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I've known her ever since she started her career - Rolph (2 years ago)
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Uncle Sample
Happy birthday On this day too: 38 yrs ago Amy Win - Uncle Sample (4 months ago)
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Happy 95th birthday Madonna! - ChrisO (4 months ago)
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It s almost my Son s birthday, is so sad for me I can t give him nothing about it I dream wi - Justice4NoahIsaacandAmandaGarcia (4 months ago)
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moon ; HANJI DAY !!
Happy birthday baby madonna ma io come devo fare - moon ; HANJI DAY !! (4 months ago)
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moon ; LIX & DADA DAY !!
Happy birthday baby madonna ma io come devo fare - moon ; LIX & DADA DAY !! (4 months ago)
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moon ; LIX DAY !!
Happy birthday baby madonna ma io come devo fare - moon ; LIX DAY !! (4 months ago)
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The cultural whiplash of going from the Juilliard hotties Scenes from a Marriage remake to Madonna wishing MTV a ha - dr_vee_zee (4 months ago)
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Happy 14th birthday madonna - •_• (4 months ago)
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Saron/professional bird app user
Happy birthday Madonna!!! - Saron/professional bird app user (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday madonna, have a great day - Pierre (4 months ago)
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happy birthday madonna I looove you - Jannah (4 months ago)
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Maria Chiara 
Happy birthday to me (@ Rifugio Tuckett in Madonna di Campiglio, TN) - Maria Chiara  (4 months ago)
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Happy bday B!! Thinking of you on your special day! Enjoy with y - Lookingstars (4 months ago)
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Juan Moreno (Music)
Happy Birthday //youtu.be/cAVx9RKaLPU - Juan Moreno (Music) (4 months ago)
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Roger Winstanley
Happy Birthday! - Roger Winstanley (4 months ago)
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Roddy Morrison
Happy birthday sir. Hope you have a grand day - Roddy Morrison (4 months ago)
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audrey harvey
happy birthday - audrey harvey (4 months ago)
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laura jane
Happy birthday x - laura jane (4 months ago)
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Pink, Alecia Beth Moore, is one of the world\'s best-selling music artists. She was the second most-played female so - Yellowbrick.Music (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday September 8 full of grace Madonna of the Virgin - artsloverNYC (4 months ago)
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caroling polachek
Happy bday madonna - caroling polachek (4 months ago)
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carrie bradshaw boulevard
Happy bday madonna - carrie bradshaw boulevard (4 months ago)
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Happy bday madonna - noni (4 months ago)
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Happy 38th bday to Madonna s Holiday record. - Sagren (4 months ago)
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The Sistine Madonna Rafael 1512-1513 Happy birthday Mother Mary - Gina (4 months ago)
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Bella Poarch body double
Happy Birthday !!! - Bella Poarch body double (4 months ago)
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Renet 48 ᴬᴰᴺ
On this day O beautiful Mother On this day we give thee our love Near the Madonna fondly we hover Trusting thy gen - Renet 48 ᴬᴰᴺ (4 months ago)
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UST Library
Happy birthday, Mama Mary! Learn more about the Blessed Virgin Mary on this documentary video, \"The Madonna of the - UST Library (4 months ago)
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miguel migs
Happy 38th bday to Holiday record. A few different reincarnations of this jewel. - miguel migs (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday!!!!!!! - fearless&free (4 months ago)
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¡Ale! ♡
Edit fatto da me SHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE 75 MADONNA DI GIÀ - ¡Ale! ♡ (4 months ago)
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Ale ♡‧love nello purple version•*⁀➷
Edit fatto da me SHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE 75 MADONNA DI GIÀ - Ale ♡‧love nello purple version•*⁀➷ (4 months ago)
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Rebecca Bodenheimer
. told the truth about Janet! And exactly the same could be said about Britney and Madonna. I think th - Rebecca Bodenheimer (4 months ago)
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Jane Malek
En realidad fue Madonna la que empezó a preparar el terreno para que después llegue Beyonce - Jane Malek (4 months ago)
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It\'s Matthew
Turns out she\'s had more looks than Madonna! Oh by the way happy birthday Gina. - It\'s Matthew (4 months ago)
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Marlon McCaulsky #MyCurrentSituation
Between 2013 and 2018, Beyonce Knowles has won 26 MTV Video Music Awards from 73 nominations. Beyonce surpassed M - Marlon McCaulsky #MyCurrentSituation (4 months ago)
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Eric F. Schetley
Happy birthday Madonna. Mind you, we\'ve never met, and she doesn\'t know me, but I had a bit of a crush on her when - Eric F. Schetley (4 months ago)
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Mi immagino harry che chiama liam e dice ah comunque scusa happy birthday madonna harry le mazzate che ti darei - alessia (4 months ago)
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Tiên Trần
Happy birthday to my boy.I have nothing but sincere wishes to send to the boy I 24,I wish y - Tiên Trần (4 months ago)
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Kathleen Sutherland
Happy Birthday!! All my friends wanted to be Madonna and I wanted to be - Kathleen Sutherland (5 months ago)
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kyle lai-fatt foster jenkins
Wishing a happy birthday to my musical inspiration for over 46 years of my life, Best regards and thank y - kyle lai-fatt foster jenkins (5 months ago)
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Jerick E. LeBlanc
Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my original sun moon and stars. My ride or die since we were 19. The often imitated - Jerick E. LeBlanc (5 months ago)
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Charistma g
Happy birthday to komatsu an - Charistma g (5 months ago)
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happy birthday - 日野丸三駆郎 (5 months ago)
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THIS! If Michael Jackson (Happy Birthday King) is called The King Of Pop.. Ja - ABDULAI ⁷ (5 months ago)
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happy birthday - すみません。日本人です。 (5 months ago)
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happy birthday - そもそも日本人です。 (5 months ago)
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수명 종료
happy birthday - 수명 종료 (5 months ago)
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Rocco Papa
Happy Birthday to the King! (art by Keith Haring, image via - Rocco Papa (5 months ago)

