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#Justiceforcharlie \"Charlie\" OUT NOW!!
Happy birthday young Rod Stewart lol - #Justiceforcharlie \"Charlie\" OUT NOW!! (2 months ago)
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Last Exit To Nowhere
\"I didn\'t really care about meeting Rod Stewart or Sonny and Cher. I wanted to meet Groucho Marx, Fred Astaire, Err - Last Exit To Nowhere (2 months ago)
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The Scottish Sun
Celtic star Ryan Christie & Rod Stewart wish happy 70th birthday - The Scottish Sun (2 months ago)
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The Scotsman
A musician from the BBC Concert Orchestra also performed Happy Birthday on the bagpipes for him. - The Scotsman (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Andrew Loog Oldham. Born this day in 1944. Former manager and producer of The Rolling Stones. He - Kenny (2 months ago)
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Blu PATS Legacy
Grammy Winner Rod Stewart Have I Told You Lately How much I Love You No money made. For Love for my Cat with only - Blu PATS Legacy (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart hope you have a great day!!! - MarilynRodgers (3 months ago)
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Dianne Rockefeller
Happy birthday to Rod The Mod - Dianne Rockefeller (3 months ago)
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Gary Doyle
happy birthday - after Ibrox, my favourite memory of you was at Rod Stewart concert in Atlanta! R - Gary Doyle (3 months ago)
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Trixie Averill
Happy Happy Birthday Rod Stewart!! You ve given so many of us wonderful memories, great music, and we w - Trixie Averill (3 months ago)
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caol ann austin
Sorry it late Happy birthday sir Rod stewart thanks for photos penny have a great day sta - caol ann austin (3 months ago)
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Ms. Ironical 2.0
Rod Stewart.. just like you. Happy belated Birthday! - Ms. Ironical 2.0 (3 months ago)
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Aidan O\'Neill
I know I\'m a day late, but happy birthday to Sir Rod Stewart!!! - Aidan O\'Neill (3 months ago)
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Holly Stubblefield
Happy birthday Sexy Rod Stewart and many many many more. - Holly Stubblefield (3 months ago)
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Eunice Ribeiro
Wonderful Gary, more than special, I loved it! Rod Stewart it\'s fantastic! Yesterday was Sir Rod Stewart\'s b - Eunice Ribeiro (3 months ago)
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Philip Hilton
Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart: 10 facts about the iconic singer - Philip Hilton (3 months ago)
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helen donoghue
Happy birthday Rod Stewart xx - helen donoghue (3 months ago)
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Sissy Keatleen Jones
Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart - Sissy Keatleen Jones (3 months ago)
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BFBS Radio
Belated Happy 76th Birthday Rod Stewart is looking for the top 10 famous people called Stewart, St - BFBS Radio (3 months ago)
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Paul Campos
Happy 76th birthday Rod Stewart - Paul Campos (3 months ago)
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Chain of Hope UK
Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart, from all your friends at Chain of Hope. - Chain of Hope UK (3 months ago)
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Jane Knight
happy birthday rod Stewart saw him live so long ago - Jane Knight (3 months ago)
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A warm, scratchy voice. Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart! - SoulCollectionRadio (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday Sir Rod Stewart - Roma (3 months ago)
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Mani Singh
Happy Birthday Rod Stewart from our Retro Music Group in India. ! - Mani Singh (3 months ago)
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adriana gallizioli
Happy Birthday Rod Stewart - adriana gallizioli (3 months ago)
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Angie Trostle
Happy Bday Rod Stewart. You are my favorite artist of all time. You are one of a kind. Your voice ca - Angie Trostle (3 months ago)
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Elton Evans
Happy Birthday Rod Stewart, Thanks for the fun, the entertainment, the music & not falling in love with ditc - Elton Evans (3 months ago)
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Kang Dien
Rod Stewart - Sailing (Official Video) via Happy Birthday Rod Stewart! - Kang Dien (3 months ago)
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10 de Enero 1945 happy birthday Rod Stewart - [email protected] (3 months ago)
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Ilir Meta
Happy birthday Sir Rod Stewart! Thank you for filling our lives with decades of wonderful songs and - Ilir Meta (3 months ago)
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Charo Fernández
¡Happy Birthday No. 76!!! Rod Stewart - Charo Fernández (3 months ago)
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With his distinctive raspy singing voice, Sir Rod Stewart is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, hav - TAD MANAGEMENT (3 months ago)
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The Duck Loves Rock
Happy 76th Birthday Rod Stewart! Here s a song for you Stay With Me by Faces - The Duck Loves Rock (3 months ago)
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Scott Westerman
Happy Birthday to: Scott McKenzie, 1939 (d. 2012); Frank Sinatra, Jr., 1944 (d. 2016); Jim Croce, 1943 (d.1973); Ro - Scott Westerman (3 months ago)
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Classic Rock In Pics
Happy 76th Birthday to Rod Stewart, born this day in Highgate, London, England. - Classic Rock In Pics (3 months ago)
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Sheena Jackson
Happy birthday to Sir Rod Stewart and Pat Benatar. - Sheena Jackson (3 months ago)
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Chris Smith
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George Schmidt (G)
Happy 76th Birthday to ROD STEWA - George Schmidt (G) (3 months ago)
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Carmen Madridista2
Rod Stewart, one of the iconic voices in British rock turns 76 today. Happy birthday Sir Rod! - Carmen Madridista2 (3 months ago)
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Darren queree
Happy birthday Sir Rod Stewart Top Man - Darren queree (3 months ago)
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Stephen McWilliams
Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart!!!! An honourary Scotsman and a great singer.Have a fabulous day celebrating!!! - Stephen McWilliams (3 months ago)
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Nicole Storeshaw
Happy Birthday to the legend Sir Rod Stewart!! - Nicole Storeshaw (3 months ago)
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Alberto Bueno
If you are a person that like to heard a good song. Rod Stewart is music legendary. 76 years old keeping his min - Alberto Bueno (3 months ago)
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Brian A Mullin
Rod Stewart Maggie May Live @ Concert For Diana via Happy Birthday Rod Stewart - Brian A Mullin (3 months ago)
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Soulbar Stone
Happy Birthday Rod Stewart 1945 1 10 76 Donald Fagen 1948 1 10 73 - Soulbar Stone (3 months ago)
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Chip Cruze
Happy Birthday, Rod Stewart - Forever Young (Official Video) via - Chip Cruze (3 months ago)
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Rob Henderson
happy birthday Jan. didn t realise you shared your special day with Rod Stewart, hope you have a good one. - Rob Henderson (3 months ago)
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philip simm
Happy birthday rod Stewart - philip simm (3 months ago)
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Calendar Club UK
Happy birthday, This 2021 wall calendar features fabulous photos and is perfect for any Rod Stewart - Calendar Club UK (3 months ago)

