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Dan Thome
Better late than never? Happy birthday Cher! - Dan Thome (10 hours ago)
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Ms Black Dress
Happy happy birthday! Many more healthy happy, love filled days to come! Muahh - Ms Black Dress (10 hours ago)
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Carla Sue
Happy Birthday - Carla Sue (11 hours ago)
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Silveria Roselli
Happy birthday Gorgeous Woman !!! - Silveria Roselli (13 hours ago)
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Nici Goodfellow
Happy belated birthday Queen xx <3 - Nici Goodfellow (14 hours ago)
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justin penney
Happy belated birthday. You are a shining star that I will look for in the night sky for as long as I can see. Much love - justin penney (17 hours ago)
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Nicole Morris
Happy happy birthday! - Nicole Morris (17 hours ago)
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Aysha Randera
Happy belated birthday.xx - Aysha Randera (18 hours ago)
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mitzie frazier
Happy birthday toooo youuu Cher you look absolutely beautiful your fan Mitzie - mitzie frazier (19 hours ago)
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Ana Carmen
Happy Memorial weekend Birthday! I m celebrating my birthday this weekend as well. Let s cheers to our life a - Ana Carmen (20 hours ago)
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Mercedes Star Howard
Happy Birthday, Cher! You are such a great preformer! I love your music. May you be blessed with many many mo - Mercedes Star Howard (20 hours ago)
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Marlene Sandbom
Happy belated birthday - Marlene Sandbom (21 hours ago)
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Happy bday - Scottsam64 (1 day ago)
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Carol Payton
Best wishes for a Happy Birthday! - Carol Payton (1 day ago)
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Nehemiah Japrof
Cher believe help me wish Kennedy gachari happy birthday - Nehemiah Japrof (1 day ago)
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Happy belated birthday Cher! - Jessie (1 day ago)
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Gloria Hall
Happy Birthday wonderful woman - Gloria Hall (1 day ago)
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Bach Abioro Ibrahim
Happy birthday mom longue vie à toi ma plus cher maman - Bach Abioro Ibrahim (1 day ago)
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Kathy Haralson
Happy birthday!! - Kathy Haralson (1 day ago)
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Laura Kerton
Happy Birthday Cher !! I love you and have since I saw you in Toronto Canada in 1965 with Sonny!! Loved you then love you now xox - Laura Kerton (1 day ago)
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I will give it to my younger brother because - Aye (1 day ago)
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Mrs. Lonesome
Happy belated bday babe xoxo I love you so much! You make my heart sparkly - Mrs. Lonesome (1 day ago)
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Mikaela Villegas
You are a bright, humorous and wonderfully beautiful being. I hope you know you\'ve graced this world with your exis - Mikaela Villegas (1 day ago)
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Aaron Spence
Happy Birthday Cher! - Aaron Spence (1 day ago)
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lola GRAGG
Happy birthday cher your thebest - lola GRAGG (1 day ago)
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Christina Dixon
Happy Birthday - Christina Dixon (1 day ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday & Congratulations for being celebrated on this week\'s episode of Da-Professor\'s Lounge - DA-PROFESSOR\'S LOUNGE (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday bonne fête comme on dit ici au Québec mon cher acteur et réalisateur préféré - JC (2 days ago)
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Ben Olson
Look who\'s 72! Happy belated birthday! Let\'s jam... - Ben Olson (2 days ago)
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Yori Ndjoli
Happy birthday mon très cher ami . Wish you the best. Enjoy your day. - Yori Ndjoli (2 days ago)
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A. Calderon
Happy birthday to an amazing artist & diva! - A. Calderon (2 days ago)
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dayna wicks
You can pick you friends but you cannot pick your family. Looks like you picked some good friends. Happy Birthday! - dayna wicks (2 days ago)
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Kathy DeCree
Happy Belated Birthday Cher! That was so sweet of your family a d friends to do that. Love you - Kathy DeCree (2 days ago)
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Kristine Bowden
Happy Belated Birthday Cher you are a beautiful woman and always will be love from Kris & Russell in Aussie - Kristine Bowden (2 days ago)
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Irene Russo
Happy birthday. I\'ve been a fan of yours for 48 years. I watch the Sonny & Cher show. And you are such amazing person. - Irene Russo (2 days ago)
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Anna Conda❤
happy birthday cher ami - Anna Conda❤ (2 days ago)
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Love LoveCher
So Beautiful Cher! Happy Birthday Darling You are so cute - Love LoveCher (2 days ago)
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☁️ ItsBrian\'♡ ☁️
Happy birthday ! We love you! - ☁️ ItsBrian\'♡ ☁️ (2 days ago)
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Sherry Face Riley
Your as Beautiful as ever Cher! You\'ve been my IDOL since I was 11 yrs old. My Mom left and if not for the So - Sherry Face Riley (2 days ago)
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Julianne Hall
Happy birthday, Cher. I worked at Your record label in the 90s and I m not retiring. You have many great year - Julianne Hall (2 days ago)
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Antonio Emmanuel
Happy 72nd birthday to the one & only - Antonio Emmanuel (2 days ago)
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Lori Davis
- Lori Davis (2 days ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday from one Cherilyn to another !! hope your birthday was an awesome time!!! - Cherilyn (2 days ago)
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Happy belated Birthday, hope you enjoy your actual birthday and enjoy the surprise birthday Party. - Lorena (2 days ago)
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Terry Wolfe Jensen
Happy Birthday Thank you for all your Singing ! You are the best ! - Terry Wolfe Jensen (2 days ago)
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birthday balloon