63 years old (Born on August 16, 1958)

American musician, singer, songwriter, actress, author

Madonna's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Madonna! Ano ang paborito mong awitin niya?
 | Sarah Hudson and The Blessed Madonna wishing a happy birthday via Instagram! (22/08)
Happy birthday
8/16                                61    Happy Birthday
Happy birthday madonna
Happy 38th bday to Holiday record. A few different reincarnations of this jewel.
Happy 63rd birthday to one of the most iconic people in music history, the queen of pop herself, madonna!!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the one and only   an unwavering ally to people with HIV/AIDS since the very beginning
Happy birthday again, (paints on cardboard)
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop, Madonna
Happy Birthday Madonna !
Madonna fotografada por  Steven Meisel, 1991
Happy birthday, Madonna!!!! What do you think she was telling in this photo????
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday, Madonna
Happy birthday to the greatest of all time. The queen of pop turns 62 today.
Happy birthday to my Queen
I adore you
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the FEARLESS QUEEN that Single handledly Changed Mainstream Culture!!!
Let\s wish pop icon a very Happy 63rd Birthday!
Happy birthday, to the legend, the myth, the one and only Queen of Pop,
  \"Happy Birthday, Madonna !\"
Happy Birthday to the one and only Madonna!!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday to who taught me to express myself and not repress myself. I will forever be grateful.
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy birthday Queen
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday
Happy 63rd birthday the maker of the music that got me pumped up for so many competitions!
 HAPPY BRITISH TIME BIRTHDAY I hired Madonna to sing you a song but she got stuck in the hallway
Happy birthday, Madonna! 
Happy Birthday
Happy 34th Birthday to
Happy Birthday Love you !!!
Happy 62nd birthday to Madonna
          HAPPY  BIRTHDAY 1959 8.16
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday ph Mick Rock
Happy birthday to my \old\ friend and the most beautiful woman I have ever met next to Madonna (!)
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my Queen .
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday Madonna!
Feliz Cumple MADONNA        so much
Happy Birthday In honor of her birthday here s a photo of the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga with her Oscar!
Happy birthday madonna
Happy BDay, Queen!!
Happy birthday to Madonna s craziest fan (by far)
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Madonna! The Queen of Pop turns 63 today!
Happy Birthday The summer of 1958 sure was magical!
Happy Birthday to our Madonna GIF by
Happy birthday to the iconic, legendary, the one and only indisputable Queen of Pop.
Happy Birthday Madonna
Que nunca nos falten ni el coraje para luchar contra el ageism. 

