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Happy Birthday P! 4EVER Love you, Thanks for everything! - LadyT (10 months ago)
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Mell - Maryland
I Will Always #Adore you #PRINCE! Thank you for the music and memories! Saw you in Baltimore ’15, you were amazing! - Mell - Maryland (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday prince - kumbiz (9 months ago)
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Gbenga Adeboye Oladipupo Igwe Elijah
Happy birthday Mum . The wife of the late Prince Gbenga-Adeboye Abefe. God bless you so much baby. You\'ve been a st - Gbenga Adeboye Oladipupo Igwe Elijah (9 months ago)
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Skye married to Ryunosuke Tsunashi
My first role from him was Prince Nalu from Barbie: Fairytopia. Anyway, happy birthday, sir - Skye married to Ryunosuke Tsunashi (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Justin\'s father.. Thank you po sa pag papalaki kay Justin, kahit prince of - ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ (9 months ago)
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Gunjan Raj
Happy birthday to the coolest ! Forever favourite! Prince - Gunjan Raj (9 months ago)
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Head empty only ven and twewy
EVERYBODY SHUT UP its killua day :) happy birthday prince - Head empty only ven and twewy (9 months ago)
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has personally blessed yr son. So nice. Happy birthday yr prince - RAJNEESH AGRAWAL (9 months ago)
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kiff clan
Happy birthday to our little prince noahmik Picture : haoninoah - kiff clan (9 months ago)
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never gree handover. Mumu choplifegang dey wait for me to come handover. Na hangover go kee una. Make - AY COMEDIAN (9 months ago)
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never gree handover. Mumu choplifegang dey wait for me to come handover. Na hangover go kee una. Make - AY COMEDIAN (9 months ago)
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Abhishek Singh
Happy Birthday MS Thanks for inspiring me and millions together. Prince of Ranchi & Chennai - Abhishek Singh (9 months ago)
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Prince Mittal
Happy Birthday Legend ! - Prince Mittal (9 months ago)
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Prince Mittal
Happy Birthday Legend ! - Prince Mittal (9 months ago)
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Happy First Birthday to my one and only Prince Ahmad Al Ahmar To keep it short and sweet, you have been the bes - H A D D Y F A Y E (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my young prince... Being his father has been nothing short of a blessing and I hope he grows to b - #MubiGang (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, our dearest prince May this year be the best of your life!! - mnr (9 months ago)
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That Ondo/Ekiti boy
Happy birthday to prince.. continue to grow in more wisdom - That Ondo/Ekiti boy (9 months ago)
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Sovereign Grand Lodge of Egypt | SGLE
Happy birthday to HRH Prince Michael of Kent from all at - Sovereign Grand Lodge of Egypt | SGLE (9 months ago)
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So look me in the eyes
One more time Happy birthday to you, Prince Perth - So look me in the eyes (9 months ago)
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Sommie Maduagwu
Happy birthday my prince - Sommie Maduagwu (9 months ago)
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Rikki Aldridge
Happy birthday sweet prince prime Zola-ball was something else - Rikki Aldridge (9 months ago)
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Margaret Hartley
Happy birthday in advance to U little Prince. - Margaret Hartley (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday prince - Awesome (9 months ago)
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To my Prince Eduardo José 3º you are the most beautiful thing that has happened to me, your arrival gave a 360 ° tu - Laurita (9 months ago)
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Vanessa 惠诗 | 弥生 春 b r a i n r o t
Happy birthday Prince Pandi of Nohr! I\'m very thankful to have met you during my PB Ent days. All the funs and stre - Vanessa 惠诗 | 弥生 春 b r a i n r o t (9 months ago)
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Chris B
Happy Birthday sweet prince - Chris B (9 months ago)
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CTM Neonatal Services at POWH and PCH
Happy 72nd Birthday NHS from Staff , parents and Babies at Prince Charles Neonatal unit Posted with permission - CTM Neonatal Services at POWH and PCH (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday, dada wishing you good health and happy life. Hoping u ll achieve your dreams, soon. Can t wait t - bebs (9 months ago)
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happy birthday madam badminton queen ...prince - MahEsH&ChiNn! (9 months ago)
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Protect Ya Neck / Wu Tang Clan Ain t Nuthing Ta F Wit / Triumph / Bring the Pain lmaaaao man basically his whole d - anj (9 months ago)
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Prince Mulondo
My Grandfather Prince David Alexander Ssimbwa carrying his granddaughter Princess Katrina Sangalyambogo at Banda Pa - Prince Mulondo (9 months ago)
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Rajkumar Gurrala
Prince of tollywood....super star ... Advance happy Birthday annaa . . . . -Rajkumar Gurrala - Rajkumar Gurrala (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Jolie - Cyomoro (9 months ago)
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lyran @ miri 3rd!
Happy birthday yuzuha!!! cue\'s crazy rich singaporean who got kidnapped by a foreign prince and almost got shipped - lyran @ miri 3rd! (9 months ago)
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love is kind
Happy birthday to you. Age gracefully. - love is kind (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Prince!! Inanyo ang cute nyo talagaaaa together grrr maggaganyan din ako soon HAHAHAHA - Imby (9 months ago)
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paresh goswami
Happy birthday prince - paresh goswami (9 months ago)
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Surya सूर्य
Happy Birthday Prince. God bless - Surya सूर्य (9 months ago)
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Lune Kuruta
artemices: Happy Birthday En!!! So cute! Happy birthday, Cerulean Prince - Lune Kuruta (9 months ago)
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Bobby prince
Happy birthday - Bobby prince (9 months ago)
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Wayne Adams
Happy birthday my prince. - Wayne Adams (9 months ago)
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Mallam Habeeb
Happy birthday my Prince, live long and prosper . - Mallam Habeeb (9 months ago)
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Fabulous Camille
22 years ago , God gave me the opportunity to give birth to Prince Albert Robb ll and today that Prince is now a - Fabulous Camille (9 months ago)
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Sabrina Carmassi
Happy birthday johnny my ebany prince - Sabrina Carmassi (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my little prince! I really don\'t have anything to say except I love you so much And you are old - 신1. (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Prince - Folarin (9 months ago)
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Creating Better Futures
Happy Birthday Macdonald! 12 today - you are getting old! Have a great day with Trinity, Prince and the rest of yo - Creating Better Futures (9 months ago)
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jfb, inér byuti
Happy birthday to my prince charming ever! - jfb, inér byuti (9 months ago)

