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I've known her ever since she started her career - Rolph (4 years ago)
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Valerie Ising
Dear Madonna, I\'m sorry if you lost your mother at a young age, like I did. I\'m wishing you a happy 2022. - Valerie Ising (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Stuart. Please convince Madonna to work on another album with you! Coadf was brilliant! - Not (3 months ago)
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Madonna instead of her singing inauguration, I prefer her to sing Happy Birthday. lol - BoxingHelena (3 months ago)
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Archdiocese of SF
Happy birthday Blessed Mother! On this day, oh beautiful Mother, On this day we give you our love. Near you, Mado - Archdiocese of SF (3 months ago)
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\'83 Sweets Cupcakes
Happy birthday to Julie today, the original Madonna twin! Stop by and tell her happy birthday today! Love you - \'83 Sweets Cupcakes (3 months ago)
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Emilio EstaVez
Hey and had birthdays this week and they\'re big fans. Do you want to wish t - Emilio EstaVez (3 months ago)
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Cynthia Fox
HB (belated) -M O W 12N TODAY NYC: w LABOR DAY MARCH w - Cynthia Fox (3 months ago)
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Ramesh Patel
This kind of thing can also be spotted with so-called experts with faces. I spotted one wis - Ramesh Patel (3 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday! I ve got your - ThaCryptoFuture (3 months ago)
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Carmen Palumbo
Happy BDay!!! - Carmen Palumbo (3 months ago)
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Marie Henley
Madonna Threw an Epic Summer Party for Her Twin Daughters 10th Birthday Happy birthday, Estere and Stella! - Marie Henley (3 months ago)
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jeffery morris
Happy Belated Birthday Rocco! - jeffery morris (3 months ago)
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David Keatley
Happy Birthday xx - David Keatley (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Estere and Stella! - Glamour (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - patryx71 (3 months ago)
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Just Tin
Happy birthday wishes to you! - Just Tin (3 months ago)
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was careyspearss ミ☆
Happy birthday to this ICONIC event! Queen of pop and Queen of France - was careyspearss ミ☆ (3 months ago)
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Leonardo Big Leo
Happy birthday Fab! - Leonardo Big Leo (3 months ago)
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- MK | YYG (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday . - EvilKeithSmiles (3 months ago)
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Joseph Mora
My remix - Happy birthday to the one and only KING, Michael Jackson. Remember the Time Miles Away by Trance2Dan - Joseph Mora (3 months ago)
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Frnds matte industry Le Hosa record set madidivi Ready madkoli Next Ali meet Madonna Advance Happy Birthday Deepan - BLEED FOR KICHCHA BIDAR (3 months ago)
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Frnds matte industry Le Hosa record set madidivi Ready madkoli Next Ali meet Madonna Advance Happy Birthday Deepan - AIBKSFA_BIDAR® (3 months ago)
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korie madonna
Happy birthday dear - korie madonna (3 months ago)
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Jerome Yepos
happy birthday Madonna! - Jerome Yepos (3 months ago)
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Vegas Jeff
Happy Birthday weekend Zarah (@ Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA) - Vegas Jeff (3 months ago)
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Kelvin G.
We celebrate life and friendship. Cheers to more of this... Happy birthday pa rin - love Madonna lols - Kelvin G. (3 months ago)
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Robert SteffenS
Happy birthday. You were so beautiful in dick Tracy and a league of their own. Congratulations on your suc - Robert SteffenS (3 months ago)
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TOI News - TOI.News - Latest News, Breaking News
Madonna Wishes her Twins Estere and Stella a Happy 10th Birthday - TOI News - TOI.News - Latest News, Breaking News (3 months ago)
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The mother of five shared a post to Instagram celebrating her twin girls and how much \"Love- Laughter, and Light\" t - TODAY (3 months ago)
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Alfred Bitchcock }
Happy birthday to dis crazy bitch cc: - Alfred Bitchcock } (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Madonna, 16/8! - kay (3 months ago)
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Julian Ragaie
Happy Birthday QUEEN - Julian Ragaie (3 months ago)
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Олег Чирук
Happy birthday Pop gueen Madonna. La isla Bonita is the best song. Thank you. Glory to Ukraine . Churuk Oleg. - Олег Чирук (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday and many merry birthdays to come - AlzMazum (3 months ago)
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Richard Cream Corn
Legitimately crying at this because they were saying that they should have sang \"santa baby\" and \"happy birthday mr - Richard Cream Corn (3 months ago)
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Richard Cream
Legitimately crying at this because they were saying that they should have sang \"santa baby\" and \"happy birthday mr - Richard Cream (3 months ago)
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Dave Michael (Micky) Roberts
. Cora was born, some months ago now, healthy, and mom...Happy Birthday because I did not say it before too - Dave Michael (Micky) Roberts (3 months ago)
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Madonna Society
Happy Birthday Sticky&Sweet Tour - Madonna Society (3 months ago)
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Madonna Society
Happy Birthday Sticky&Sweet Tour - Madonna Society (3 months ago)
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Madonna Society
Happy Birthday Sticky&Sweet Tour - Madonna Society (3 months ago)
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Madonna Society
Happy Birthday Sticky&Sweet Tour - Madonna Society (3 months ago)
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Takashi Roses
Madonna Happy Birthday Slick Woods ! ( born 13 August 1996 ) - Takashi Roses (3 months ago)
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Thinx Pontoon
Now prance my Queen! Happy birthday You\'re my icon, my Madonna. - Thinx Pontoon (3 months ago)
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Paul White
Ben Affleck August 15,1972, Madonna August 16,1958, Angela Basset August 16,1958, and Freddie Gray August 16,1989- - Paul White (3 months ago)
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Don\'t be a worse white person than Dr. Oz
Happy Belated birthday to Madonna! I was too overwhelmed to celebrate or pray my usual Rosary for her and her mom, - Don\'t be a worse white person than Dr. Oz (3 months ago)