Happy birthday, queen.
Who\s that \"Birthday\" Girl? happy birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday!
Few winks away to the long weekend. Happy birthday to the true icon itself,
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy 62nd Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday MADONNA! The ultimate QUEEN OF POP & GAY RIGHTS!
Happy Bday!!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Queen  Happy Birthday my Love  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday queen!!! We need you in Argentina again! I love you
Happy birthday MADONNA!
(August 16, 1958)
Happy birthday to the \"Queen of Pop\", 
Madonna Louise Ciccone (August 16, 1958).
Happy 63rd birthday I LOVE YOU!
Happy Birthday Madonna  Long live the Queen
Happy birthday to my favorite legend
Happy Birthday and her Mini Cooper
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Bday from my Whole batch in high school who enjoyed your music.
Happy birthday beautiful leyend of the music Madonna <3
Happy Bday,
   Congratulations! HAPPY! 26th! BIRTHDAY! Sweeet! Way! Cool! 
  La compie 59 anni
Happy bday
Happy Birthday - Queen of Everything
Hey you bday! Thru thick & thin i u! Enjoy ur day!
Today is the day. Happy birthday queen You are my best inspiration!
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday to the Queen
Happy Birthday !!!! 
I love you so much!!!!!
  God Save The Queen!!! Happy Bday the only girl who rule the world Madonna!
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop
Front row fan always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 su majestad la Reyna del Pop Happy Birthday
We just keep pushing our love for over the borderline. So we can\t help but wish her a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to the Queen,
Happy Birthday   Sending peace, love & light your way...
Happy birthday legend
You keep levitating me  I love you  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, queen!
Happy 62nd birthday
Happy Birthday to the almighty the undisputed Queen Of Pop
Happy Birthday Queen Madonna
Happy Birthday , you literally invented the term Bad Bitch!
Happy Birthday to the one and only    (made out of guitar picks)
Happy bday   you\re the fucking great artist and deserve the better of this world, love u
Deus salve a rainha! // God save the Queen! Happy birthday thks for existing
  Happy Birthday Madonna!
 Happy Birthday from Carmen, 11!
Happy birthday my Queen... MADONNA
Happy birthday madonna
Happy bday
Happy Birthday zum 63.!
Happy birthday madonna
Atenção já é feriado internacional!!

Happy bday !      Good bless you, cheers
Happy Birthday of my life and without whom life would be boring.
Happy Birthday Madonna
 Get into the groove as I dress up as Madonna tho there are so many songs happy birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday to my hero and the Queen of Pop!
Happy Bday Queen
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday Love you so much!!!!
Happy Birthday to OG Queen herself!
 Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday, Madonna.
Happy 63rd birthday, Madonna!
   Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the material girl herself!
Happy birthday Madonna x
Happy birthday, queen
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Bday Madonna Louise Ciccone
Happy Birthday to our queen
Happy birthday dear Madonna
Happy birthday, Many happy returns, darling.
Happy bday
Happy.Birthday 63   rompe todos los moldes en su cumpleaños 63 luciendo más joven que nunca
Happy Birthday - this is from the year she left her bra at Woodward Dream Cruise.
Happy birthday to friend,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY        BOO                                                            BOO
  Happy birthday to my idol and the \"queen of pop\"
Happy 63rd Birthday to the iconic Celebrating in Italy with a custom headpiece.
These two amazing ladies turned 63 on the 16th. Happy birthday and
Happy 38th bday to Madonna s Holiday record.
 happy birthday to both of us tomorrow
HAPPY Birthday my Queen, my Idol ...
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday    // almost 60 and still slaying
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my idol LOVE YOU
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Madonna, you look older, uglier and more Reductive than ever
 Happy Birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday MADONNA.. Your gifts I hope you\ll like it... I made this for you.. Please please see it
 Happy Birthday! to madonna i love u chu- chu- chu-
Happy Birthday you Queen
Happy Birthday  U Only look 39 at the Max.
Now let ME go Down on Ya
I\ll come Up for a Breather
Next Year!
Happy Birthday Crush,
16/8   Happy birthday to my beautiful queen,       I just love you
HELLO! wishes a very Happy Birthday
Actualitat musical a message Sempre a la última... Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop, Madonna!
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday to this legendary Leo queen     ILY
Happy Birthday MADONNA
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to my favorite 80s Chica
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday                8/16                   \"La Isla Bonita\"                 True Blue
  Patti in Dublin this summer. She was a goddess. Happy birthday x
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday queen
Happy Birthday to the one and only Queen of pop and my idol, Madonna    May Madame enjoy her day
 Happy Birthday xo
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday !!!!   Always the best!!!   hace 3 años, último concierto
 happy birthday to you!
          Happy Birthday Marina-san
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop and Queen of our hearts
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop
\"Like A Virgin\" ou de n\importe quelle autre manière, souhaitons un happy à !
Happy birthday
¡Happy birthday Madonna! Indiscutible reina del pop.
 happy birthday my queen
Happy birthday to the queen of pop and icon . QUEEN i love u
  I still wish Madonna a happy birthday as its been a tough year for the old gal
Happy birthday 1 of 3 three i bend a knee for
  Happy Birthday I love you so much !
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Madonna sexy 4
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Madonna sexy 7
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