62 years old (Born on June 07, 1958)

Purple Rain

Prince's Best Moments

Happy 35th birthday, Prince William!
Happy 35th birthday Prince William! See his life in photos:
Prince would\ve been 59 today.
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Wishing a very happy birthday to Sedona Prince!  Can\t wait to get 3 2 on the court  |
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Esquadrão Suicida   Happy Birthday My Prince
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THE PRINCE is turning 39 today!    Happy birthday, Diego Milito
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Wishing dynamic prince a very happy Birthday :)
Happy 60th Birthday, Prince
Happy 50th birthday to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark!
Happy birthday Miss you
Happy birthday Prince
Happy birthday amma wishes on behalf of our  fans
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Happy Birthday to SF9\s beloved Anime Prince, Baek Zuho
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Happy Birthday to our Shining Black Prince who never sold out
Happy birthday to the prince of OKC, Noah Man Man Westbrook
Happy birthday to a spooky prince
Happy birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince Rogers Nelson who would have been 60 today (June 7, 1958 April 21, 2016). May he RIEP
KimVFields: Happy Birthday. The mold was broken no, shattered, when you were created. prince
Everybody say happy birthday sweet prince
Today, we celebrate one of our favorite royals.   Happy birthday, Prince William!  Cheers to another great year.
Wishing Dynamic Prince Our  A Very Happy Birthday
Today is Yosuke Hanamura\s day ! Here\s a souyo art for the occasion.

