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Ooof oof
Ooof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof oof - Ooof oof (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday P! 4EVER Love you, Thanks for everything! - LadyT (1 year ago)
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Mell - Maryland
I Will Always #Adore you #PRINCE! Thank you for the music and memories! Saw you in Baltimore ’15, you were amazing! - Mell - Maryland (4 years ago)
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Km ganteng banget, beneran! km berbakat banget lagi, aduh paket komplit pake telor nih sampe kalo liat buset ni m - yayaa (6 months ago)
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Dennis Collier
5 Years Old today and you\'ve learned so much already! The World has NO IDEA of the Greatness you have in you Ha - Dennis Collier (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday Queen! Actually princess because Totty wants to be a prince. - GifCat (6 months ago)
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Sera | exams
Happy Birthday Gabby!!! I hope you have a lot of fun on your special day!! Enjoy all of the surpri - Sera | exams (6 months ago)
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Congratulations & Happy Birthday to the Prince - BFO5O6 (6 months ago)
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Hello and happy birthday to my petite Asian princess . It is I, your sweet prince charming, here to - Raptr (6 months ago)
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Prince jacob
Reason to watch cricket Reason to play cricket and.... Happy birthday dear domination thala - Prince jacob (6 months ago)
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jaylord ★ • ☄
OH SHIT HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE <33 - jaylord ★ • ☄ (6 months ago)
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Imabzkhan MSDian™
Happy birthday Our prince of CSK - Imabzkhan MSDian™ (6 months ago)
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Sanjay Dhanush™
Happy Birthday Prince waiting India jersey my man - Sanjay Dhanush™ (6 months ago)
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कुंवर विकेश कुमार राजपूत
( ) - कुंवर विकेश कुमार राजपूत (6 months ago)
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अनुराग शिंदे
Happy Birthday prince Looking forward to see you scoring runs in the blue jersey All the best!! - अनुराग शिंदे (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday little prince Hamesha khush raho Kamyab raho Tandrust raho Hanstay raho Muskaraty r - Faiqa (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Prince - ѵίɾαϯ.ɾσɓίη_18 (6 months ago)
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Happy 40th birthday to the prince of Ranchi, see the memorable moments of Dhoni s career - TEJAS D KULKARNI (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my all time favourite Cricketer. A captain, a leader, a husband, a father, a son, a man who has - NAVEEN (6 months ago)
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రేలంగి మావయ్య®
Happy Birthday Prince Waiting To See You Blast in Blues!! - రేలంగి మావయ్య® (6 months ago)
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Anurag Singh Prince
Happy Birthday Thala - Anurag Singh Prince (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday PRINCE future of Virat and Indian fans lies in you - Gaganvk18 (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Prince of - Thalapathy_Jaga (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday - PRINCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY............ (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday prince - prab❤️ssVIRAT (6 months ago)
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Praveen Soltiya
Happy Birthday Sir Dear MSD - Praveen Soltiya (6 months ago)
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प्रिंस पालरिया
Happy birthday to the legend the one man army the king of sir Love u lots - प्रिंस पालरिया (6 months ago)
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While we don\'t know the exact date, we know that Charlie\'s birthday is around July 6th... meaning we get to celebra - Ambermeow (6 months ago)
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Breshna Tahrik
Happy Birthday to little Prince Afrasiab Jan! I am sure he will make everyone proud just like his parents InshaAllah - Breshna Tahrik (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday, in july 7 a prince was born, and his name was justin. i love u ALWAYS. enjoy your day. MAISayang - ellise (6 months ago)
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happy bday uri wannableeeee syggggg - ti¹¹♍ (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the Prince - SWOOOSH!! (6 months ago)
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Red Moon
Happy birthday to Shibuya Hal!! The cute convenient store manager that can turn into a prince - Red Moon (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the precious prince! - ☾ꕥEvilmushroomuꕥ☾ (6 months ago)
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Imani T
Happy bday to the prince omg so handsome - Imani T (6 months ago)
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야마다 달걀찜
Happy Birthday My Prince - 야마다 달걀찜 (6 months ago)
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Prince William Young Democrats
The Prince William Young Democrats wishes Mayor a happy birthday! We hope you have an amazing day! - Prince William Young Democrats (6 months ago)
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Democratic Women\'s Caucus PWC
Please join the Prince William County Democratic Women\'s Caucus in wishing Mayor Michelle Davis-Younger a happy bi - Democratic Women\'s Caucus PWC (6 months ago)
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MJ // birthday boi Masa
Happy Birthday, Prince of Japanese Volleyball I know you ll get your revenge and be the best voll - MJ // birthday boi Masa (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Ore - ÀGBÀLÁGBÌ (6 months ago)
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miss Gigi
Happy bday to my lovely smol prince mawh - miss Gigi (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Prince, have a great day see you at Guiseley soon - Tugger18 (6 months ago)
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Garth Harkness McMurray
Happy 71st birthday to John Byrne. Marvel Preview featuring Star-Lord has a cover by Ken Barr but John Byrne ar - Garth Harkness McMurray (6 months ago)
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Maggies Forth Valley
A big Happy 10th Birthday to our neighbours Forth Valley Royal Hospital Forth Valley Royal Hospital, which was - Maggies Forth Valley (6 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Prince RUI Fighting ( - Violett(shan) (6 months ago)
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Tsietsi S.
Happy birthday to your Prince. And well done to you champ - Tsietsi S. (6 months ago)
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Happy birthday to your prince - Edna (6 months ago)
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Pamela Rafferty
Happy 1st birthday Little Prince Louis. Have a super chilled out day. - Pamela Rafferty (6 months ago)
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Keziah Sibong\'le Hadebe Mwamba
Happy 1st birthday to my Adorable lil prince Mummy loves you - Keziah Sibong\'le Hadebe Mwamba (6 months ago)
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Guiseley AFC
| Happy Birthday Our midfielder turns 28 today. - Guiseley AFC (6 months ago)

