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bella thorne
hi it is me belalala throne here i love you zendaya - bella thorne (3 weeks ago)
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Big dog Dog
tom armano zenday love705jonpilct wilmgtno cn 28490 tom love yes uncw tom love - Big dog Dog (5 months ago)
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I knew zendaya on shake it up Happy birthday today - Maggie (3 years ago)
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happy birthday Zendaya. hope you have a wonderful day - Anonymous (4 years ago)
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hey zen love ya hope you have good bday - zach (5 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Bbnaija Star Mercy Eke ......... Zendaya Come to Nigeria - PraizeMedia (5 months ago)
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What zendaya s caption says.. its been over a year since i became a fan and i m always so proud of him! happy bir - io (5 months ago)
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I have standards I don t plan on lowering for anybody, including myself. Zendaya bb CHEERS TO 20TH ANJI HAPPY - Ai_FOA (5 months ago)
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Mr Smeg Zim
Happy birthday to you Zendaya lite - Mr Smeg Zim (5 months ago)
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#1 women lover
Happy 4th birthday to zendaya is meechee love u babygirl - #1 women lover (5 months ago)
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\"I love hearing educated people speak and just shut everyone up. Knowledge is always the loudest voice.\" Zendaya - Zyy (5 months ago)
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\"I love hearing educated people speak and just shut everyone up. Knowledge is always the loudest voice.\" Zendaya - yyz (5 months ago)
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REKOMENDASI OUTER BLOUSE JAKET KEMEJA Zendaya sabrina bjorka HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE Fikri Ngeri-Ngeri Sed - 添羽 (5 months ago)
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REKOMENDASI OUTER BLOUSE JAKET KEMEJA Zendaya sabrina bjorka HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE Fikri Ngeri-Ngeri Sed - 吃饭不给钱 (5 months ago)
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can we fix it?
Me wishing zendaya a happy birthday on instagram like we re 10 years deep into a friendship - can we fix it? (5 months ago)
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IU School of Nursing Bloomington
The Dynamic Duo of Derrick Garletts and Matt Needler head the list of those celebrating birthdays this month, along - IU School of Nursing Bloomington (5 months ago)
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Hunter Marsh
it s my friend s birthday today. wish him happy birthday pls? - Hunter Marsh (5 months ago)
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Anne Cavalcanti
I found in Toronto this weekend! Haha Happy Bday my friend. Wish you all the best - Anne Cavalcanti (5 months ago)
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A ✦
HAPPY BDAY LELE MAXIMOFF!!!! one day we re gonna be able to celebrate on a double date with our peters. zendaya and - A ✦ (5 months ago)
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Zendaya just turned 26, happy birthday. 26 is a weird age in Hollywood. Young enough to play a high school student, but t - 胡欢珍 (5 months ago)
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kris BEE DAY
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY UR BACK ON message - kris BEE DAY (5 months ago)
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Connor Hanlon
Zendaya. Katy Perry potter Perry birthday happy Connor happy happy Nicki Minaj - Connor Hanlon (5 months ago)
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Odry Eloa
Zendaya idol birthday gifts so happy - Odry Eloa (5 months ago)
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Queen Zendaya Coleman❤️
Today is my birthday would the best birthday If I can get a happy from would make this a special day - Queen Zendaya Coleman❤️ (5 months ago)
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Emmys 2022: Kenan Thompson makes predictable joke about Leonardo DiCaprio after wishing Zendaya \'happy birthday\' - NowMyNews (5 months ago)
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Happy 21st Birthday Rue - aljuhlok (5 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday! - randalthor (5 months ago)
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✨a groovy virgo✨
Happy birthday to all my virgos MJ, Bey, Freddie, Karl (my twin) Zendaya and many more stay blessed and hig - ✨a groovy virgo✨ (5 months ago)
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on ☁️⁹
Happy birthday to the one and only Rue - on ☁️⁹ (5 months ago)
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| Kenan Thompson ripped into Leonardo Di Caprio after wishing Zendaya happy birthday at Emmys More below: - UNILAD (5 months ago)
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Zendaya just turned 26, happy birthday. 26 is a weird age in Hollywood. Young enough to play a high school student - LADbible (5 months ago)
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Sabrina Bjorka Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap Zendaya Fikri Suho iOS 16 - Ti (5 months ago)
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Cerita Untuk Kita
Komitmen Pemerintah Tingkatkan Perlindungan Ketenagakerjaan, Khususnya Penyandang Disabilitas. Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap s - Cerita Untuk Kita (5 months ago)
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The Daily Beast
Kenan Thompson at the Zendaya just turned 26 last week, happy birthday, he said. Twenty-six is a weird a - The Daily Beast (5 months ago)
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philip lewis
Zendaya just turned 26, happy birthday. 26 is a weird age in Hollywood. Young enough to play a high school student - philip lewis (5 months ago)
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\'26 is a weird age in Hollywood. You\'re young enough to play a high school student, but you\'re too old to date Leon - NowThis (5 months ago)
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Phillip K
Happy birthday, - Phillip K (5 months ago)
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. heyyy omg a v happy birthday bro!!! youre one of the best ppl ive met on tjis app i hope zenda - aaryan (5 months ago)
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Zendaya McElroy
hello beautiful husband of mines in doing ok just trying to network in For - Zendaya McElroy (5 months ago)
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Mr. Skin
Happy Birthday to Zendaya! Can we expect more nude scenes from our favorite A-lister in this next year? - Mr. Skin (5 months ago)
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theo-retically i’m radio rebel
if he didn t come back on to wish zendaya a happy birthday i m hopeful he won t come back for this - theo-retically i’m radio rebel (5 months ago)
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theo-retically | ia
if he didn t come back on to wish zendaya a happy birthday i m hopeful he won t come back for this - theo-retically | ia (5 months ago)
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if he didn t come back on to wish zendaya a happy birthday i m hopeful he won t come back for this - theo-retically (5 months ago)
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Honest Crashtappen Fan
Wishing happy birthday to zendaya means I m a zendaya fan? - Honest Crashtappen Fan (5 months ago)
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Tek Solo
Happy Bday Zendaya! - Tek Solo (5 months ago)
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maicol Cantú León
happy birthday I wish you well with your family and friends doing their best as a actress - maicol Cantú León (5 months ago)
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NOS Energyman
Happy Birthday! - NOS Energyman (5 months ago)
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Cam Ortona
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Happy birthday zendaya, i hate drawing hands. - - ang (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - RONALD (5 months ago)