Happy birthday, prince of Junes !
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Oklahoma Noah Westbrook
Happy Birthday To My Prince
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO!!      my favorite little prince
 Happy 60th birthday
Happy birthday to the Prince
Happy Birthday to the one and only Prince We\ll never forget your 21 night residency at
Happy birthday Prince Charming
Prince Rogers Nelson
Birth 1958.6.7 ~ 2016.4.21
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my good friend Here\s his royal kitty Prince.
Happy birthday Nigeria legend and the Prince of Monaco
  Happy Birthday to Prince from JB, Alice and Franklin!
Happy Birthday Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan!
Happy 2nd Birthday to my little prince
 Today is my son\s birthday too     Happy Birthday Mo (Malia Obama)
Happy birthday to the wakandan prince himself R$
Happy Birthday A King to many
 Happy birthday, coffee prince ( ´ ` )
11 years ago a legend was born. Happy birthday prince
A birthday worthy of the (G l o v e  B u d d y ) Detective Prince.

Happy Birthday, Akechi!!!

Happy birthday prince! an underrated guitarist and a legendary artist. we miss you!
Happy birthday Prince.
Happy birthday to our BALLAD PRINCE ANTON! We love you!  HappyBirthday ANTON
Happy Birthday   |  |
Happy birthday to our Noble Prince Minsoo Lots of love thru IG ads. Nakakatuwa
Happy birthday our little prince
Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy 59th Birthday to the legend. The Purple Passion will live on infinitely in all of us
Happy birthday Prince Charming!!
Happy Birthday to our own black shining prince ... He still watching our backs.
Happy birthday do the BEST Disney prince
Happy Birthday to the flop shot Prince! Terrible 2 s are here but they are fun!
Happy birthday prince
Happy birthday, Prince. Thank you for everything.
I miss my friend..but not his day. Happy BDay Prince Rogers Nelson.
Happy birthday to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark !!
Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson)
Birth 1958.6.7 ~ 2016.4.21
Happy Birthday
  Happy birthday sir  lovelyyyyy click Prince
Happy 1st  birthday Prince Albert
Happy Birthday to the West Coast prince$$ from a East Coast prince$$
Wishing you very Happy birthday ka    wishes behalf of prince fans Stay Happy always
Today, would have been 59. Happy birthday to the forever legend.
Happy Birthday, PRINCE!
Happy 75th birthday to HRH Prince Michael of Kent. (Photo:
Happy bday to my roomie, the Prince of Bogard himself, Fisher!!!!!
Happy birthday Crown Prince Frederik  5  0
Happy birthday my prince  k o m o r i   h a y a t o ( 24 )
 Help me wish A Happy Birthday!
HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY     King & Prince                                                  5 23
  Happy birthday Prince! You\re a good boy!
Happy birthday to this prince
Happiest 4th Birthday to Our Prince  , Loves u lot have an heatly & Happy Year Ahead
Happy Birthday Thank U 4 the endless tracks you left behind!
Happy Birthday Prince
Happy birthday to Prince
Happy birthday to our adorable Little Prince Kim Ryeowook
Happy Birthday to you my Crown Prince and Heir apparent 
Timi.   See
Happy 21st birthday homie!!
Happy Birthday Prince Frederik 
Husband of our beloved 
Australian Princess Mary
Happy birthday prince, you re welcome for all those touchdowns
Happy Birthday to Prince!
The best who ever did it.
Art by me w and color by
Happy Birthday Jun 07, 1958 - Apr 21, 2016
Happy birthday to my !  Love you bud.
Happy birthday to one of my best friends. Hope it s a good one love ya oz
 happy birthday bro!
Happy birthday sweet prince today shall be in honor of Sanguine
   Happy Birthday to our Prince JINYOUNG
Happy birthday prince!
 Advance Happy birthday prince
HAPPY Birthday ganda ka?
 and I run for Ahmaud. Happy birthday, Sweet Prince.
Happy 2nd birthday Adrian Giovanni Prince Rodolfo Tcruz.
Happy 10th birthday to my young prince  mason shit time flys by love you lil man
Happy bday lil man love you prince
Happy birthday to my precious prince of slytherin! ily
Have a really happy birthday Roman, the best, most handsome, most imaginative prince around!
Happy Birthday King! you re highly missed.
Wishing a 
Happy Birthday to our little Prince 
Nandamuri Bhargava Ram
Happy 50th Birthday Pictured teeing off at Prince\s in 2003.
Happy Birthday to the best person I have ever met.  My grandpa. Beiman Otis Prince. Miss you!
Happy Birthday to the one and only    Dance tonight like it\s 1999 in heaven tonight!
Happy birthday
Happy happy birthday to my all time
fav.hero, Prince Charming
ilayathalapathy Vijay..  U
always will be the best!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Prince TJ
Happy happy birthday to perfection!
 Happy 60th Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday Prince , He would\ve been 60
Happy Birthday To The and True King Of &
 happy birthday my handsome prince hope it s an absolute belter xxx
 happy birthday my sweet busan prince
Happy birthday To Prince of Music
Happy birthday prince!
 happy birthday to you sweet prince.
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Prince, your legacy lives on
Happy birthday to the Legend, The  HE WILL NEVER BE DUPLICATED!
Happy birthday to one of the greatest Prince
Happy bday my prince
Happy birthday my 7 prince
     Happy Birthday                                            1
Happy Birthday big guy! From: Prince George   | MORE:
Happy Birthday Prince

