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I've known her ever since she started her career - Rolph (2 years ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday, Goddess Madonna! - GARDEN GIRL D76 (4 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday MADONNA 64 looks good - Sonia4Loudoun (5 hours ago)
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Chynno journey
Happy birthday - Chynno journey (5 hours ago)
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Andy Vermaut
Andy Vermaut shares:Britney Spears Gushes Over Madonna On Her 64th Birthday & Posts Pic Of Pair Embracing: Britney - Andy Vermaut (6 hours ago)
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Men\'s Humor
Would ya? Of course ya would. - Men\'s Humor (6 hours ago)
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Chuck Collins
Happy Birthday don\'t forget you can make time to celebrate with me if you want ;) - Chuck Collins (6 hours ago)
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regie arnibal
happy birthday - regie arnibal (6 hours ago)
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Retired Navy
Happy birthday. I first heard you at a 1984 house party and said \"who is that?\" crushing ever since. :) - Retired Navy (6 hours ago)
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Brandan /He/Him/Scorpio
Happy belated birthday to the Queen of pop helped me through a lot and happy to see her living her - Brandan /He/Him/Scorpio (8 hours ago)
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Happy Birthday Queen Madonna - #MADONNAMADEMTV (9 hours ago)
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Monsters and Critics
Britney Spears shares a throwback never-before-seen video of her dancing to wish Madonna a happy belated birthday - Monsters and Critics (9 hours ago)
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Jen Ives
Happy Birthday we made this homage to you hope you like it x \"SLAY\" by myself, & - Jen Ives (9 hours ago)
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Marc-anthony ..kieltyka
Happy birthday queen Madonna diamond heart little god xxxxxxxx - Marc-anthony ..kieltyka (10 hours ago)
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Rosanna Liborio
Happy birthday - Rosanna Liborio (10 hours ago)
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Since Hannah wished Madonna a happy birthday from we are now following - SocietyOwesMeAGenXPodcast (10 hours ago)
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Jenny Doyle
Happy birthday - Jenny Doyle (11 hours ago)
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Major Tom to Ground Control
Happy Birthday to She has been a ally of the disenfranchised gay community and others for so long. And - Major Tom to Ground Control (11 hours ago)
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Happy birthday!!! And gorgeous new album! Congrats! - robertoarpin (11 hours ago)
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Christina Sawaya
Same day like me Happy birthday shining Diva you\'ve always been an idol to me since I was a little girl - Christina Sawaya (11 hours ago)
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Aloe Mercury
Happy birthday - Aloe Mercury (11 hours ago)
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35 years ago. On my own, I went to my first concert. 70 miles from home. Happy Belated Birthday ! - JAYCEE (12 hours ago)
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Happy birthday madana - Massi (12 hours ago)
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Happy birthday beautiful i love you - AlphaJockCock (12 hours ago)
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. Happy Belated Birthday... -ONE. - DJ LEGION ONE (13 hours ago)
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Lana Del Rey’s Nutritionist
Happy Birthday Madonna - Lana Del Rey’s Nutritionist (13 hours ago)
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Aundra Crane
Happy birthday - Aundra Crane (13 hours ago)
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Graham Scott
Happy Birthday my Queen always - Graham Scott (13 hours ago)
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I LOVE U Happy BDay, Queen - silvia_selo (13 hours ago)
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Melissa Otero
Happy birthday !!! - Melissa Otero (14 hours ago)
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still trending! Happy birthday!! - dandero (14 hours ago)
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Tony James
Birthdays mean a fresh start; a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year. It - Tony James (14 hours ago)
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Happy birthday I have a Tater for you - DireWolf (14 hours ago)
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Ivan Redkach
Happy Birthday - Ivan Redkach (14 hours ago)
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L\'Appart de Zach
Happy birthday from France. Gros bisous ma reine - L\'Appart de Zach (14 hours ago)
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Kathleen M Medlock
Happy Birthday - Kathleen M Medlock (14 hours ago)
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Rod McCoy (Ft. Lauderdale 8/26-28)
Happy birthday, - Rod McCoy (Ft. Lauderdale 8/26-28) (14 hours ago)
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Rosario Arias
happy birthday queen - Rosario Arias (15 hours ago)
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Happy birthday to me, my friend decided to bless me ka - Madonna♌ (15 hours ago)
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Villaggio Design
Happy Happy Birthday!!! - Villaggio Design (15 hours ago)
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Happy Day\'s
Happy birthday Madonna - Happy Day\'s (15 hours ago)
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Tim Bishop
For some reason, I always thought your birthday was the same day as Madonna\'s. Happy birthday! Cry all you want. - Tim Bishop (16 hours ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!! - madu (16 hours ago)
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Randol P. - Ultimate Machine Ui
Happy Bday - Randol P. - Ultimate Machine Ui (16 hours ago)
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Happy 64th Birthday, Madonna! - Jen_K™️ (17 hours ago)
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Happy birthday!! Mine is on the 25th. - Texaslady14 (17 hours ago)
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Flemming Erik Carlson
Happy Birthday!!!! - Flemming Erik Carlson (17 hours ago)
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Big durk
Happy birthday to you My bitch . Wish you my honey dick for to night . - Big durk (17 hours ago)
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仮͙面͙ラ͙イ͙ダ͙ー͙ グ͙リ͙ッ͙タ͙ー͙
Queen of Pop Madonna Happy 64th Birthday!!! 16 Aug 1958 American pop,rock,electro, dancePo - 仮͙面͙ラ͙イ͙ダ͙ー͙ グ͙リ͙ッ͙タ͙ー͙ (17 hours ago)
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Happy 89th birthday - shady.cy (18 hours ago)

