Hi all this is my dad\'s account he\'s 40 tomorrow , but can\'t cel - Tony Roberts (7 months ago)
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Happy belated Birthday wishes. - Robb (7 months ago)
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Megan Mathias
today is my birthday it would make it fucking amazing if you said happy birthday to me - Megan Mathias (7 months ago)
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can one of you guys wish me a happy birthday please - Jesus (7 months ago)
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Yes indeed, happy birthday btw - Oddy (7 months ago)
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Dan watrous
Happy birthday - Dan watrous (7 months ago)
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Jan Jones
Happy birthday! - Jan Jones (7 months ago)
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Cobain Patterson
Happy Birthday!! - Cobain Patterson (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday from Jamaica! - Jody-Ann (7 months ago)
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Addison Stone
Happy birthday . - Addison Stone (7 months ago)
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Lusamza Hetta
Happy 18th birthday, hope you get your birthday wish. Enjoy your special day. - Lusamza Hetta (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Lusamza Heather
Happy 18th birthday, hope you get your birthday wish. Enjoy your special day. - Lusamza Heather (7 months ago)
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tricia webb
hey zac. Please could you say happy birthday to my mam who will be 72 on Friday 24 April. It will total - tricia webb (7 months ago)
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carl brook
please can you say a Big Happy Birthday to Amy she\'s a big Ghost adventures fan and is looking forward - carl brook (7 months ago)
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Obi-Wan Colenobi
Today\'s my sisters birthday! Being stuck in this quarantine has given us plenty of time to binge some - Obi-Wan Colenobi (7 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday Zak! Your officially older than me - Sd_grl619 (7 months ago)
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you still havent wished me a happy birthday - rach✨ (7 months ago)
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Dani Fox Burns
Hi my birthday is next week and all I want is a video of you singing me happy birthday like the lil gir - Dani Fox Burns (7 months ago)
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Bart Jimmy
Happy birthday - Bart Jimmy (7 months ago)
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Chelsea Benner
happy birthday!!!! - Chelsea Benner (7 months ago)
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I watched your latest show, it warmed my heart to see you guys sing Happy birthday to Jasmine. You coul - Shady82 (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Now I know why I love When walking in downtown - McShay (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Marina Kelly
Happy Birthday lovey. - Marina Kelly (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Santina Raqsa
Omg you\'re such a white boy. A cute white boy though. Happy Birthday - Santina Raqsa (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

x - Princess Kelly
Singing Happy Birthday to Jasmine was so sweet. Best birthday gift she will ever get. - x - Princess Kelly (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

April Driggers
loved seeing you guys singing happy birthday to little Jasmine!!! You guys MADE her birthday! Love it!!!!!! - April Driggers (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

sara random
Happy Birthday from Texas! Hope you had a great one! - sara random (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Nancy Gates
happy belated birthday to you. My birthday is 2 days after yours. You sure know how to demand in your o - Nancy Gates (7 months ago)
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Laurie Dobbins
That was the sweetest thing, singing Happy birthday to that little girl. You guys made her day! - Laurie Dobbins (7 months ago)
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Awesome show, I enjoyed when you sang Happy Birth - Alliecat (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Victoria Landry
Happy belated bday!!! Im new to message so i didnt know, hope u had a blessed day - Victoria Landry (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

how much did you have to pay for airing the Happy Birthday song? - Ahjumma (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

M. S. Rainey
Y all made that little girls whole year with that happy bir - M. S. Rainey (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Hi zak it was my birthday yesterday plz say happy birthday to me thx luv u - kyraaaaa (7 months ago)
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thanks guys I will just imagine that happy birthday song for that little J - Jayy (7 months ago)
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Michelle Austin
My sons birthday is this Saturday and he would love a happy birthday video from you! My son isn t a nor - Michelle Austin (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday Jasmine !!! - lilone613 (7 months ago)
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Coleen Danielson
Yes..Virginia City..my favorite town of all time..Jasmine happy birthda - Coleen Danielson (7 months ago)
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You know you ve been in quarantine for way too long when you get teary eyed just from - jet (7 months ago)
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Carolyn Streiff
Awwwww! Happy birthday, Jasmine! That was adorable! - Carolyn Streiff (7 months ago)
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Sandy Sepulveda
Y\'all just made Jazmin\'s day guys Happy Birthday Jazmin - Sandy Sepulveda (7 months ago)
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Courtney Fontenot
Happy Birthday Jasmine! I hope you know your the luckiest chick on the planet! You ran into the coolest squad on th - Courtney Fontenot (7 months ago)
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Susan P
That s th sweetest, cutest thing! Happy birthday to Jasmine. - Susan P (7 months ago)
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Me watching these hunks sing Happy birthday to a fan - Alex KOPIAK (7 months ago)
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Awh that was so cute! Jasmine is such a lucky little girl to get to run into the crew and be sang - Janece (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Becca Pascal
OMG MY HEA and singing Happy Birthday to their fan was adorable. - Becca Pascal (7 months ago)
birthday balloon