63 years old (Born on June 07, 1958)

Purple Rain

Prince's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the Detective Prince, Goro Akechi! May the scales of justice always tip in your favor....
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Prince, the one person who could drop in on show for the full hour.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Prince Nilan
Happy 6th birthday my son,
No words can describe my love for you..
Time goes too fast
Love you my young prince
Happy birthday Prince! Today he would have turned 63.    What\s your favorite Prince song?
Happy birthday, Prince. Born on this day in 1958 in Minneapolis, MN.
Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson! I miss you terribly. Rest in Paradise.
Happy Birthday Prince STELLytale MagicalBDay
Happy Birthday to the Icy Prince$$
Happy birthday to the Prince  legend turns 36 today. Have a good one, Poldi!
Wishing dynamic prince a very happy Birthday :)
Happy birthday Miss you
Happy birthday to the late Prince.

The music icon was born on this day in 1958.
Happy birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Little Prince ...
Happy birthday to my favorite Padded Prince,
Our littles princess and prince are really turning 4!

 Happy Birthday My Prince
Happy 51th Birthday Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark!
Happy 62nd birthday to the voice of Prince Charming, Rupert Everett! (May 29th, 1959)
Happy birthday to my prince - Jadon. 
Happy 11th birthday
Happy birthday Prince
Happy Birthday to our Little Prince Abram Khan
Happy 100th birthday today Prince Philip... Nearly.
A very Happy Birthday to HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge who turned 39 today.
Happy Birthday
Today, we celebrate one of our favorite royals.   Happy birthday, Prince William!  Cheers to another great year.
Wishing Dynamic Prince Our  A Very Happy Birthday
Happy birthday prince Johnny
Happy birthday to one of our favs Mr Dayo Esq aka Legal Prince of Abuja!    Custom tailoring by
 Happy 60th birthday
Happy Birthday dear King & Prince
June 7 will ALWAYS be day. Happy Birthday to the greatest musician to ever walk on a stage
Happy birthday my sweet summer prince
Happy birthday Prince Charming
Happy 96th Birthday to our Shining Black Prince!
Happy Birthday I know you\re keeping it funky and sexy up in heaven. You were too cool for this world.
Happy Birthday, Courtney Prince!!
Happy Birthday to the Icy Prince$$
Happy Birthday Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan!
Happy Birthday A King to many
Happiest birthday bhai    Stay happy nd blessed always
Happy 7th birthday to le petit prince himself, Little Boss
Happy birthday Prince
A birthday worthy of the (G l o v e  B u d d y ) Detective Prince.

