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The 80s Quadrant
Happy Birthday to today, here he is in his first American role as Tarzan in - The 80s Quadrant (1 month ago)
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Andrew Hollis
Happy birthday, Andrew Lloyd Webber! And happy belated birthday to Glenn Close! - Andrew Hollis (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Glenn Close - jmoneyvac (1 month ago)
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Andrei Bondoc
Happy birthday to David Livingstone, Richard Williams (both ded), (88 now), Glenn Close (74 now), - Andrei Bondoc (1 month ago)
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Bichon a 10 ans et il n a pas pris une ride ... je l ai longtemps « entendu «  et puis je l - géraldine (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Glenn Close March 19, 1947 (74) American actress, singer and film producer who began her profession - Space-reporter-news (1 month ago)
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Channing Thomson
Happy Birthday, Glenn Close. - Channing Thomson (1 month ago)
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Virginie Pronovost
Happy 74th birthday to American actress Glenn Close who was born on March 19, 1947 in Greenwich, Connecticut! - Virginie Pronovost (1 month ago)
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Rosie loves Meryl Streep, that\'s all.
Happy Birthday, Glenn Close. I love you. - Rosie loves Meryl Streep, that\'s all. (1 month ago)
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Kyler Kline
Happy birthday Glenn Close - Kyler Kline (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Glenn Close (Nova Prime in Guardians of the Galaxy) - DavidEvansakaDarthSpiderMaul (1 month ago)
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Cant wait to see Glenn Close new movie FOUR GOOD DAYS. its about addiction & you know she will kill it. Happy - Kireau (1 month ago)
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Franco Cignelli
Happy Birthday Glenn Close. Losing My Mind via - Franco Cignelli (1 month ago)
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High Octane Pictures
Shouting Happy Birthday to two brand new actors who have really taken off in the film industry lately Bruce Willi - High Octane Pictures (1 month ago)
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David Syner
Happy Happy Birthday Glenn Close - David Syner (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday, Glenn Close. In honor I offer FATAL ATTRACTION Trivia. More panels, as always, on my Instagram acco - @tvcouchcritic_ (1 month ago)
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Brennan ミ☆
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Nick Westrate
Happy Birthday to legend Glenn Close! - Nick Westrate (1 month ago)
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Jenelle Riley
Happy birthday to Glenn Close who really should host again. I remember wondering who they got to play Willi - Jenelle Riley (1 month ago)
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Custom Broadway
Happy birthday to The Greatest Star of All, Glenn Close! - Custom Broadway (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Bruce Willis, Wyatt Earp, Glenn Close, Ursula Andress, and Terry Hall - Happy Birthday (1 month ago)
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She\'s such an mind-blowing, great actress. Happy birthday Glenn Close! My favorite was watching her p - Memé1818 (1 month ago)
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David Roberson
Happy Birthday 3/19: Renee Taylor (Sylvia-The Nanny) - 88, Ruth Pointer (The Pointer Sisters) - 75, Glenn Close - 7 - David Roberson (1 month ago)
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scott clarke
Happy Birthday Glenn Close! - scott clarke (1 month ago)
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Elisa Morse
Happy birthday! Glenn Close (March 19, 1947 in Greenwich, Connecticut) - Elisa Morse (1 month ago)
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alan kim kardashian
Happy birthday garrett clayton, dan levy the comedian who everyone confuses with dan levy the actor, and glenn close - alan kim kardashian (1 month ago)
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The Shattered Shield
Glenn Close ignited The Shield s landscape on fire in Season 4. She played a character with granite convictions and - The Shattered Shield (1 month ago)
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Shane Avery
Happy birthday to the legendary Glenn Close. Who should have a slew of Oscars already!!! - Shane Avery (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the greatest performers alive, Glenn Close. - Brian (1 month ago)
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Max California\'s Lover
Happy Birthday, Glenn Close, a Legend of our times. - Max California\'s Lover (1 month ago)
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Gene Siskel Film Center
Happy Birthday to the mighty talented Glenn Close! Close has been nominated for an Academy Award on eight occasio - Gene Siskel Film Center (1 month ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Glenn Close - Solo Juan (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday, Glenn Close. Here she is dressed as Tr*mp for some Halloween thing. - THE FUTURIST! (1 month ago)
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Jason Adams
Happy birthday, Glenn Close - Jason Adams (1 month ago)
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Wishing Glenn Close a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope she is having a wonderful day. - JACKIE CAPES (1 month ago)
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Tytin Productions
Happy birthday to Glenn Close! This brilliant nominated actress turns 74 today! Speaking of.. Glenn C - Tytin Productions (1 month ago)
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6 Degrees - The Connection Card Game
Happy birthday, ultimate bunny boiler, Glenn Close! Who else screamed at \"that bit\" of the movie? Can you link - 6 Degrees - The Connection Card Game (1 month ago)
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50 Tyson
Happy 74th Birthday To Glenn Close - 50 Tyson (1 month ago)
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Daily facts & news
Happy birthday On this day in 1947 Glenn Close, American actress (101 Dalmatians, Hook, The Big Chill, - Daily facts & news (1 month ago)
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Erik Anderson
3 Tonys 3 Emmys 3 Golden Globes Happy birthday, Glenn Close! - Erik Anderson (1 month ago)
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Campus Theatre
This star holds the record for being nominated 8 times at the Academy Awards without a win, but you could say she\'s - Campus Theatre (1 month ago)
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Pedro J. García
Happy birthday, Glenn Close - Pedro J. García (1 month ago)
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Ashley Gillard
Happy Birthday to 8-time Academy Award Nominee, 3-time Golden Globe winner, 3-time Emmy winner, 3-time Tony winner - Ashley Gillard (1 month ago)
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Andrew Lloyd Webber
Happy Birthday to the one and only Glenn Close - Tony Award-winning star of - - Andrew Lloyd Webber (1 month ago)
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The Prince Charles Cinema
Happy Birthday to the legendary Glenn Close - The Prince Charles Cinema (1 month ago)
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Ryan Taylor
Happy Birthday Glenn Close - Ryan Taylor (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Glenn Close and Hugh Wheeler!!! - Bob (1 month ago)
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Mar 19 Happy Birthday part 1: Jan Shepard, Renée Taylor, Burt Metcalfe, Ursula Andress, Glenn Close, Denny Albee, S - WmsbgNostalgiaFest (1 month ago)
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Killer 90s
Happy birthday to American actress and producer Glenn Close, born March 19, 1947. Pictured in character as Cruella - Killer 90s (1 month ago)
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Ale Alejandro
Happy Birthday to Glenn Close who always understands the assignment - Ale Alejandro (1 month ago)