27 years old (Born on September 01, 1996)

American actor; She is famous from Shake It Up as Raquel "Rocky" Blue.

Has been seen in the Kidz Bop music video "Hot N Cold". Attended Oakland School for the Arts and had to leave, to move to LA when she got the role of "Rocky Blue" on "No Ritmo" (2010) Favorite TV Show: "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999). Favorite singer is Michael Jackson. Is one of the back-up dancers in the Sears Arrive music video, featuring Selena Gomez.

Zendaya's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the flyest to ever do it
Happy birthday Princess
Always reppin The Bay Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the immensely talented Zendaya.
Happy Birthday ! when we recorded
Happy Birthday to the biggest goofball I know,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my favorite cover girl
Happy Birthday to this queen Hope you have a beautiful day!
Lil bro singing your theme song  Happy birthday bday twin!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday, Zendaya.
Happy Birthday to our friend  We hope to see you again soon!
Happy 22nd birthday to
Happy 26th Birthday to this rock star!
Happy birthday to my queen, angel and actual loml,
Happy 21st Birthday, Your star is shining so bright, and we are here for every bit of it!
Happy Birthday Queen.
 happy 18! Help give da best bday ever & help to child.
Happy Birthday Donated 4 Ur Birthday. Such a selfless and thoughtful bday wish.
Glam but with some edge!! 
Happy Birthday
Happy 26th birthday to Zendaya.
Wishing a huge happy birthday! Here is the
Zac Efron Wishes Goofball Zendaya A Happy Birthday With A Silly Pic
Happy Birthday, Zendaya!
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday, 19 Time She Was All Of Us On Instagram
Wishing a Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Zendaya...
Happy birthday to Emmy award winning actress and Mj herself, Zendaya!
 happy birthday zendaya
Happy 21st Birthday to the incredibly talented You\re the greatest!
Happy birthday ! The actress turns 22 today.
Wishing Zendaya a very happy birthday!
Happy birthday, The talented actress turns 22 today. We hope she\s having an amazing day!
Happy Birthday to singer/dancer/actress and friend of
Happy birthday the actress, singer and red carpet assassin is 22 today
Happy 21st birthday,
Happy Birthday to this angelic bb,
 | Kenan Thompson ripped into Leonardo Di Caprio after wishing Zendaya happy birthday at Emmys