Nancy F. Hernandez
Happy Birthday! Been a big fan since I was 15!! 45 years of singing your songs!! - Nancy F. Hernandez (2 days ago)
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Jessica Richard
Happy Birthday Cher!! - Jessica Richard (2 days ago)
birthday balloon

Melina Gerbino
Happy Belated Birthday Cher! Hope it was great! - Melina Gerbino (2 days ago)
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Andy Bush
AHHH!! Happy Late Birthday - Andy Bush (2 days ago)

72 years old (Born on May 20, 1946)

The Sonny & Cher Show

Cher's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to my fashion icon Armenian Queen Cher!
71 years young. Happy Birthday to my idol, Cher. Thank you for the music.
Happy birthday to the fabulous
A very happy birthday to - there is no one like you and never will be!!! 

Love, Kathleen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Icon Award recipient,  So excited for her to perform tomorrow.
Love her for speaking up for the animals imprisoned at Happy Birthday, to the incredible
Happy Birthday                                   NGs 3                                U149
Happy Birthday, Cher! Photos: From Old Hollywood icons to stars of today
Happy birthday, Let her know you re thinking of her!
Happy Birthday Written by
Happy Birthday to OG
People \"Happy birthday cher!
Happy Birthday Cher!
Happy birthday born May 20, 1946
RollingStone: Happy birthday Cher! Look back at our 1999 interview with the pop star
A little  to wish a very happy
Crew Singing Happy Birthday  To Backstage At
Happy birthday, Cher.
Happy birthday to Cher. Photo by Richard Avedon, 1969.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the super talented & beautiful
Happy birthday Cher!
Happy birthday Abby/Cher/Roach I hope all three of ya have a great bdayyyyy
Happy Birthday Cher Zeeeeeey!!!!!!!! Love na love ka ni kimchi
Happy Birthday Cher! a.k.a. the original gay icon
Happy birthday to this Eternal Goddess...
\"I\m part of history, whether people want to take it seriously or not.\" - (born
 have a very happy birthday . Hope a birthday message for you from
Happy birthday Cher! Celebrate with some of her most iconic fashion moments
 Pls wish a happy birthday huge fan
Happy birthday cher bear! love you endlessly.
Happy birthday, Love Cher &
Happy Birthday Cher!
* Happy birthday to Cher. Photo by Richard Avedon, (1969s).
Happy birthday to the one and only King of Nadine Lustre ...
Happy birthday to the wonderful 72 today.. who\d believe it?!
Hope you have a fantastic day x
Happy Birthday Cher.
Absolute Diva. And LGBTI Hero/Icon 