Happy Birthday, Akechi!!!

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it in Prince!
Great Monday Morning! Happy Birthday Prince! Start your goals right now! Don t forget to have fun! Let s get it!
Happy Birthday to the Fresh Prince of Bellshill
Happy birthday Prince.
Happy Birthday   |  |
Happy birthday to our Noble Prince Minsoo Lots of love thru IG ads. Nakakatuwa
Happy birthday my Prince
Happy birthday, Prince
Happy birthday sweet prince, miss your red Yokozuna pants
Happy birthday, my sunny Prince
Our prince happy birthday countdown.
Happy Birthday Kazama!!!!
Happy birthday to our prince!
Happy Birthday -
Happy Birthday to our own black shining prince ... He still watching our backs.
Happy birthday, Prince
Happy birthday to true royalty...the iconic Prince (R.I.P)
Remembering HRH Prince Philip on what would have been his 100th birthday. 

Happy birthday good sir.
Happy 3rd Birthday to this gorgeous prince
Advance happy birthday prince
Happy Birthday to my nephew, the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy  He just wants cake and nothing else.
Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson)
Birth 1958.6.7 ~ 2016.4.21
Happy Birthday
\"By the bridge of graffiti there live a band who\s soul belongs to God.\"
Happy Birthday (
Happy birthday to our prince!
Happy birthday prince want to see you sooner :(
Happy Birthday PRINCE!
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday Prince.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE   missing the goat every day
 Instead of hate, celebrate.  Prince  

Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy Birthday to the Warzone prince
Happy birthday sir. Would have been 100 today. What a fella. Prince Philip I for one have tipped one for you today x
Happy birthday Prince William! Wishing you a year of happiness and joy.
Happy birthday chlm my prince
Happy Birthday to my prince charming
                              Happy Birthday to our Crown Prince
Happy Birthday to Prince(ss) Shinsou
Happy 75th birthday to HRH Prince Michael of Kent. (Photo:
Happy birthday to Worcester\s Clown Prince of Hockey,
Happy birthday Prince Ameya Pratap Singh
Happy birthday with best wishes dear prince sister May Allah bless nd give you long life
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince! Steve misses you.
Happy 56th birthday to former NWA member, Arabian Prince
Happy Birthday to our Crown Prince, Kim Sunoo .
Happy birthday to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II!
If I be Neo and vee I will just kiss any time prince want to talk hahah happy birthday king
Happy Birthday Thank U 4 the endless tracks you left behind!
Happy Birthday to Prince!
The best who ever did it.
Art by me w and color by
Happy Birthday Jun 07, 1958 - Apr 21, 2016
HAPPY Birthday ganda ka?
Happy bday lil man love you prince
Happy birthday to my precious prince of slytherin! ily
Have a really happy birthday Roman, the best, most handsome, most imaginative prince around!
Happy 50th Birthday Pictured teeing off at Prince\s in 2003.
Happy Birthday to Eto Koki-san~ 
Always be the pretty prince
Happy 3rd Birthday Prince!
 Happy Birthday to the Gayest Prince out there
Happy birthday in heaven Prince.
Happy birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince of Love
Happy Birthday to my two favorite demons  Prince is 8 and Jazzy is 1!
Happy Birthday Rahul Gandhi Prince of India .

Launched and Relaunched So Many Times Since 2004
Yoshi but make it fairy     happy (so so late) bday our prince!!
                    Happy Birthday to HRH Crown Prince
Happy birthday to our own , May Allah bless you more and more to secure a champions league medal.
My Big Brother Passed In February 21 , Today Is His Birthday!