More below:
Happy 21st Birthday to the triple-threat (actress, singer, AND dancer) entertainer,
Happy 21st birthday Zendaya!
Happy 21st birthday,
-happy birthday zendaya
Happy Birthday to Zendaya! Can\t wait to see her in and
Happy Birthday Zendaya
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to Tumblr fave
 :Happy birthday to our girl
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to one of my favourite people ever, zendaya <3
Happy Birthday  we\ve always got your back.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the Beautiful & Fierce
 happy birthday zendaya we love you!
That I ve been in multiple awesome IMAX movies, oh and it s also my birthday feeling. Happy Birthday, Zendaya!
If you re wishing a happy birthday
Happy 23th birthday, Zendaya
Happy 26th birthday to the beautiful and talented Zendaya

{zendaya Coleman, happy birthday zendaya,
Happy birthday Zendaya!!
Happy Birthday
Happy 25th Birthday to Zendaya
Happy birthday Zendaya!
How not give thanks to God for today? He gave us the most precious gift we have, you. Happy birthday
Happy birthday to my KWEEN
Since it\s z\s birthday in greece, happy birthday grandma, i hope you\re having fun being a grandma ily
I hope you spend this time happily because it\s your day honey ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYA
 thank you for playing this icon. happy birthday rue rue
Happy birthday zendaya!   i love you so much!
 happy birthday to angel zendaya
It s Z s birthday in Greece! I hope she s having fun! Happy birthday Zendaya!
When zendaya wishes amy adams happy birthday tomorrow
Happy birthday to our girl, Zendaya
Happy Birthday <3
Happy birthday to the ray of light that is !!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, QUEEN
Happy birthday to the queen herself here s to a 24th year around the sun
Thinking about Zendaya s happy birthday stories for Hunter s 22nd
Happy birthday Zendaya
Happy 19th birthday to my idol  since 2010
Happy birthday, Keep making magic.
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Me when i see happy birthday zendaya and jungkook on at the top of beyonce dot com
I made this 4 years ago but happy 26th birthday to zendaya. lots of love x
Happy birthday to one of our favorite supporters, from the kids!
 All of me, loves all of you Happy Birthday
Ayo    happy birthday zendaya
Happy birthday zendaya
Happy birthday to your profile pic may the old one rest in peace
Happy birthday baby
We want to wish a big happy 18th birthday to our girl Appreciate all your support and hope today is great
Happy 19th Birthday Zendaya  I love you so much
Happy birthday, Zendaya! See her best looks:
It\s star big day. Happy birthday and keep rocking!
Happy birthday darling i love yo so much xx
Aight time for bed, happy early bday to my lord & saviour zendaya, & goodnight to all my followers <3
Tom Holland Wishes Co-Star Zendaya a Happy Birthday
Wishing Zendaya - 2nd grader a Happy Birthday on the
Happy birthday to the beautiful zendaya!
Happy Birthday xoxo Rob
Happy birthday my love
Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful girl Zendaya , I hope you have a great day muffin
Happy birthday to continue to slay all of our lives    sending you love x light
Happy birthday queen
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday queen Z
Happy birthday you sexy bitch
So beyonce really sang happy birthday to zendaya? That s what she deserves
Happy birthday you the actual owner of the sun ! i love you so much
Happy birthday, Zendaya
Happy birthday zendaya my beloved
Happy birthday zendaya
 birthday girl! happy bday to ml ily<3
Happy Birthday, Zendaya
Happy birthday zendaya <3
The caption literally says today is mother Theresas birthday yet people are still commenting Happy Birthday Zendaya
Zendaya Happy birthday
Happy G Day to my son  he made 18 today. They grow up so fast  give him a birthday please
Happy Birthday, Zendaya! In Kürze könnt ihr in ihrer neuen Serie im Disney Channel sehen!
