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Happy Birthday to Barbara Streisand Adele with Barbara at The Oscars February 2013! - Adelettes (13 hours ago)
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Chuck & Tammi Gates
Happy Birthday to our spunky life-filled Graycen Adele. Hard to believe you came into this world a whole SIX years - Chuck & Tammi Gates (15 hours ago)
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Happy birthday! - Abby07 (16 hours ago)
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Adele Hansen
Everyone wish this girl a HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY today!!!! I love you and I can t wait to make more memor - Adele Hansen (17 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday!!!! - Francesco (19 hours ago)
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Happy birthday Will Munson. - NoimnotTHATadele (1 day ago)
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Paulie B
Happy birthday to Adele dad happy birthday sir hope you are having a great day - Paulie B (1 day ago)
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DeSmet Volleyball
Big Happy Birthday to Freshman coach Ms. Adele Phillips. We hope you have as much fun as this woman. - DeSmet Volleyball (1 day ago)
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Heather speers
Trying desperately to get a message to you, my daughter was born the same day as you and - Heather speers (1 day ago)
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Bree Moynihan
It s Taurus season. the best, most beautiful ppl around. Happy bday I share this sign with - Bree Moynihan (2 days ago)
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Adele Siviter
Happy Birthday Queen, Queen of my country that tomorrow is planning to end the life of a beautiful baby boy Al - Adele Siviter (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday queen - Jonathan (2 days ago)
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Diaz | Lady Gaga
happy birthday! as a gift i will give you a have a wonderful year girll - Diaz | Lady Gaga (2 days ago)
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hey i know you\'d think ima stranger, but happy birthday - STIR THE POT! (2 days ago)
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Malaria Trump
Happy Birthday bihhhhhh!! Have a great year ahead of you - Malaria Trump (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday mami - haiqal (3 days ago)
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La Fiamma Ent.
Having a great time at Adelle\'s 10th birthday party. Happy birthday, Adele! - La Fiamma Ent. (3 days ago)
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ʞɔns oʇ ʇɟǝl sʞɔᴉp ou
Happy birthday to one of my favorite persons here on message xoxo - ʞɔns oʇ ʇɟǝl sʞɔᴉp ou (3 days ago)
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Happy birthday sweety - nena (3 days ago)
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happy birthday! - Boввy (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Emma!!x - adeleskinner✨ (3 days ago)
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Adele PJ
Happy birthday to .Have a great time in Lestah tonight and there s a chance you may see us on FaceTime later.... - Adele PJ (3 days ago)
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Bowlegged Lou
Happy April 16th Birthday Martin Lawrence. - Bowlegged Lou (4 days ago)
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Teresa Elliott
Happy Birthday Adele!! - Teresa Elliott (4 days ago)
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Rocko Ebooks
Happy birthday to Keep being awesome! I really wanna belt out some adele rn. - Rocko Ebooks (4 days ago)
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InSight Gallery
Happy Birthday yesterday to adelebwells! Adele has never met a stranger, keeps us all laughing, - InSight Gallery (4 days ago)
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Nekrogoblikon is better than U
Happy Birthday to la maman d\'Adèle - Nekrogoblikon is better than U (4 days ago)
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Pirate d’eau douce.
Happy Birthday to la maman d\'Adèle - Pirate d’eau douce. (4 days ago)
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Adele Pitwell
- Adele Pitwell (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday sa naka virgin sa akong dorm. Happy Birthday, Adele - Kid (5 days ago)
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Sarah Brown
Adorable, happy birthday! From Moonpie and Adele - Sarah Brown (5 days ago)
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Alex OGunner
Blessings like rain shall never cease from your house hold.... Happy birthday Nigerian own Adele - Alex OGunner (6 days ago)
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Bailey Hymel
Happy birthday Adele! Hope it was a great one!! Love you - Bailey Hymel (6 days ago)
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Happy birthday adele! hope you had a great day, esp writing our eng essay love you long time!! enjoy some of the - hales (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Adele!!! i love you so much!!! you re my favorite person in the entire world!!!!! you re a star!!! m - becca (6 days ago)
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Kacie Dennis
Happy birthday to my best friend ADELE!!!!!! i love u so much and so happy we are such great friends!! :)) lol and - Kacie Dennis (6 days ago)
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happy birthday Adele!! x - KB (6 days ago)
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happy birthday adele - bex (6 days ago)
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Liz McCord
Happy birthday to my forever partner in crime, my Gaga/Adele/Katy Perry/Sam Smith/Ariana Grande stan, my (not so) b - Liz McCord (6 days ago)
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happy birthday adele!!! - alex (1 week ago)
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Mike Hicks
Happy birthday Adele miss you! - Mike Hicks (1 week ago)
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Adele Starr™
Since I don t care and I will post what I like to! I just want to say a massive happy 20th birthday to one of my be - Adele Starr™ (1 week ago)
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Saniyya Adams
Happy birthday Adele!! Thank you for being such a sweetheart and good friend! Hope your day is as amazing as you ar - Saniyya Adams (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Simon thank you for making adele happy I love you and you re a blessing to this world king - ᴶᴶ (1 week ago)
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↗ Promoted
Happy birthday Simon thank you for making adele happy I love you and you re a blessing to this world king - ↗ Promoted (1 week ago)
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Paula Wallace
Happy Birthday Adele, am thinkin\' it must be a special one so sending extra special love - Paula Wallace (1 week ago)
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Juana Patlan
Happy Birthday, Simon !!!! I\'m sure Adele has something very special planned for you !!! Have a Great Day !!! - Juana Patlan (1 week ago)
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Hoje é bday do simon? omg happy birthday to your man - ㅤㅤkevin (1 week ago)
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happy birthday simon - CARO LINETTE (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday simon, you\'ve filled Adele\'s life with happiness and we love you for that & for being a great man, a - ❥ (1 week ago)