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Cory!
My Prince
Happy Birthday to the one and only    Dance tonight like it\s 1999 in heaven tonight!
Happy Birthday
Happy happy birthday to perfection!
 Happy 60th Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince , He would\ve been 60
Happy Birthday To The and True King Of &
 happy birthday to you sweet prince.
Happy birthday Prince, your legacy lives on
Happy birthday to the Legend, The  HE WILL NEVER BE DUPLICATED!
Happy birthday to one of the greatest Prince
Happy Birthday Prince, you sexy mf. x
   ka bday  Naacho bc Happy birthday bro..
Stay blessed...
Happy birthday The Prince  drink wisely today
Happy Malcolm X Day!
Happy Birthday to Malik El Shabazz, our Shining Black Prince
IG story of Namik sir  Happy birthday  lavanya di
Happy birthday my prince mommy and daddy love you more than life itself
Happy birthday Gazza, prince of Euro 96 and scorer of THAT goal against Scotland.
Happy birthday Prince of Horror
Prince Poldi turn 36 today   Happy birthday, Poldi!
Happy Birthday to the first most handsome Prince in the world!   Someone give this man a hug, he deserves one
Happy birthday to our little prince
Tahaan Tovino
Happy birthday hero
Happy heavenly birthday 7 June 1958
Happy Birthday to Prince. 
The legend.
Happy heavenly birthday to a lost legend gone far to soon thank you to you legacy of music
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the coolest one that ever lived
Happy Birthday You not being here, still doesn t seem real.
Happy birthday, sweet Prince.
Happy birthday Prince x memories of seeing him live x
A belated happy birthday to the musical genius .. RIP
Happy Birthday Prince AC style!
  Happy birthday our prince Yeosang  Happy birthday to chicken master
 happy birthday to our talented prince, sangiee!!
Happy Birthday to our prince Hoshi from Seventeen !
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Secular India
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon - 19 June 1834 31 January 1892
Wishing a happy birthday to
His Royal Highness, Prince William
Happy birthday too prince william, the duke of cambridge
 Happy Birthday my prince
Happy birthday Prince of Darkness
Happy birthday to my sweet Prince
Happy birthday bubu ,our prince !!
Happy birthday to my sweet prince aka big mungus
Happy Birthday to my good friend, Prince Chauke. Many more blessings to you lepara la Flaka.
 happy birthday to your little prince !!!!!
One more time happy birthday prince Royce and I love you and happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace to the LEGENDARY PRINCE!
Happy 59th birthday Prince, we love and miss you
Happy Birthday Prince
In honor of the legend himself. happy 59th birthday.
In Memoriam of the late and great Prince. Happy Birthday and RIP.
 Happy birthday, Talia! Een celebratory Prince gifje en veel succes gewenst dit weekend! x
Happy Birthday, Prince.
Happy 60th birthday prince!     I love you so much
Happy Birthday to Prince who would have turned 60 today
Happy 60th Birthday Prince! Never to be forgotten.
N Greenwich is alive with decent music today (doesn t always happen) Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday to This day in entertainment America, he would\ve been 60.
Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy Birthday Prince! You are missed and attributed:
And happy birthday to the greatest to ever do it!
Happy Birthday to the legend,
Purple rain, purple rain. 

Happy Birthday Prince
 Happy Birthday to little prince
Happy Birthday to the Prince of the podium who became the king of the sticks
24 days are left for Prince charming Happy Birthday
Happy birthday bro my best man is 19 today
Prince June 7, 1958 .April 21, 2016

Happy heavenly birthday to the legend (and fellow Gemini)
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday Prince
 happy birthday my prince charming
Happy birthday to the prince of my happiness! All hail prince Roman!!!!
Happy Birthday dear my lovely our Prince Slytherin, Draco Malfoy
Remembering you on your birthday... Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday    !
Happy birthday   Couldn\t have gotten thru the 80s without you
Prince exclusive 0
Prince sexy 1
prince george christmas 2
Prince full body 3

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