64 years old (Born on August 16, 1958)

American musician, singer, songwriter, actress, author

Madonna's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Much Love & Buon Compleanno to You  xo Mary
Happy 64th Birthday, Madonna!
Happy birthday to the pop icon madonna.
Happy birthday, Madonna! Ano ang paborito mong awitin niya?
Happy birthday
8/16                                61    Happy Birthday
Happy birthday madonna
Happy birthday to the queen of pop, madonna
Happy 38th bday to Holiday record. A few different reincarnations of this jewel.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday again, (paints on cardboard)
Happy Birthday (I m the little nugget on the right)
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop, Madonna
Happy Birthday Madonna !
Madonna fotografada por  Steven Meisel, 1991
Happy birthday, Madonna!!!! What do you think she was telling in this photo????
Happy Birthday,
Happy 64th Birthday to the legendary Madonna.
Happy Birthday we made this homage to you hope you like it x \"SLAY\" by myself, &
Happy birthday to the greatest of all time. The queen of pop turns 62 today.
Happy birthday to my Queen
I adore you
Let\s wish pop icon a very Happy 63rd Birthday!
Happy birthday, to the legend, the myth, the one and only Queen of Pop,
  \"Happy Birthday, Madonna !\"
Happy Birthday to the one and only Madonna!!
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday to who taught me to express myself and not repress myself. I will forever be grateful.
Happy birthday Madonna
Madonna Happy Birthday!!!!  1  Madonna                                                (        10        )
Happy birthday Queen
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday
Happy 63rd birthday the maker of the music that got me pumped up for so many competitions!
Happy 64th Birthday to Icon and The Queen of Pop Madonna
 HAPPY BRITISH TIME BIRTHDAY I hired Madonna to sing you a song but she got stuck in the hallway
Happy birthday, Madonna! 
Happy Birthday
My bedroom wall decades ago featuring my drawings I did in high school. Happy Birthday to debut album!
Happy 35th birthday to my favourite movie EVER!
Happy 34th Birthday to
Happy Birthday Love you !!!
Happy 62nd birthday to Madonna
          HAPPY  BIRTHDAY 1959 8.16
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy Birthday ph Mick Rock
Happy birthday to the one and only, Queen Mother
Happy birthday madonna
Cómo quisiera llegar a la edad de 64 años luciendo así!!! Happy birthday, Queen
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my Queen .
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday
Happy 64th birthday to the queen of pop Madonna
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
 to you, happy to you.. viert haar 64ste verjaardag.
Feliz Cumple MADONNA        so much
Happy Birthday In honor of her birthday here s a photo of the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga with her Oscar!
Happy birthday madonna
Happy BDay, Queen!!
Happy birthday to Madonna s craziest fan (by far)
Happy Birthday, Madonna! The Queen of Pop turns 63 today!
Happy Birthday The summer of 1958 sure was magical!
Happy Birthday to our Madonna GIF by
Happy birthday to the iconic, legendary, the one and only indisputable Queen of Pop.
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy bday madonna
Happy birthday I u
CRC Happy birthday, Madonna
Happy Birthday
A very happy birthday to Madonna. Photograph by Herb Ritts, New York, 1984.
Happy Birthday Madonna The trailblazer, the pop icon, the Queen!
 Happy Birthday Madge
16th August
 whoo don\t eat all the cake
Who\s that \"Birthday\" Girl? happy birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday!
Few winks away to the long weekend. Happy birthday to the true icon itself,
Happy birthday Madonna
Happy 62nd Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Bday!!
Happy Birthday Queen  Happy Birthday my Love  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday queen!!! We need you in Argentina again! I love you
Happy birthday MADONNA!
(August 16, 1958)
Happy birthday to the \"Queen of Pop\", 
Madonna Louise Ciccone (August 16, 1958).
Happy 63rd birthday I LOVE YOU!
Happy Birthday Madonna  Long live the Queen
Happy birthday to my favorite legend
Happy Birthday and her Mini Cooper
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Bday from my Whole batch in high school who enjoyed your music.
   Congratulations! HAPPY! 26th! BIRTHDAY! Sweeet! Way! Cool! 
   omg happy birthday to my fav niece gone wild  gonna snatch that youthfulness!
Me, seeing a work call come in at 6:30 during the happy hour of my birthday weekend
Happy birthday to this son of Guy Ritchie and Madonna.  Happy birthday to Rocco Ritchie
Happy birthday to Madonna\s song Rocco
Madonna will celebrate her
 64th birthday in Noto (Italy)!
Happy  Birthday
 Happy Birthday Rocco Happy  Birthday  on  the  16th  Madonna it s  a  Leo  thing ;)
                   Happy 64th birthday
Happy Birthday to the eternal legend   Mother
Happy Birthday Queen
Happy birthday Queen
Who\s enjoying festivities?
Happy bday Madonna
Happy Birthday to the Material Girl
Happy 64th birthday Madonna
Happy birthday to the Material Girl, Madonna
Happy Birthday my Mother Of Pop I Love Rain i love youuuuuuu
Omg happy birthday
YAAAAAS QUEEN! And belated happy birthday,
Happy birthday to me, my friend decided to bless me ka
  La compie 59 anni
Happy Birthday - Queen of Everything
Hey you bday! Thru thick & thin i u! Enjoy ur day!
Today is the day. Happy birthday queen You are my best inspiration!
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday to the Queen
Happy Birthday !!!! 
I love you so much!!!!!
  God Save The Queen!!! Happy Bday the only girl who rule the world Madonna!
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop
Front row fan always. HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 su majestad la Reyna del Pop Happy Birthday
We just keep pushing our love for over the borderline. So we can\t help but wish her a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to the Queen,
Happy Birthday   Sending peace, love & light your way...
Happy birthday legend
You keep levitating me  I love you  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, queen!
Happy 62nd birthday
Happy Birthday Queen Madonna
  Happy Birthday Madonna!
 Happy Birthday from Carmen, 11!
Happy birthday my Queen... MADONNA
Happy birthday madonna
Happy Birthday zum 63.!
Happy birthday madonna
Atenção já é feriado internacional!!