Just a reminder that is a queen.
Happy Birthday, Webhead!
Zendaya wishes Ronnie Spector a Happy Birthday on her Instagram Stories
It s Virgo season hollaaaaa! Beyoncé wishing Zendaya and other celebs a happy bday! Look at mini Daya
Happy birthday to this beautiful goddess of a woman
I wish them the HAPPIEST   Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday zendaya
Happy Birthday My Doppelganger       love you !
Happy Late Birthday
Happy birthday, to the beautiful and down to earth zendaya. I hope you have an amazing day, you\re the sweetest!
Happy birthday 8 times she slayed the Internet with class and positivity:
Happy 1st Birthday to my goddaughter Zendaya today
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, See the singer-actress\ style evolution:
Happy 22nd birthday to my babygirl zendaya  see you soon;)
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Star Tom Holland Wishes ZENDAYA a Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday ! You\re
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to our girl  KEEP KILLIN\ IT
Happy Birthday Gotta keep it all on replay!!
Yes, on this day, 25 years ago the queen was born... happy birthday zendaya!!
World Zendaya\s day   Happy birthday to my woman
[Happy birthday to the amazing   ]
Happy 25th Birthday Zendaya!
Happy 25th birthday queen
Happy Birthday Zendaya <3
Happy birthday to the queen, zendaya <3
Happy birthday to the incredibly talented Zendaya!
Happy birthday to the Queen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN Youre so inspiring and a breath of fresh air. Your TCA award speech was everything
Happy Early 19th Birthday to Zendaya   ( all though it\s next month )
Happy birthday !!!!   Zendaya        Zendaya                            I love u so much!!
Happy birthday have an amazing day!
Happy birthday to my queen
Happy Birthday to mom
Happy birthday, Here are 9 of her quotes that remind us just how awesome she is
HAPPY BDAY ! Miss you boo!!!! May ur nails and eyebrows continue to be on point
Happy birthday to this goddess  my one and only inspiration to succeed in life
Everybody better wish our president miss zendaya a happy birthday tomorrow
. more like ZenSLAYa! Happy birthday to a true queen!
Happy Birthday, Zendaya!
Happy 21st bday  Here\s 7 times she was a total badass to celebrate >>>
Happy birthday to Oakland\s own Doing big things with grace and poise!
Happy birthday to the most stunning human being of this world. the ultimate queen
Happy birthday
Happy birthday gorgeous. i love you so much.
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Love you as much as you love haagendazs
Happy birthday zendaya I love you so much
Happy Birthday to our MJ
Happy birthday to my whole ass wife
Happy birthday
All of you better say happy birthday zendaya
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Zendaya!
Happy 24th birthday zendaya, the other disney girls aren t doing it like you
And on september first the beyonce website will display HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNGKOOK AND ZENDAYA BEST DAY OF MY LIFE
Happy Birthday to one and only
Happy 25th birthday to the gorgeous  Zendaya!
Happy birthday to Zendaya, the youngest Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy winner in history!
Happy Birthday Zendaya!
Happy Birthday !
Megan wishing zendaya a happy birthday i can dye happily now goodbye
 happy birthday to the girl who stole my heart and ran away <3
Happy birthday it girl zendaya
Happy birthday to the loml, zendaya <3 forever grateful for you.
Happy 26th Birthday Zendaya!

Kamu paling suka sama penampilannya di mana?
Happy birthday Zendaya:) And,My birthday!!!!!!!
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Fun Facts About Zendaya

Her father is African-American, and her mother, who is caucasian, her German, Irish, and English ancestry.
She danced with Future Shock Oakland for three years.

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