29 years old (Born on May 05, 1988)

British singer-songwriter; She is famous from 'Rolling In The Deep' and 'Someone Like You' Singles.

She is dating David Archuleta. (thespoof.com)

Adele's Best Moments

Billboard: Happy birthday, Adele!
TheEllenShow: \"Happy birthday, Adele! 29. You know, that would make a great title for an album.
Happy birthday Adele! From pranks to photobombs, here are 10 of her funniest moments
Hello,  Happy birthday!
  Happy birthday to fan
    Happy Birthday to Barbara Streisand Adele with Barbara at The Oscars February 2013!
Happy 29th birthday to 15x Grammy-award winner,
Happy birthday to this absolute QUEEN
Happy birthday to this great person with big kind heart.  Let\s appreciate Adele\s beautiful title \Simon\s wife\
Happy Birthday
Radiodisney \"Happy Birthday Adele!!
Here\s wishing the queen of high notes, a very happy birthday! We bet you will never find anyone like her!
Happy 29th birthday to one of the best-selling artists of our generation and winner of 15
Happy 29th birthday, Adele!
Happy Birthday to the one who loves my singing and adele the most
Happy belated 29th Birthday to the ever astounding Adele.
Happy birthday to my adele
Happy Birthday sa naka virgin sa akong dorm. Happy Birthday, Adele
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday bitch i hate you so much
Happy 29th birthday Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Happy birthday, You are more amazing than you\ll ever know. All my love!
Happy birthday simon & myself we both love u lots
Happy birthday to my songbird   may your day be filled with a plethora of Adele, John and Ed!
Happy Birthday to the one with the most beautiful voice and a heart of gold -
Happy birthday to beautiful Adele!
Happy birthday to the amazing
Wishing the lovely a Happy Birthday! 

Happy birthday Adele! WomensHealthMag
Happy birthday to the SECOND best twins around. ps, A\s are always better
Happy birthday Adele Springsteen
Happy Birthday, Adele!
Happy 29th birthday Adele!!! We love you so much, hope 29 is amazing to you, have fun!!!!
Happy 29th Birthday to same week she\s been announced Britain\s wealthiest musician under 30! Congrats!
29 years ago a legend was born.