74 years old (Born on March 19, 1947)

Fatal Attraction

Glenn Close's Best Moments

Happy 74th Birthday to Glenn Close!
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Glenn Close.
Happy 74th birthday to Glenn Close
Happy Birthday Glenn Close!
Happy birthday to The Greatest Star of All, Glenn Close!
Happy birthday Glenn Close
Happy birthday, glenn close!
Happy Birthday, Glenn Close! 
The first
Happy birthday Glenn Close
Happy birthday to the queen that is Glenn Close (and me)
Happy 70th birthday Glenn Close
Happy 70th birthday Glenn Close - just loved her in \"Fatal Attraction\"
We have a fatal attraction to Glenn Close. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Glenn Close
Happy birthday glenn close
Happy birthday, Glenn Close.
Happy birthday to this beautiful and special human, i love you soooo much glenn close
Happy birthday Glenn Close
\"No he nacido para encarnar sumisas\"
Happy Birthday Glenn Close
Happy Birthday! Ruth Pointer, Glenn Close, Bruce Willis and Ursula Andress!
Happy Birthday Glenn Close!
Happy birthday to the legend, Glenn Close!!!!
Happy birthday, Glenn Close.
Happy 73rd birthday to Glenn Close
Glenn Close cumple 73 años hoy, el mismo día que cumples años Tú!!! Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Glenn Close
Happy Birthday Glenn Close, enjoy and until we meet again.
Happy Birthday to Queen Glenn Close! And she has a message for this special occasion:
Happy birthday to Bruce willis, glenn close and Tanushree Dutta.
Happy birthday to the great Glenn Close!

Happy Birthday to Disney Cast Member Glenn Close!
Happy Birthday dear Glenn Close!
She may have been robbed of an Oscar, but she\s still a star! Happy Birthday, Glenn Close!
Happy Birthday to Bruce Willis, Glenn Close, Ruth Pointer, and more!
Happy birthday Glenn Close
Happy birthday Glenn Close
Happy Birthday to a great Leading Lady Stah and an even greater human being, Glenn Close!
Happy Birthday to Glenn Close who turns 73 today! Pictured here in Fatal Attraction (1987).
Happy belated birthday \"Maxie\" (1985)
Happy Birthday Glenn Close!
Happy 74 birthday to Glenn Close . Hope that she has a wonderful birthday.
Happy Birthday Wishes to this Stage & Screen Legend the Incomparable Glenn Close!
Happy Birthday Glenn Close
Happy Birthday to Glenn Close who always understands the assignment
Happy birthday Glenn Close
You can stalk me whenever you want...
Happy Birthday to the indomitable Glenn Close
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