Happy bday !      Good bless you, cheers
Happy Birthday of my life and without whom life would be boring.
Happy Birthday Madonna
 Get into the groove as I dress up as Madonna tho there are so many songs happy birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday Love you so much!!!!
Happy Birthday to OG Queen herself!
Happy 63rd birthday, Madonna!
   Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the material girl herself!
Happy birthday Madonna x
Happy birthday, queen
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Bday Madonna Louise Ciccone
Happy Birthday to our queen
Happy birthday, Many happy returns, darling.
Happy Birthday - this is from the year she left her bra at Woodward Dream Cruise.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY        BOO                                                            BOO
Happy 63rd Birthday to the iconic Celebrating in Italy with a custom headpiece.
Happy 40th birthday to debut album. What s your favourite song on this classic?
Happy birthday to one of most underrated classics
  Happy Birthday, Brian!   Hope it\s a great one!
Happy birthday Carla Gravina. My favorite film with Gravina is I soliti ignoti (Big deal on Madonna Street).
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
It\s the 16th here so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA 

you are my beginning and my end
It s August 16 (in Australia   ). 

Happy Birthday,
 Happy birthday Madonna
Happy birthday madonna
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the most amazing artist to ever walk on earth, the one and only
Happy 64th Birthday to Queen Mother
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the QUEEN of Pop, Madonna! 
6 4
Happy birthday 
queen of Pop
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday  to Madonna born on this day in 1958
Happy 64th birthday to the beautiful Queen of Pop Madonna!...
Happy Birthday to the amazing, incredible and sensational
Happy Birthday!
It s my birthday and happy birthday to Madonna but someone said to me You look so good for your age. What.the.f*ck
 happy birthday you
Happy birthday to the undisputed queen of pop.
Happy Birthday Madonna, you are and will always be the mother of pop music, no one can compare with you.
 Life s a ball   Happy birthday Queen
Happy Birthday to the Queen!
Happy Birthday Madonna!  Hoy es cumpleaños de la Reina del Pop Muchas felicidades de parte de 101.1
Happy Birthday QUEEN!
Happy birthday Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Happy 64th birthday The Queen of Pop Madonna
Happy Birthday Your Majesty
Happy birthday to Madonna
Madonna sexy 0
Madonna new pic 1
Madonna dating 2
Madonna marriage 3
Madonna sexy 4
Madonna new pic 5
Madonna exclusive hot pic 6
Madonna sexy 7
Madonna sexy 8
Madonna full body 9

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