Happy birthday you beautiful human.
Happy Birthday, Adele!
Happy Birthday, Sir David Attenborough - here he is narrating Adele s Hello video
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 29 ans aujourd\hui (heure  ) !
Ya han dado las doce y es el cumpleaños de la mujer a la que le debo todo este sueño. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday queen. you\re the loml.
Happy Birthday adele i love you
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins celebrates her birthday today! Happy Birthday!

What\s your favourite Adele single?
Happy birthday baby!!
I love you so so much and i can\t wait to see you again!  +29
 Happy Birthday to You  wonderful woman
Wishing a very happy birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday See all of our channels featuring Adele\s music and much more at
Happy birthday adele  stay healthy lagi ka na hospital hahaha and God bless u beshie
Happy 19th birthday gorgeous girl    hope you have a great day love you so much    xxxxxxxxx
Happy birthday to my talented twin I love you so much adele! Don\t forget me when you\re famous
Happy birthday hope Sheffield treats you well tonight, love you long time
Our ADELE ..
Happy birthday to you beautiful ...
Wish y\all the best
92 years ! happy birthday Adele !
Happy Birthday my life
Happy Birthday,
 My Queen 
Happy Birthday
I Love . By : David From Mexico   I\m Your Fan Since 9 Years
 Happy Birthday my Lady.
Królowa jest tylko One&only. Happy birthday
My kid wanted to dedicate his dance to you  Happy Birthday Have an amazing day
Happy birthday dear Adele
Happy Birthday to the goddess! Thanks for inspiring us all.
. we have been with you through \19\, \21\ and \25\. We hope \29\ will appear soon! Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Adele!!!
Happy birthday to this absolute queen Here\s to the next 29 years
Happy Birthday We just love that laugh
Hoy celebramos el cumpleaños de ¡Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday,  After 19, 21, and 25, maybe 29 will be next?
Happy Birthday one and only !
Happy 29th birthday to our girl
Happy birthday my Queen
Happy birthday jeremy douglas
 adele\s gona sing happy birthday to you have a gr8 day!
Happy birthday to my bestie of over twenty years! !!
Omg happy bday miss u
 Happy 19th Birthday to my favourite, have the bestest day! Love you lots
 same picture every year ahah but happy Birthday Adele, hope Sheffield\s treating ya well x
Happy Birthday  hope you have a wonderful day, love you lots
 Happy birthday
 | Happy Birthday Adele! Vote lagu Adele berikut yang paling Anda suka
 Happy Birthday Adele, hope it\s a good one, what\s left of it
Happy Birthday Queen .....
Happy 29th birthday my boo!
Happy birthday  I love you and I miss you!  thanks for your 29 years of existence in this world!
Happy birthday to my fav twin hope your cinco de mayo is as fab as you are chica
Happy 29th Birthday!! You will always be my inspiration! Have a wonderful day
Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you! Happy biiiirthday dear
Happy Birthday my love Loads of love to you x
Happy Birthday we love you so much
Happy birthday love of my life, Adele
Happy Birthday legend  , may you have the amaizing 29th birthday ,Thanks for everything
Happy Birthday to the most influential, talented, funniest woman in my life.  I love you
Happy birthday to this big kid!! I love her tons
Happy Birthday to Adele (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins)   About:
I know she reads us, so happy birthday to my favorite singer
Happy birthday !!!
I hope you enjoy your day!!!
Happy birthday to Adele!!!  I love u so much.
Happy birthday to the qween of everything   Keep slaying
 Happy Birthday young lady!
My inspiration, my one and only queen happy bday
Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl!!!!
Happy Birthday You are Queen I love you
Happy Birthday, perfect queen
Happy birthday have a wonderful day!
Wishing the Grammy Award winning singer, Adele a happy 29th birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the owner of one of the best laughs ever - it\s the super talented
Happy Birthday  We\re counting down the days until you take to the stage here at Wembley!
Happy Bday my beautiful Queen.  ||
Happy Birthday Adele! queen,legend,love and everything.
 Happy birthday my love !!