Let\s share Cher...
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop, To celebrate we look back at her 72 years of style...Enjoy!
Happy birthday to the one & only 72 never look so good
Happy Birthday, you sexy Bitch
 Happy birthday
¡Muchas felicidades Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday CHER  you are one of the last female icons long life to you
Happy Birthday Cher
Happy Birthday Abby, kill it at CNU There will NEVER be a better Cher
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!   raised $4,500 this year in HONOR OF YOUR BIRTHDAY for CCAKIDS!
Happy bday cher!! love u lots
Happy birthday cher
Happy bday my dear 72 is the greatest thing
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday ... Here with Bob Dylan.
Happy Birthday to an actual icon
Happy Birthday to my dear friend | Joyeux anniversaire à mon cher ami
 happy birthday Cher! Hope it was a fantastic day
Happy birthday to Cher!

I got you babe
Happy Birthday to one of pop culture\s biggest legends -- and a crazy nice person to interview:
Happy Birthday              I Love You!
My for you.
Happy Birthday, !
Happy birthday to one of my biggest style inspos, Cher
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday to my Queen. The one and only
A happy late birthday to who took home the Icon Award last night. -
Happy Birthday to legendary singer, songwriter & actress, the wonderful CHER!

Read More @
Happy Birthday Hope your day was great~
 Happy & Blessed Birthday  Georgia!
 Happy Birthday Cher !!    Cannot wait to see you again in November
Happy Birthday
Happy 72nd birthday and thank you for the initiative to help stop wildlife captivity !
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday     Hope you have a wonderful day .. 
I love you !!
Happy 72nd Birthday, Cher  .
Happy birthday
   Happy Birthday
Whhhhhhuutttt??? It\s his birthday today? Happy Birthday Hope your day is full of Cher Lloyd.
Happy birthday to one of the og best people ! Love you Cher
   Happy Birthday
Happy birthday I love you more than you love Cher
Happy Birthday   Madam.
Born: 20 May.
Happy birthday, Here\s 11 times the pop icon was nothing less than amazing
Cher is 71 today Happy Birthday Diva
Happy 71st Birthday to !
Happy 71st Birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Congratulations world!
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Cher who turns 71 today x
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to one of my higher powers, Cher
Happy birthday mom!
Happy birthday god
Happy birthday, mom.
 Happy 71st Birthday workin that 5 min plank
Celebrity: Happy 71st birthday, Cher!
 One of my role models! So gorgeous!   Happy birthday, may all your dreams come true! !
 Happy Birthday to Georgia! from me
Happy birthday cher, idk what im gonna do w/out you next year:(( love you lots
 Happy birthday to the most wonderful woman in the universe. Here I leave a gift for Queen Georgia.
Happy birthday to our P Cher, the best captain ever! ily
   Happy Birthday!!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my little angel Cher both me and love you very much xx
  Happy Birthday cher Daniel
Cher - Happy Birthday!
May 20: Cher Covers Bob Dylan Happy Birthday Cher
Happy birthday to the goddess, the , the one and only !!!!
Happy Birthday to the one and only all the way from Scotland
Happy birthday to , one of the most underrated and enduring pop icons.
Happy birthday to Cher, who celebrates this week. See who else is turning a year older.
Happy Birthday Lessons from the iconic star in life, love and message:
Happy birthday to the ultimate queen... CHER! Love her so much. Also happy birthday
Happy birthday !! You are my inspiration
  Happy Birthday to the one & only Cher!
 Happy birthday, It may be your birthday, but like all queens, you are timeless.
Happy Birthday to the one and only Cher who turns 72 today!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Cher