God Bless You
12th day of the 5th month; a new phase of hope.. Happy birthday to me! Thank you prince of peace
Happy birthday sweet prince
 Happy Birthday Prince!    - xoxo Silas
  Happy birthday Prince! Beta hopes you had a good one!
  Happy Birthday Prince. Sydney says there are better days ahead.
Happy Birthday Goro my sweet Prince !!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Prince, you sexy mf. x
Happy birthday to a real life Disney Prince
Happy Birthday to the prince of boxing
One more time happy birthday prince Royce and I love you and happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday, Sweet Prince.
Happy 4th Birthday Little Prince AbRam Khan
Happy birthday I love u Persian prince
Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace to the LEGENDARY PRINCE!
Happy Birthday Prince!
Happy 59th birthday Prince, we love and miss you
Happy Birthday Prince
In honor of the legend himself. happy 59th birthday.
In Memoriam of the late and great Prince. Happy Birthday and RIP.
  \"If the elevator tries to break you down, go crazy, punch the highest floor!\" Happy birthday up there, Prince.
Thank you for the love, the music, the inspiration. You will be missed forever. 

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to icon, He would have turned 59 years old today.
 !!!!!!! I just started talking to u recently but AYEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY   dab
 Happy Birthday Prince   !
Happy Birthday George, Prince of Wales
Happy birthday to my favourite british prince
 Happy birthday, Talia! Een celebratory Prince gifje en veel succes gewenst dit weekend! x
Happy birthday to this prince xx
Happy Birthday White Horse Prince
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Joy....Mommy loves him sooo much
 don t forget to wish our sweet prince Kogyeol a Happy Birthday!    Make sure to send him lots of love!
Happy Birthday to our beautiful  prince Kogyeol!
Hrh  Prince   Paul  of  Greece   today  he  is  51  years  old  happy  Birthday  Paul to  you !
Happy Birthday to our Prince Frederik  . 50 Years
Happy 5th birthday and the best wishes for our little prince Khan
To Wanna One\s Prince Charming. Happy birthday your highness.
My Le Petit Prince, happy birthday to you!
Happy 60th Birthday  Wish you were still with us
Happy Birthday, Prince.
Happy 60th birthday prince!     I love you so much
Happy Birthday to Prince who would have turned 60 today
Happy 60th Birthday Prince! Never to be forgotten.
N Greenwich is alive with decent music today (doesn t always happen) Happy Birthday Prince
Happy Birthday to This day in entertainment America, he would\ve been 60.
Happy Birthday, Prince!
Happy Birthday Prince! You are missed and attributed:
And happy birthday to the greatest to ever do it!
Happy Birthday to the legend,
Purple rain, purple rain. 

Happy Birthday Prince
  And belated happy bday to you also yah prince! XD <33
Happy birthday to my dude, live it up buddy!
Happy birthday my sweet prince
Happy birthday boy..mommy lv u so much..thank God fo my Prince
 Paolo Antenorcruz Birthday Prince
 Happy Birthday to little prince
Happy Birthday to the Prince of the podium who became the king of the sticks
24 days are left for Prince charming Happy Birthday
Happy birthday bro my best man is 19 today
Prince exclusive 0
Prince sexy 1
prince george christmas 2
Prince full body 3

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