  Happy Birthday darlin
Happy 29th Birthday Adele! What\s your favorite Adele\s song?
Happy birthday I love you so much my queen    wish you happiness
Happy birthday my angel
Happy birthday my love
Happy Birthday Queen Adele :3
Happy birthday ! 29 ans aujourd\hui pour la chanteuse <3
Happy Birthday lovely wonderful magnificent  without make-up
Happy birthday queen Buzzing for July 2nd @ Wembley
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday to incredible &  unstoppable Adele.
Happy birthday Adele
Happy birthday!  :)
Happy Birthday to Adele!
Happy 29th birthday
 Happy birthday to you :) I love you song
Queen Adele  celebrating her 29 th birthday. Happy Birthday Adele.Will her next album be Adele 29? .
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday, Adele! She is the 2nd highest-paid woman in music with $80.5 million.
Happy Birthday to my muva, Lorie Blue Adkins, who I love more than most members of my actual family.
Happy birthday to my One and Only,
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday !
 Hello beautiful! Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to this successful women that inspired the world with her amazayn voice
   happy birthday adele my Queen                         I love so much
Happy Birthday
Bump 1 - \"Set Fire to the Rain\" Adele.  Happy 29th Birthday to Adele, born Laurie Blue Adkins, May 5th, 1988!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday !!!
Happy birthday
Happy 29th birthday, Adele.
Felicidades a la mejor Idola de mi vida un año más de vida te amo eres la mejor
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday on May 08 Adele!     Have a lovely day!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have the most amazing day filled with coffee and adele love uuuuu
  Happy Birthday Paige!!!
Happy 18th Birthday Adele! Hope you have a great day bestie, its been an amazing 15 years
Happy birthday sweet girl I hope you had a wonderful day  keep showing the world the beautiful you!
Happy bday Adele get a lil more odd than normal tonight
Dads only gone and surprised me and bought me Adele tickets happy early birthday to me so happy
Happy birthday have the best day baby
Happy 23rd birthday Adele  xxx
Happy birthday Adele miss you!
Happy birthday Adele! Hope it was a great one!! Love you
Big Happy Birthday to Freshman coach Ms. Adele Phillips. We hope you have as much fun as this woman.
Adele\s Kiwi makeup artist Michael Ashton sung Happy Birthday on stage
Happy birthday John Gielgud.
With Adele Dixon in J.B. Priestley\s Good Companions, 1931
Hulton Archive
Happy Birthday Adele Cakes
Video - My Dog Sings Adele and Happy Birthday// Meet My Dog -
Happy Birthday dear Adele
Happy birthday Melanie Adele Martinez thanks for being my huge inspiration
   - Happy early Birthday Adele!
 happy birthday For your twenty-eight years today  I liked the video in acapella of the song of adèle
 Happy 29th  birthday Love u can\t wait for next cd really loved RAH cd
Happy birthday Adele !!!!
 Happy Birthday Adele !
Adele: Happy 92th birthday!
Happy birthday to the queen of bittersweet ballads
 Happy Birthday My Queen!!! Love ya~
Happy birthday I love you! No more words. x
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the queen of the day dreamers. .
Happy Birthday     Queen Of Music Lovely Lady =)))
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN! you will forever be the artist of my life
I can\t believe she\s 29!! She\s always going to be 21 in my mind. Happy birthday you sexy bitch!!!
Happy Birthday, incredible !
 Happy Birthday Adele Hope you have a great day From one of your biggest fan in Canada
Happy Birthday my bae
As in Italy it\s a quarter past midnight, happy birthday babe You mean a lot to me . Bye bye 28, welcome 29
Happy birthday
Happy birthday delly! You\re a legend!
 Happy birthday... I know is tomorrow but... for some hours!   Happy birthday My Dear Delly!!!! Oi Oi!
 Happy 29th Birthday  I wish that you see this message
Happy Birthday to the beautiful [V]ideography: Adele, today on [V] Hits from 11am & 6pm.
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adele grammys 2013 4
Adele exclusive 5
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adele weight loss 8
Adele exclusive 10
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