Kim Painter
The opening \'Happy Birthday\' for Jasmine could not have been any cuter! Sweet! - Kim Painter (7 months ago)

43 years old (Born on April 05, 1977)

American, Film/TV Producer; He is famous from Ghost Adventures.

Zak Bagans's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Long live
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Justin from all the enjoy your very special day
Happy birthday to the best boss
Happy UK birthday shoutout to ;) see you in the future...
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of your fans across the world! WE LOVE YOU!
Happy birthday, We\re having a family watch party in your honor.
  Happy Birthday Zak
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to an amazing person and best paranormal investigator! Enjoy your special day Zak!!
 Happy birthday, Mister B! Hope your day is creepy in all the best ways!
Please respond to this message! I m watching you right now! Also happy birthday
    Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Finally! Happy Birthday to myself! Thank you
Happy (early) Birthday, This is for you
 happy 40th birthday Zak have the best day ever sending much  and
 Happy Birthday!!
   Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday Zak
 happy birthday...don\t worry I\ve already payed for the clown hahaha
Wishing a Happy Bday! We share the same day!! enjoy your day!!!
 happy Birthday ZB from everybody at the Goth Angel Productions UK & Canadian offices.We love ya mate.
Happy birthday to my favorite man
   Happy birthday God loves u
 hey Zak! Happy Birthday buddy!
Happy Birthday Zak My Annabelle creation my family and I made by hand. Hope you have an epic day Zak
   Happy Birthday Zak!
 Had an incredible time here today! Happy Birthday Met your super nice Mom too!
Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday Zak!     . My cat Frankie turned 2 yesterday!
|| Happy Birthday Zak Bagans! Love your work and hope Ghost Adventures continues!
 Happy Birthday!!!  You are awesome!!
      Happy Birthday...
 Good morning Zak, happy birthday too you. Hope you have a Awesome Day!
 Happy Birthday Z. Thanks for making TV fun to watch again.
 Happy Birthday Zak!! Hope you have a great day
  Yummy! Happy birthday, !
Happy Birthday Zak!! Hope your having a great day
Happy Birthday Hope you\re able to have lots of fun still!
Happy birthday hope you have a good day today
Happy birthday
 Wish a happy birthday
Happy Birthday to an absolute legend:
Happy 6th Birthday son
  happy birthday me
Happy birthday to the most great ghost hunter man in the world! Happy birthday man!
 my daughter loves you and because were in europe. She wnted to say happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 Happy Birthday
 hi it\s 5th of April here in N Ireland Happy Birthday Zak!
  happy birthday buddy hope you have an awesome day.
 Since it s April 5th where I m at. Happy Birthday Zak!!
 Happy Birthday Zak, hope your day will be filled with wonderful things.
 Happy 40th birthday, welcome to the 40s club have an awesome day
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday fearless ghost hunter. Many happy returns,
Happy birthday hope you have a great day. Anything planned?
 Happy birthday Zak, have a great day!  xx
 The Best Ghost show ever you can\t beat it     Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday...you are incredible and have a good day. Felicidadeess
Happy birthday to the best paranormal investigator
 happy birthday mister from flossie dog and i in stockport, England.  Have a super time
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hope u have a fantastic day.
 wishing you a happy birthday to another amazing year ahead of you
 happy birthday  hope you have a good day
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday you are an amazing gentleman and you deserve to have a great day have fun love you
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday hope you have an awesome day
 Happy birthday Zak
 happy birthday have a great one. Mine is tomorrow! !!
Happy birthday # love ghost adventures
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday sexy xx
Happy Bday have the best Bday ever today
 Happy birthday, Zak! You\ve come a long way. Your mom must be so proud! Enjoy the day
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Much love
 Happy Birthday Zak, 40 is the new...well 40.;) Love you big guy.
Happy Birthday Have a good one!!
Happy Birthday !! Hope you have a wonderful day!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAK!!!                      Hope you have a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday to the loml
