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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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y’all have no idea how proud I’m of her, she’s my biggest inspiration and she taught me a lot of thingz like u have to accept yourself always and u should don’t give a puck bout people say, cz they always judge but u better of them. thank u isabella for who you are, u never change and i know u’ll never do it. i support you since always ( 2010 to be precise, why aren’t you still my wifey? ) and i grow with you, with your music and your movies. your voice relax me and the way you act make me feel so proud cz u’re so good sis. i can’t wait to see you as catwoman gdamn i love you so much. thank you to lisa & lenny and to karl that makes you happy & in love cause you deserve it more than everyone. happy bday again u 31 today but you look like 17 tell me how??? i love you. ps. can y’all please tag zoë in the comments? i’ll appreciate it so much. - @zoekravitzsource (1 year ago)
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And Zoe Kravitz just wished him a happy birthday a couple days ago calling him a trouble maker - Tanya (2 months ago)
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lyra sky
Happy birthday Zoe Kravitz! I love your style rearly.\'coz I can feel your own taste like great r&r musics. Stay bea - lyra sky (3 months ago)
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Happy belated bday to zoë kravitz - emma (3 months ago)
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My main task today was to wish Zoë Kravitz a happy birthday - Tic (3 months ago)
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ish⁷♡진 day!
I missed zoe kravitz s birthday yesterday but anyways happy birthday queen i love u so much you re everything i wan - ish⁷♡진 day! (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the literal queen of the earth Zoë Kravitz ily - CAMsterdam (3 months ago)
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☆ BELL$☆
Happy Birthday Zoe Kravitz - ☆ BELL$☆ (3 months ago)
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HBO Max needs to do Zoë Kravitz a favor and pick up season 2 of High Fidelity. She\'s abt to make Warner Bros. BANK - ValleyWitch✩ (3 months ago)
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North Trenton
And Happy Birthday to Simon Dawkins, Tabarie Henry, Vance Joy, Brett Williams, Zoe Kravitz, Dan Mavraides, Tyler Joseph and Sotelum. - North Trenton (3 months ago)
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Happy 32nd birthday to the beautiful See her most glamorous red carpet moments: - Access (3 months ago)
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Unapologetically Her Podcast
Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that\'s when you\'re most beautiful. Happy - Unapologetically Her Podcast (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday so zoë kravitz, one of the most beautiful girls like ever - autumn. (3 months ago)
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Happy bday zoë kravitz i am offering u my hand in marriage - flavie (3 months ago)
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HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY to ZOE KRAVITZ!! Career years: 2007 - present Born Zoë Isabella Kravitz, American actress, sing - Space-reporter-news (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday zoë kravitz - i cry everyday knowing that high fidelity isn t getting a second season - meg (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the queen herself, Zoë Kravitz - mic (3 months ago)
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ava ╱ mando spoilers !
Happy ( late ) birthday zoë kravitz !! what a woman - ava ╱ mando spoilers ! (3 months ago)
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ً brit
Happy 32nd birthday to the ethereal zoë kravitz - ً brit (3 months ago)
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Since December is my favorite month, we are gonna celebrate birthdays all month long HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RICHARD PRYOR - ⭐️FUKO⭐️ (3 months ago)
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Madsz who loves all Maraudetes except for her
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE KRAVITZ! - Madsz who loves all Maraudetes except for her (3 months ago)
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Bianca ★
Everyone say happy birthday Zoe Kravitz - Bianca ★ (3 months ago)
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Reviews by Brooks
Happy Birthday to our Selina Kyle, Zoe Kravitz! - Reviews by Brooks (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to actor and producer, Zoe Kravitz! Which one of her 38 roles has been your favorite? - VuduFans (3 months ago)
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¡lua ash! ✿ scamand
Happy birthday Zoe Kravitz perfeita talentosa e maravilhosa essa mulher é tudo - ¡lua ash! ✿ scamand (3 months ago)
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Happy 32nd Birthday Zoe Kravitz - DAILY CELEBZ (3 months ago)
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Rotten Tomatoes
Meow meow! We\'re wishing a very Happy Birthday to Zoë Kravitz! - Rotten Tomatoes (3 months ago)
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Leta Lestrange
Hoje é o dia dela uma baita atriz, ativista, modelo, cantora, mulher mais linda do mundo e minha inspiração. depos - Leta Lestrange (3 months ago)
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It s zoe kravitz s birthday everybody go tell my wife happy birthday - romeo (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the love of my life zoë kravitz - alina (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to our newest Catwoman, Zoë Kravitz! This is one of my favorite artwork of Selina Kyle, if anyone kn - George (3 months ago)
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Happy 32nd Birthday to our beautiful Selina Kyle/Catwoman, the absolutely stunning Ms. Zoë Kravitz. - Jesabel (3 months ago)
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banjo kazooë
Happy birthday to the queen Zoë Kravitz. it s an honor to be named after you - banjo kazooë (3 months ago)
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biracial is beautiful
Happy 32nd birthday to Zoë Kravitz! - biracial is beautiful (3 months ago)
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Therese Shechter
Happy birthday to actress Zoë Kravitz! \"I really get offended by people assuming [having a baby] is something that - Therese Shechter (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the stunning Zoe Kravitz - CelebrityLovin (3 months ago)
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Mad Max Movie
Happy Birthday to our Toast the Knowing, Zoe Kravitz! - Mad Max Movie (3 months ago)
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DC News
HOJE É DIA DELA! Hoje é um dia mais que especial, é aniversário da atriz Zoe Kravitz, a nossa Selina Kyle. Estam - DC News (3 months ago)
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Frijolera ☭
Please wish my wife Zoe Kravitz a happy birthday - Frijolera ☭ (3 months ago)
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Doris Spears
Happy birthday to my forever woman crush the beautiful and talented Zoe Kravitz - Doris Spears (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday zoe kravitz i m so glad i gave my life over to you! - becx (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the queen of my heart, better known as zoe kravitz - LUZ (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the fierce & fab Ms. We are gonna miss seeing her in the series - YOUNG HOLLYWOOD (3 months ago)
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Repost from Happy Blazin\' Hot Birthday to Golden Brooks, Janelle Monáe, and Zoë Kravitz. - DJ I.N.C. (3 months ago)
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Also happy belated bday to mia goth and happy birthday to zoë kravitz - angela (3 months ago)
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Global Grind
Happy Birthday, Zoë! Zoë Kravitz has always been beautiful but as she grows into her own, her gorgeousness is s - Global Grind (3 months ago)
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kay, ceo of evc
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOML ZOË KRAVITZ - kay, ceo of evc (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Actress & Singer Zoe Kravitz - Topcat (3 months ago)
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baby genius
Happy birthday to Zoë Kravitz, a woman so hot no one can even muster the strength to be jealous - baby genius (3 months ago)