65 years old (Born on August 16, 1958)

American musician, singer, songwriter, actress, author

Madonna's Best Moments

Friends, please help me wish the phenomenal a very happy birthday.
\"One day my Queen, always my Queen. Happy birthday from your Jean Paul.
\"As women, we have to start appreciating our worth and each other\s worth.\" YES! Happy 60th birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Madonna! Here are 12 reasons why her 1989 performance is her best ever
Ingrid Casares, Madonna, Sting, and Tupac at a dinner party in 1994. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the forever iconic
Happy birthday  Which Madonna album changed your life?
Madonna preparing herself for happy birthday beef steww
Happy Birthday Much Love & Buon Compleanno to You  xo Mary
\" Happy Birthday, Madonna: The Pop Queen\s Most Iconic Fashion Moments:
Happy 64th Birthday, Madonna!
Happy birthday to the pop icon madonna.
Happy Birthday Queen !!! Can\t wait to come see your new show. l.u.v. always
Happy birthday, Madonna! Ano ang paborito mong awitin niya?
Happy birthday a day early, Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! We  u!
Happy birthday, Madonna!  Celebrate with 100 of her greatest songs!
Happy birthday Madonna! Were counting down every scandalous time she pushed the envelope:
 | Sarah Hudson and The Blessed Madonna wishing a happy birthday via Instagram! (22/08)
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, Madonna: The Pop Queen\s Most Iconic Fashion Moments
8/16                                61    Happy Birthday
Happy birthday madonna
Happy Day four classic albums reviewed in honor of her birthday
Happy 56th birthday, Madonna! See how the Queen of Pop has evolved over the years:
Happy birthday Here he is with at awards in 1991!
Happy birthday to the queen of pop, madonna
Happy birthday,  Throwback to your 1984 performance
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Sticky&Sweet Tour
Happy 38th bday to Holiday record. A few different reincarnations of this jewel.
Happy Birthday to son
Happy Birthday to my chérie!
Happy birthday David Fincher, now say thank you Madonna
Happy birthday
 belated the and  !!!   Shot by   for
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the OG Material Girl...
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the one and only   an unwavering ally to people with HIV/AIDS since the very beginning
Happy Birthday Madonna!
Happy birthday again, (paints on cardboard)
Happy birthday Voguing in your honor today. Actually every day, but especially today
Happy birthday to baddest bitch ever
Happy Birthday July 22, 1955. and Willem in directed by Uli Edel (1993)
Happy birthday madonna
Happy Bday Madonna 
I\m a True Blue stan
Happy Birthday (I m the little nugget on the right)
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop, Madonna
Happy 59th birthday to the woman who inspired a whole decade!
Happy Birthday Michael !!!
Hoy es el cumpleaños de la Reina del Pop  ¡Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the beautiful, iconic, forever young Music Legend
Happy Birthday !
Happy 57th birthday,
Happy Birthday Madonna !
Madonna fotografada por  Steven Meisel, 1991
Happy Birthday your Madgesty from one Material Girl to another!
Happy birthday, 16 photos of the pop star youve NEVER seen:
Happy Madonna Birthday weekend everybody!!! It\s a celebration :D
Happy birthday to the legend herself,
Happy Birthday
Madonna turned 60 years old today: inside her 1990 Forbes cover story
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday, Madonna!!!! What do you think she was telling in this photo????
PAK hinigitan mo pa si Chris Brown at Madonna, Birthday Girl haha =) Have  a Blast!!!

Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy 64th Birthday to the legendary Madonna.
I admire this great woman. Happy birthday Madonna!
Happy birthday \"Who\s that girl\" !!!  30 years !
Happy Birthday to you !!!
Happy 60th birthday, Which of her songs are you playing today to celebrate!?
 is a birthday queen Happy Birthday
It s an awesome day! 
Happy birthday
Happy birthday You teach us whats the power of freedom...
Happy bday to the talented, beautiful & legendary woman. To the 1 & only,
 and Guy Ritche singing happy bday to Rocco TOGETHER -
Happy birthday you have many fans in our team xx
Happy Birthday, Queen Madonna
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the greatest of all time. The queen of pop turns 62 today.
Happy birthday to my Queen
I adore you
Happy Birthday to the Queen
. didn t wish Madonna happy birthday yet...
Let\s wish pop icon a very Happy 63rd Birthday!
Happy birthday, to the legend, the myth, the one and only Queen of Pop,
  \"Happy Birthday, Madonna !\"
Happy birthday  Check haar 11 beste videoclips om 07:00 uur op MTV!
La Madone fête son anniversaire. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Here\s 11 (more) reasons to love her:
Happy Birthday I ll be yours, til the end of time
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop! The one and only
Hoje um dos artistas favoritos da Madonna está completando 94 anos! 

Happy Birthday
   Happy Birthday to my beautiful Queen ,       I just love you!
A VERY Happy Birthday to a TRUE ICON Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Madonna!!
Happy Birthday !
Happy birthday to who taught me to express myself and not repress myself. I will forever be grateful.
Happy birthday Madonna
Madonna Happy Birthday!!!!  1  Madonna                                                (        10        )
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Looking forward to watching you play at Madonna this season.
Happy birthday Madonna! In honor of you and your awesomeness wearing concert tee to work.
Happy birthday to from everyone at
Happy birthday
Happy birthday  |
 Happy Birthday Rocco! Thank you Madonna for making this beautiful hunky man!
Happy Birthday Queen !!  No one like you!!
Happy birthday Queen
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday
Happy 63rd birthday the maker of the music that got me pumped up for so many competitions!
Happy 64th Birthday to Icon and The Queen of Pop Madonna
Happy birthday to the one and only Madonna. The ultimate beauty and fashion inspiration for my look.
Happy Birthday Dad! Happy to spend it with you at the Madonna Inn!
Happy Birthday ! Joyeux anniversaire, Tanti auguri!
Happy birthday to the Queen of Pop! 
Today is birthday 
Which Madonna album is your favourite, and why?
Wishing the \Queen Of Pop\, a very Happy Birthday! Play her hits here:
So, turned 60 today. Happy Birthday, Madge.
Happy 60th Birthday Madonna! Absolutely amazing.
Quanti like per che oggi compie 59 anni?? Happy birthday to her
 HAPPY BRITISH TIME BIRTHDAY I hired Madonna to sing you a song but she got stuck in the hallway
2018.09.08. Happy Birthday.
Madonna della misericordia.-                -                      2
Happy birthday!