Happy birthday Hope your day is amazing as you are!
 just wanted to wish my favourite paranormal investigator a Happy Birthday hope u have a great day
 Happy Birthday Zak!
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Hope You Have A Good One
 Happy Birthday Enjoy your day!
 Happy birthday! 40
Never looked so good!
 Happy Birthday and do the Carlton!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday, Zak!
 Happy Birthday love you!!!
Happy Birthday to the ghost man!!!!
Happy birthday !!
 happy birthday to my favorite ghost hunter!
Happy birthday thanks for all the adventures ! Reading your book to celebrate your birthday!!
Happy 40th Birthday to -- Been watching Ghost Adventures since 2010! Love you man!
 Happy birthday, Zak!
 think my dog says happy birthday little buggers caught red pawed!!
 Happy Birthday Zak. Love you. Xoxoxoxo
 Happy birthday Zak
 Happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Zak Bagans
Happy birthday zak my friend Jordan is a HUGE fan she made u a birthday cake hope u like it
Happy birthday . You\re one of my role models and I appreciate for what you do. Have a nice day
 Happy birthday, Zak I hope you like my edit
 Happy Birthday to the most beautiful smile EVER ! Thanks for beeing Just you Mr Bagans
 Happy birthday Zak. Have a bloody smashing one!
Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
 happy Birthday ZAK
 Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic day beautiful!! And many many more!!
Happy Birthday, (Art by
Happy birthday to my favorite paranormal investigator, Thank you for the inspiration!
Happy Birthday Have a Wonderful day
 ahhhh happy birthday hun! I hope you enjoy your day!
 Happy Birthday Zak!
    Happy Birthday Zak!!
Happy Birthday !  Have a great day! You make 40 look very dang good  .
 Happy birthday Zak!!  Hope you have a great day x
 Yo yo yo, la multi ani (happy birthday)!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday and many more, Zak.
 happy birthday
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday buddy
 happy 40th birthday from you\re biggest fan and Amy and Jensen
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday Zak!!
Happy Birthday,  Postscript We are waiting for you in Spain.
 Happy Birthday Zak!   Hope you have a great day and remember this?!
 Happy birthday. I hope you are having a great day.
Happy birthday !!
 Happy birthday Zak!
 Happy Birthday Zak, have a great day xxx
 Happy birthday Zak have a amazing day
 Happy Birthday Z.  Party like a Rockstar not a politician
Happy birthday ! You\re the best ghost hunter out there! Keep huntin them demons
 Happy Birthday Z-Man
Happy birthday !! 40? That\s goat to be scary!!!
 Happy Birthday! Thanks for making our neighborhood spooky with the
Happy Birthday !!!
  Happy Birthday to my favorite ghost hunter!!
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Paranormal Investigators!!!
 Happy Birthday :) from me and Amanda!!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday to an awesome Aries!
 Happy Birthday handsome
 happy birthday!!
 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday from me and Annabelle...
 Happy Birthday have a great year !!!
 happy birthday! Have it good and live it well my man.
Happy Birthday !
 Happy birthday! !!!
 happy birthday! GAfanatics from Winnipeg Canada!
Happy birthday to my favorite Ghost Adventures guy!! Hope your having an amazing day!
Happy Birthday Zak Bagans
 Happy Birthday and hope it was great!
Happy birthday hope your have a great birthday party best wishes
Happy birthday I\m celebrating with my favorite friends
 Happy Birthday Zak!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :-) All the best to u today & the year ahead! Birthday hug! :-)
 Happy birthday Zak!
Thought I should message this to you. Happy birthday!!
Happy birthday!!  hope you had a great day!
Happy late birthday
 Happy happy birthday!
  Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!
We got a glimpse. Happy belated bday! Looks as cool in person as it does on tv.
Today is my Birthday Zak and cutest dog. Pls wish me a Happy Birthday!! Love this pic & u guys!!
 happy early birthday
Happy Birthday !!!
 Happy Birthday Handsome! Don\t dwell on the past only focus on the future I love you so much
 Happy birthday , greetings from the Netherlands.
Happy Birthday Hope You have an Awesome Day today.
  Happy Birthday hope u have a lovely day
 Happy birthday!!
  Happy birthday Zak!! May you have a blast celebration!! @
Happy Birthday!!!
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday
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