76 years old (Born on January 10, 1945)

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

Rod Stewart's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart who turns 76 years young today
Happy Birthday, Sir Rod Stewart
Happy birthday to Rod Stewart! I\m sure he\s still talking about that night I took my selfie with him...
Happy birthday Rod Stewart!
Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart and Abbey Clancy - Hope you both have a special day!
Happy Birthday  Sir Rod Stewart
HAPPY BIRTHDAY;    ROD STEWA10th of January 75 now
Happy birthday Rod Stewart.
And of course, a happy birthday to the one & only Rod Stewart!!!
Happy Birthday Sir Rod  Stewart, CBE  10 th January 1945  is a British rock singer and songwriter.
Hey Rod Stewart, tonight s your night. Happy Birthday!
Heartbeat of music..Happy Birthday to Sir Rod Stewart..still looking HOT..
Happy Birthday  Rod Stewart
Happy birthday to Rod the Mod, the great Rod Stewart.
Happy Birthday to Sir Rod Stewart , 73 today!
Great artist Rod Stewart,Sir Happy Birthday 73 year old
Happy Birthday, Rod Stewart! We will see you at Sprint Center on Aug. 14.
 Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart
Happy Birthday, Rod * Or... How I Used The Internet To Celebrate Rod Stewart\s Birthday
Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart !
Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart and Pat Benetar!
Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart, who turns 72 today!
Happy Birthday to Rod Stewart, born Jan 10th 1945
Rod is one of the best selling artists of all time.
Happy birthday to Rod Stewart! O cantor e compositor britânico celebra o seu 73º aniversário.
 Stay With Me  Happy Birthday Today 1/10 to the legendary Rod Stewart. Rock ON!
     Happy birthday Rod Stewart.
Happy birthday, Sir Rod Stewart!
Happy birthday Rod Stewart
Happy birthday Sir Rod Stewart, 73.
Happy birthday Rod Stewart...
Happy birthday Sir Rod Stewart!!
Wishing a happy 73rd birthday to Sir Rod Stewart!
Happy Birthday Rod Stewart!
Happy birthday to Rod Stewart.  The man sold over 100 million records.
Happy birthday to Rod Stewart!
ROCK ROYALTY! Happy Birthday Wishes to Rod Stewart!
Still sexy at 73.  Sugar, we\re telling you so. Happy Birthday, Rod Stewart
Happy Birthday Sir Rod Stewart!!!
né un 10 janvier 
Happy Birthday Sir Roderick Stewart  Photo by Michael Putland
Happy 75 Birthday Rod Stewart
Happy birthday Sir Rod Stewart
Happy Birthday Mr. Rod Stewart
 Happy Birthday to Sir Rod Stewart !
Happy birthday, Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart - Broken Arrow (Official Video)  via Happy Birthday Rod
I can t let the day go by without wishing Sir Rod Stewart a Happy Birthday.
I m wishing Sir Rod Stewart a very very happy birthday
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