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to one of my first friends here: Bonne fete mon cher ami!
 Ah ! Non ! Pas de champagne avant 20H01 ! Happy birthday cher Seb !
Happy birthday cher enjoy aussie
The Cher to my Dionne, happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Cher!!           xoxo
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY   (71)     (36)
Happy Birthday to today! Although parts of her are only 1 or 2! Plastic Fantastic!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Cher! :)
Happy Birthday to the queen : Cher |May 20, 1946
Happy Birthday I will never forget that time you messageed me x
Happy birthday An icon you certainly are
I\m on my way!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER!!
Happy Birthday to someone who continues to \turn back time.\
 Happy Birthday You can still take me home!
Happy Birthday to the fabulous & talented
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday , you legend
Happy 71st Birthday, Cher!
Happy birthday to you . Have a beautiful and wonderfully awesome day today.
Happy birthday to the amazing diva    Here she is with at 2017 Women\s March
Happy Birthday Cher, can wait to see you tonight.
Diva Cher Happy Birthday
Also Happy Birthday
Happy birthday for the one and only
Happy Birthday to the one and only, fabulous
 Happy 71st Birthday to Cher! Seen here in the drama-musical, \"Burlesque\".
Happy birthday queen
Happy birthday to the Best Gypsy... Cher
 Happy Birthday
Happy 71st birthday to our beautiful goddess of pop
Cher! Sweeet! Way! Cool!
 Happy Birthday, mama lovelie!
Happy Birthday to the Iconic
Happy birthday, Cher!  If anyone can wear a yellow vinyl dress, you can!  1965, Gold Star Studios.
Happy 71st Birthday to the Goddess of Pop and my very first idol, when I was 5 years old!!
Happy birthday ilysm here\s 3 year old me dressed as you
  Happy birthday girlie!
Happy 71st Birthday Cher 71 hasn\t never looked so young!!! your Vegas show Rocked!!!
Life moodboard/inspo picts. Beautiful Happy birthday to my muse
A late but happy birthday to my gemini queen! a true star and light to my life. oh, cher, i love you so.
Happy Birthday pretty girl! Miss you!
From Argentina ! Happy birthday !!!
 the hiya to my biya! Happy 18th birthday gal! Love you lots Cher Lloyd, see you out tonight!
 Happy birthday to Georgia holt!!!!    91 had never looked better!!
 Happy birthday to Georgia!!!   Charly says \"hi\" to your mom and her dog.
 happy birthday Georgia
 Happy Birthday to the wonderful woman that made- YOU!
 My aunt turned 60 today she absolutely loves you can you wish her happy birthday?
Happy Birthday, Melania!
Happy birthday mom. I love you so much.
 ahhhh!  I almost missed this most wonderful day!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cher!!
 happy birthday Cher!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!
Very special birthday wishes to Happy 19 Allison!
Legendary singer celebrates her birthday today! Happy Birthday
May 20 happy birthday CHERYL SARKISIAN LAPIERRE aka CHER
Happy birthday to legendary actress and pop star  Ms Cher
Happy Birthday You are The best. I love You soo much and I belive that I see You soon
Happy birthday to the most glamorous woman on earth
 Happy Birthday Cher.....
Happy birthday to this beauty
 Happy Birthday Cher! As my Mermaids inspired tattoo says A Real Woman Is Never Too Old!
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Cher!
Happy birthday to Queen
 Happy Birthday, Cher!  I m looking forward to seeing your incredible show again in November.
Happy birthday to Her Royal Highness
Happy birthday, Cher
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to the OG queen of
Happy 72nd birthday to the Queen herself
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday 
Happy birthday to my Love you always
Happy seventy-second Birthday to this Iconic goddess  A year ago I saw you today in Classic Cher!
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