32 years old (Born on December 01, 1988)

American actress; She is famous from X-Men: First Class.

Granddaughter of Roxie Roker and Sy Kravitz. Daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Best friend of Olivia Thirlby. Granddaughter of Roxie Roker.

Zoe Kravitz's Best Moments

Happy birthday zoë kravitz
Happy birthday Zoë Kravitz.
Happy Birthday to the one and only, Zoë Kravitz
Happy birthday zoë kravitz
Happy birthday to my beautiful queen zoë kravitz <33 love you so so much
Happy Birthday to the baddest. We love you Zoë Kravitz and can t wait to see you in The Batman
Happy 32nd birthday to Zoe Kravitz our Selina Kyle/Catwoman What a fabulous queen :)))
Happy Birthday to Zoe Kravitz!
Happy birthday miss zoë kravitz <3
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman ever, Zoë Kravitz
Happy birthday to the beautiful zoë kravitz (    )
Happy Birthday to Zoë Kravitz AND Leta Lestrange
Happy birthday to the one and only queen zoë kravitz , it\s her world and we are just living in it
Happy birthday to zoe kravitz, a talented and kind person who i love the most
Happy birthday zoe kravitz sana magbago ka na stay what you are
Nicole Kidman celebrating Zoe Kravitz Birthday Happy Birthday Zoe
Happy Birthday to actor and producer, Zoe Kravitz! Which one of her 38 roles has been your favorite?
Happy Birthday Zoe Kravitz
1st Dec
Celebs Birthday Today 
Happy Birthday to Zoë Kravitz!!!
Happy Birthday to our Angel, Zoe Kravitz!
Happy Birthday Zoe Kravitz
Happy Birthday Zoë Kravitz!
Happy birthday to the one and only Zoe Kravitz
Happy Birthday to Zoë Kravitz  ! What\s your favorite of her movies?
   Oh 31 what a great age. 
Happy Birthday Zoe Kravitz!
Happy birthday zoë kravitz
Happy birthday Zoë Kravitz
My Name a Woman 2020 calendar closes out strong! Happy BDAY Zoë Kravitz lmao
Happy birthday Zoe Kravitz aka Selina Kyle Catwoman in The Batman.
Happy Birthday to our wonderful Catwoman, Zoe Kravitz
Happy birthday Zoë Kravitz
Happy birthday Zoë Kravitz
Happy 32nd birthday to Zoë Kravitz!
Happy bday zoë kravitz i am offering u my hand in marriage
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Fun Facts About Zoe Kravitz

Her grandmother Roxie Roker died at 2 minutes after midnight on December 2, 1995. Zoe`s family was concerned that her grandmother would die on her birthday and they did not want to commemorate the death of her grandmother on the same day as Zoe`s birthday.
Goddaughter of Marisa Tomei.

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