Madonna, American entertainer, turns 61.
Happy 62nd birthday Madonna.
Thanks for the great songs that I loved, especially in the 80\s and 90\s
Happy birthday, Madonna! 
. Happy Birthday Madam
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Madonna              True Blue
Happy 35th birthday to my favourite movie EVER!
Happy birthday  Sassoferrato [Salvi Giovanni Battista]-Madonna and Child
Happy birthday Mars Madonna
Happy birthday Rocco (15).
Happy 57th Birthday Madonna our QUEEN  you are worth more than  a million to us
Happy Birthday Queen    You give me life !
Happy 34th Birthday to
Happy Birthday Love you !!!
Tina has always been a fan... Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday Queen of Pop!!
Happy Bday
Happy Birthday to the legendary from Little Monsters
          HAPPY  BIRTHDAY 1959 8.16
Happy Birthday !!!
Everybody say happy birthday Madonna
Happy Birthday ph Mick Rock
Happy birthday to the one and only, Queen Mother
Happy birthday madonna
Cómo quisiera llegar a la edad de 64 años luciendo así!!! Happy birthday, Queen
Happy Birthday to the one and only Madonna!
Happy 56th birthday to Her Madgesty
Happy bday hoe
Happy Birthday  Number one in the UK, 30 (gulp!) years ago today.  An absolute classic!!!
\" M can you to follow me happy birthday early your the best artist fan 31 years and forever!
Happy birthday Still as fabulous as ever!
Happy Birthday    La regina del pop compie oggi 57 anni!
\" birthdays!! 2 Leo\s   photo by Herb Ritts another Leo   BELATED BDAY Ur HIGHNESS
Super Star MADONNA Kneels down do Sing Happy Birthday to Malawian Daughter, Mercy James
 Happy birthday bb may all your wishes come true!!I wish you health and happiness!
     59      Happy Birthday  50          Noone\s gonna stop you  LOVE YOU
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday from  May all your wishes come true!
Happy birthday Madonna !!
Happy Birthday to everyone\s favorite Lucky Star,   Full gallery here:
Happy Birthday Madonna -
It s officially the 16th in aus, so happy birthday to my music mother
 Like A Virgin by Madonna  Madonna 
(born August 16, 1958)  Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Madonna    Crazy for You     Like a Virgin
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday, Madonna! We re celebrating with a look back at this 1987 interview.
Happy birthday queen
Happy 62nd birthday Madonna! Sigmund Freud, analyze this!
Happy Birthday, XOXO
Happy birthday to the queen
Happy Birthday, my eternal Queen and Muse!
Does anyone know why Happy Birthday, Madonna is trending?
Happy birthday to my \old\ friend and the most beautiful woman I have ever met next to Madonna (!)
Getting the Happy Birthday to Madonna in early as we have a bit of a big day tomorrow NOT SURE WE VE MENTIONED IT
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday Madonna!
Happy Birthday Madonna
Happy 64th birthday to the queen of pop Madonna
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
 to you, happy to you.. viert haar 64ste verjaardag.
Tmrws Madonnas bday! What wines should she drink while singing Justify My Love (of Grapes)?
Happy 56th birthday to My all time idol, my icon, my hero. Love you.
  Didnt know today was Madonnas birthday, but Happy BDay to that hoe!
Happy Birthday, Queen of Pop. Everyone wants a piece of you.
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